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Thoughts are an integral part of human life and human existence in particular. Reading books, magazines, and other literature, we enrich ourselves with knowledge. The new information we receive gives us something to think about. But the absorption of such large volumes of information is a long way. Sometimes a person needs something “short, quick and inspiring.” Quotes. They are able to give motivation in moments of difficulty and help to continue to move towards the goal. Thus, by posting life-affirming quotes on your blog or website, you significantly increase the likelihood of attracting visitors to your content. All this is possible thanks to WP Quote Plugin.

Using the plugin you may sort, select, and post the most interesting and relevant quotes and expressions on your WP blog or website.

Best WordPress Quotes Plugins.

Key Features of WP Quote Plugin

Below are the crucial characteristics of the plugin:

  • Sidebar Widget: thanks to the “Random quote” button, the user may see a quote on the page that is selected from the entire list in a completely random way. In addition, you may easily update the appeared quote, or it will happen automatically.
  • Admin Interface: the function is used to manage your own collection of quotes.
  • Block “Quotes”: displays the lists of quotes you’ve selected using various parameters, for example, filtering or presentation.
  • Gutenberg Blocks: this plugin provides two blocks with the possibility of their subsequent additions to other posts and pages of the site.


Best WP Quote Plugin

Speaking about the most popular and high-quality plugins for posting quotes on websites and blogs, we should definitely highlight the following:

Flexi Quote Rotator

An indicator of popularity and the huge demand for this plugin are more than 8000 active installations. The attractiveness of the plugin is explained by the ability to post interesting reviews and phrases using the shortcode.

Flexi Quote Rotator (Free, WordPress) →

Free Quotation

Surely everyone has something that can have a much greater impact and effect on readers and users of the site than an ordinary quote; for such non-standard posts, this plugin is just the right fit.

Free Quotation (Free, WordPress) →

Nice Quotes Rotator

Here the owner has the opportunity for imagination and creativity, because depending on his goals and desires, he may or may not use the sidebar widgets or shortcodes that will be displayed on the main page, as well as randomly pop-up reviews, top posts, links to partners, and the quotes themselves.

Nice Quotes Rotator (Free, WordPress) →

Automatic Quotes

Included with this plugin are several hundred thousand citations and an attractive widget that in all aspects fits perfectly into the topics of many blogs. The system is designed in such a way that every day a new quote will be automatically posted on the website.

Automatic Quotes (Free, WordPress) →

Quotes and Sayings

The undoubted advantage of this plugin is a huge selection of statements sorted into thematic sections. Here you can find sayings on the topics of love, happiness, friendship, and much more.

Quotes and Sayings | QuoteTour (Free, WordPress) →

Halloween Quotes

According to surveys, in terms of popularity in recent years, Halloween is almost inferior to Christmas. This plugin will show a holiday joke on every single page. A nice bonus will be the original special effects that will cheer up the users.

halloween-quotes (Free, WordPress) →

Hello Motivation

Each of us sometimes needs a charge of positive energy–something encouraging. Authors of WP blogs, which also often need motivation, are no exception.

Hello Motivation (Free, WordPress) →

Quote of the Day by BrainyQuote

BrainyQuote is considered one of the most beloved quotation sites among internet users. You may rest assured knowing that using this plugin you will receive interesting and non-standard quotes daily, and not the same old ones that everyone is tired of.

Quote of the Day by BrainyQuote (Free, WordPress) →

Say 4U

Surely you are faced with a situation where it is not possible to choose any one single topic for a blog. Here this plugin will come to your aid, thanks to which it will become possible to place several topic feeds on your site at once. The widget is adaptive for all kinds of pages.

Say4U (Free, WordPress) →

As you may see, there is no shortage of WP quotes plugins. You will have no problem choosing the most suitable for your business. They are an integral part on the path to the successful creation of your site. Everything is in your hands.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Must-Have WordPress Plugins.

I know that you’ve already heard about font bundles, stock photo bundles, icon bundles, etc. Have you heard of such a thing like a plugin bundle? If no, I recommend you to check out the Must-Have WordPress Plugins set.

This bundle contains the most usable, important and useful WordPress plugins you’ve ever needed for better site customization. Using of such a bundle makes it easier for your website visitors to surf the site. For you, it’s an easier way to customize your website spending less time on it and having more benefits from it.

The pack contains several great plugins that have different purposes. We always update the existing plugins and try to make new ones, so when you purchase this item, you get the latest plugins and plugin updates.

So, with the pack, you get, first of all, an SEO optimization plugin that helps your website to be higher rated by Google, therefore, you’ll get more visitors because Google will show your site on the first search pages.

The next pack you get is a Google Analytics plugin. You can make visitors experience better checking your visitors’ activity on the website. Quite comfy, isn’t it?

Also, you get an Advanced site editor, an important tool that helps you to edit your posts and pages quite fast and spending not so much time on it as before.

You also get an image optimizer, a plugin that makes your images smaller in sizes, so the page loading time becomes shorter and the pages load quickly. Don’t worry about the quality of these pictures and photos because it won’t get worse.

Also, you get a Sitemap plugin, an interesting tool that generates sitemap.xml. It means that when you’re changing a blog post, article, etc. the changes you’ve made so far, will be shown right away and carried to the search engine machines.

You don’t have to worry about your login page URL being attacked by hackers with a reliable login page URL change plugin.

Plus, you also get an Admin panel customization plugin within the set. With it, you can customize the site quite quickly and comfy.

So, use this multifunctional plugin set for better surfing for your site visitors and customization for you. Note, that the service is valid for one website only. We’ll help you with the installation, so no worries. Download this Must-Have WordPress Plugins set and enjoy its great features.

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