20+ Procreate Drawing Ideas (+ Procreate Ideas for Beginners)

Procreate is a popular drawing app for iPad and iPad Pro. With the Apple Pencil and the right set of brushes, this app can help you craft amazing digital drawings and paintings.

We have a feature on how to use it here, and the following Procreate drawing ideas will help you get started with using the tool. It can have a bit of a learning curve, but starting simple and following along with these tutorials will give you a leg up.

Plus, many of these Procreate ideas are perfect for beginners and each one includes a video so you can follow along.

1. Ghost

Start with a Procreate idea for beginners with this simple ghost. It is an easy starter idea that uses simple shapes, shading, and brushes to help you learn Procreate tools with ease.

2. Cup of Coffee

Another example of a drawing idea using simple shapes, this one is easy to accomplish with an Apple Pencil or even a steady touch on your iPad.

3. Basketball Shoes

With more complicated lines and a few extra brushes, drawing this basketball show can be a fun way to help develop your skills in Procreate.

4. Hand Holding a Flower

This simple illustration walks you through how to create gradients and depth with your iPad drawing tools.

5. Cheeseburgers

Create a tasty design with this tutorial that shows you how to create a stack of cheeseburgers in a fun cartoon style.

6. Harry Potter

It’s not as difficult as you think to create your own version of Harry Potter in Procreate. Following this video tutorial, you can draw your own character in no time. Follow along using an Apple Pencil to draw this character in less than 5 minutes!

7. Cat in a Box

Start with a simple drawing and learn how to add texture in Procreate. This tutorial has a finished design that looks somewhat complex but is actually pretty easy to draw once you are comfortable with using the pencil and app tools.

8. Mandala

Not ready to jump into objects or faces? This mandala drawing idea will help you work with shapes and a steady hand to create a simple design without additional tools or brushes.

9. Watercolor Plant

In the popular watercolor style, this Procreate drawing idea is fairly easy to execute and will help beginners learn more tools in the app.

10. Lettering

Yes, Procreate is a drawing tool, but you can use it to create custom lettering too! This is a fun option and idea for emerging typographers who want to test some of their ideas quickly on the screen.

11. Sky Illustration

This simple drawing is perfect for beginners that might think this illustration is too complex for them. With easy step-by-step instructions, almost anyone can replicate this design using an iPad and Apple Pencil.

12. Flying Whale

Sometimes the best beginner ideas for drawing with Procreate are to create childlike themes. This flying whale idea is perfect for that and something you can do on your own in just a few minutes.

13. Swimming Pool

One of the more complex ideas in this list, the swimming pool illustration uses custom brushes to get to the final design.

14. Teddy Bear

After you’ve tried some of the more simple Procreate illustration ideas, you might want to move on to using some other tools and brushes. This teddy bear illustration idea is perfect for that with an easy lesson that used some more advanced tools.

15. Watercolor Fox

What does the fox say? This Procreate illustration isn’t that hard to draw. Plus the video link includes some freebies to add to your app.

16. Foggy Night Scene

This Procreate illustration idea shows that something that looks hard isn’t always super difficult to draw. Mostly it just takes a little time and effort.

17. Rocketship

Another super easy idea with a childlike feel, this rocketship is something that anyone can draw with Procreate and is a great option for a first-time user.

18. Faces

Faces might be the most intimidating Procreate illustration idea on this list – especially for beginners – but with some help, it is doable. These tips will help you get started.

19. Underwater Scene

This flat character illustration is great if you’ve had success with the easiest ideas and want to try something a little more complex. The video is a quick lesson on how to draw an underwater scene and is a more intermediate Procreate illustration idea.

20. Castle Scene

Scenes are a little more complex to draw in Procreate and this one is no exception. The castle scene featured here is a fun idea but does require a little more familiarity with the tool.

21. Starbucks Logo

Finishing up this roundup of ideas is an example that shows you can illustrate logos in Procreate as well. This Starbucks logo illustration can help you imagine how to bring a logo idea of your own to life using this iPad app.