10 Best Logo Reveal Templates for Adobe After Effects

You’ve got a video to produce, and the goal is clear: put your company or brand front and center.

Many promotional videos focus on building a brand. You’re competing with others for mindshare, the space you occupy in people’s memory. By using and promoting your logo, you can help to build awareness for your brand’s visual identity!

With the help of the best logo reveal effect templates, you can make a splash without learning After Effects animation from scratch. Here are three basic steps you can use to create a professional logo reveal in After Effects with less work than you thought was possible:

  • Choose logo reveal templates that are similar to the style you have in mind (we’ll help you with that!).
  • Open the template in After Effects after you review the included instructions.
  • Add your logo to the placeholder and watch your design come to life.

In this collection, we’ll check out 10 of the best templates you can use to create a logo animation of your own.

We also have free logo reveal templates, if you need them.

Elegant 3D Shatter Logo

The best logo reveal templates cut right to the chase. They show just enough of your company logo to set the stage for a brand-focused video. In less than 30 seconds, the elegant shatter effect template creates an incredibly engaging logo reveal.

Logo reveal templates like this adapt to your logo in just a few steps. You won’t have to worry about re-animating a shatter with the help of this easy-to-customize template.

Elegant Corporate Logo V3

In the business world, branding is everything. This template has been built as a corporate-friendly logo reveal. Imagine combining this logo reveal template with a voiceover intro to unveil a new company or branding.

The template has the hand-engraved feel of a 3D animation, but you don’t have to create that yourself. Just drop in your logo and watch the template magically work.

Simple Shapes Logo

As the name implies, simple shapes combine to make a splash with your logo. It’s a fun and playful way to introduce your company logo.

You could use this template as the intro for a YouTube video or presentation to set the tone for an upbeat production. This logo reveal template works best with simple, line-shaped logos.

Particles Logo Reveal

Particles are a futuristic and sci-fi style effect. Capture that spirit perfectly with this logo reveal template. The style of this logo feels perfect for an epic mobile game.

With gritty textures and particle animations, it’s easy to picture this logo reveal as a trailer to build excitement. The Particles Logo Reveal template is flexible, making it simple to add your logo. This template requires the Trapcode Particular plugin.

Streaks Logo Sting Pack

This design includes multiple logo reveal effects inside one simple package. There are five dynamic effects, each of which animates your logo with a different style.

What they have in common is the unique ability to reveal your logo without distracting from the production. With the help of the Streaks template, you can bring your logo to life in a way that feels like a fireworks show.

Whooshing Particles Logo Reveal

Like ink in water, this animation is sure to make a stir. It’s a beautiful way to showcase your brand. But don’t think that you have to film a splash yourself! Instead, use the color controls and your logo file for a splashy logo animation.

Best of all, it’s quick and to the point so that you can focus on the content after the intro.

Quick Smoke Strike Logo

You’ve probably seen other logo reveal templates that include smoke and quick effects. But this effect is an excellent reminder of how many options exist to create a striking logo reveal.

This template is just as easy to customize as any other in this round-up and is just waiting for your logo. Try it out to help you create a logo reveal in After Effects in less time than ever.

Water Splash Logo

As you check out these logo reveal templates, don’t forget this key point: they work with your logo. The animations might feel custom, but templates give you flexibility. That means that you can update them with your own specifics.

This water splash template feels straight out of the ocean and is fully customizable. Talented designers make it easy to take the template and add your brand image to create an animation.


Here’s another choice for logo reveal templates that make a splash. Mixing particle effects with an underwater view, there’s no chance that your logo reveal will go unnoticed. Remember, After Effects logo reveal templates are surprisingly easy to use.

With just a few clicks, you can use this same animation with a logo of your choice. That makes it easy to create a brand-focused design while avoiding a complete crash course in After Effects.

Explosion Logo

This set of logo reveal effects is far from neutral. If you want to make a bang with your logo animation, this is the perfect template for you.

Smoky bombshells break apart with your logo hiding just behind the scenes! Use this Adobe After Effects template to explode onto the canvas while keeping your brand the center of attention.

Build Your Logo Reveal With The Help of a Template

If you aren’t a professional video producer, you’re faced with a decision before you start creating a video. Should you learn After Effects from the ground-up, or hand off the essentials to talented animators?

Our recommendation is to leverage pre-built designs, like the logo reveal templates in this collection. You start with a design, use the custom controls, and presto: your brand logo reveal comes to life.

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