15+ Best Converting Shopify Themes (Fast Loading, Premium Themes)

Today, we are bringing you a collection of the best Shopify themes with premium and fast-loading designs.

If you’re planning on building an online store on Shopify, these themes are your go-to choice for building the fastest and highest-converting website for your business. They will help generate more customers and clients as they are fully optimized for conversions.

The layouts on each theme are carefully designed to take users on a buyer’s journey to eventually convert them into paying customers. And they work perfectly on mobile devices as well.

Let’s dive in and explore the collection of the fastest Shopify themes.



A clean and minimal design is the key to building a fast-loading website. This Shopify theme checks all the boxes necessary to make it a fast and high-converting theme for your online shop. It’s the perfect theme for setting up a store for branded and luxury products, including single-product websites.

In addition to the attractive header design, it also has multiple sections to showcase products from different categories. As well as a quick view option for viewing individual products and adding them to the shopping cart in just a few clicks.



If you’re working on an online shop for gadgets and accessories, Focal is a great Shopify theme you can use to setup a premium-looking website. It’s designed with niche products in mind to help show off your products in a clean grid-style layout.

Whether it’s mobile phone accessories, computer parts, or even handy electronic gadgets, this theme will highlight your products in a very attractive way to grab the attention of your customers. And it’s fast too.



Prestige is the ideal Shopify theme for setting up an online store for lifestyle and beauty products. It features a fast-loading design with a simple and minimal layout that effectively presents your brand and products in a professional way.

This theme is also fully customizable. It comes in multiple color options as well as various other useful functions like the stock counter, countdown timer, quick view, cross-selling, and much more.



This is a Shopify theme that truly lives up to its name. It does a great job of showcasing your products and brand through large visuals and cool interactive animations. This theme also comes in multiple design variations to choose from.

There are many great things about this theme, including video backgrounds and the featured product sections. They will surely help increase your shop sales and drive more customers to click that buy button.



Shopify is a great platform for building all kinds of online stores from small boutiques to big retail stores. This theme is designed for the latter group. It has a design that can accommodate big retail-style online stores with multiple categories full of products.

One of the coolest features of this theme is its search box, which allows you to easily browse specific categories of products to find exactly what you’re looking for. It also includes a mega-menu, pre-order system, slide-out carts, quick buy options, and much more. The theme is perfect for dropshipping stores too.



The colorful design mixed with its stylish layout gives this Shopify theme a beautiful and feminine look and feel. This makes it a great choice for setting up shops related to fashion and lifestyle products.

The theme features a large header section with a call to action that will instantly grab the attention of your audience. It also has a countdown timer, an event calendar, stock counter, and many other useful functions.



This beautifully minimalist Shopify theme comes in 3 different color themes with multiple options for customizing its design. You can use it to setup a wide variety of online shops from restaurants to cooking utensil brands, and local stores.

The theme comes with a simple layout with light colors. It also has a store locator function, which is quite useful for restaurants and local shops. You can also use the theme to setup delivery services from your store.



Vision is a very lightweight theme featuring a fast-loading design. Even though it has a light design, it features a selection of extensive sections for promoting multiple categories and products throughout the homepage.

This makes this Shopify theme most suitable for big Amazon-like retail shops as well as for dropshipping stores with large catalogs. The theme includes support for EU translations as well.



Xtra is another powerful and fast-loading Shopify theme that features a flexible design. This theme is ideal for big brands and businesses for showcasing all their products and merchandise in one place.

The theme has a lightweight mega-menu that lets you organize all your product categories in the navigation. It also includes many functions that encourage customers to take quick actions like the countdown timer, quick buy option, sticky-cart system, and pre-order functions.



Minion is a beautiful Shopify theme with a premium design. This theme is made with pet food and pet accessories shops in mind. It has a smooth and modern design with a high-converting layout.

This theme lets you choose from 5 different styles of designs to make online shops for various pet products. It also has lots of options to drive high conversions with effective call to actions, sale tickers, cross-selling, promo banners, and so much more.



This Shopify theme has one of the coolest and trendiest designs on our entire list. It uses bright colors and large images to instantly attract the attention of your customers. Above all, the theme loads incredibly fast too.

It comes in 3 different styles and you can use them all to build online shops for all sorts of businesses from food, beverages, electronics, lifestyle products, and more. The theme has a responsive and flexible design with a mega-menu, sticky header, and quick-view functions.



Pursuit is a modern Shopify theme with a bold and creative design. This theme will fit in perfectly with outdoor and adventure-themed online shops. Of course, the theme is highly flexible and available in 3 designs for building websites for many other types of businesses.

The big and innovative search bar is the highlight of this Shopify theme. It will allow users to easily find products in the store by typing just a couple of words. This system has auto-suggestions with image previews as well.



If you have a brand or business that sells beauty products with natural ingredients, this theme is the perfect choice for your store. It has a clean and minimal design that effortlessly promotes your products with large visuals.

This Shopify theme is also suitable for promoting your physical stores. It has a store locator system to help users find stores near them.

Mr Parker

mr parker

You can setup an elegant, stylish, and beautiful online store for your fashion clothing line using this Shopify theme. It’s designed with an emphasis on visuals to highlight your apparel with large preview images. And it has a fast-loading lightweight design as well.

The theme is also fully customizable to your preference. It’s available in 4 different styles and comes with promo banners, popups, cross-selling, and stock counters for boosting conversions.



Champion is the ideal theme for setting up websites and landing pages for single-product shops. It features a bold and colorful design with many attractive features to highlight your product to boost sales and engagement.

This Shopify theme also comes in 5 different styles that are suitable for various types of products. It’s especially great for electronics and gadgets. You’ll have lots of creative ways to promote the products, including in-menu promos, custom product badges, slide-out carts, mega-menu, and more.



This is the perfect premium Shopify theme you can use to setup shops for niche products. As you can see in the preview, this theme works great for products like handbags and fashion accessories.

Galleria theme is also available in other styles and you can use them to build online stores for many other types of businesses. It features a slide-out cart function with quick buy and pre-order systems too.



If you’re looking for a simple theme with a modern design to showcase your product catalog, then this Shopify theme is a great choice for you. It features a minimalist design with parallax scrolling features that grabs attention.

The theme is ideal for showing off your clothing and apparel lines, especially for high-end fashion brands. It includes an age verifier as well as a mega-menu and multiple templates for product pages.



This Shopify theme comes with a stylishly simple design that’s ideal for promoting jewelry brands and products. You can even use it to setup a shop for your hand-crafted accessories and niche jewelry items.

The theme features a fast-loading premium design with multiple sections to highlight your brand and products. It also includes a pre-order function, a sticky cart, and in-store pickup options.

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