25 More Photoshop Actions for Creating Art Effects

Let’s face it: editing photos can sometimes be a chore. Wouldn’t it be great to automate tasks to streamline the process? When editing artistic photos, you want to focus on the design. You don’t want to spend all day repeating the same editing tasks over and over.

Photoshop actions are there to help. They let you run commands, movements, and tasks automatically. With a single click, you can automate your work. It’s a great way to edit smarter and faster.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled 25 more of the very best Photoshop actions for creating stunning art effects. They will help you craft beautiful designs of all kinds. Browse the collection and choose your favorites! You’ll save hours of work and create designs with a serious wow factor.

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Enamel Pin Photoshop Action

This Photoshop action styles photos into fun, colorful metal pins. It’s a quirky modern design you’ll use every day.

With three metal colors to choose from, you have plenty of options here. This one works with text layers, vector shapes, and much more.

Enamel Pin Photoshop Action Set

Cartoon Paint Photoshop Action

A cartoon painting action like this transforms everyday photos into amazing artwork. It lends a stylish aesthetic to your favorite shots.

When you work with 2000-4000px dimension photos, this action serves up maximum style. It’s quick and easy to use – no artistic talent required!

Cartoon Paint Photoshop Action Set

Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action

Pencil sketches are a creative way to illustrate. And with this Photoshop action, you can bring this style to your photos in a flash.

The Pencil Sketch action includes action, brushes, and patterns to add extra effects. Lean on the handy help file if you need a jumpstart in the editing process.

Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action Set

GlowArt Photoshop Action

Are you searching for a funky modern feel in your photography? GlowArt is the Photoshop action for you. In a single click, it adds flashy designs to any photo.

Make adjustments when you use the action to dial in the perfect settings. When you do, you’ll enjoy impressive results each time.

GlowArt Photoshop Action Set

Vintage Art Photoshop Action

Vintage effects add a timeless element to your favorite photos. They never go out of style, and work well with portraits and landscapes.

By clicking to apply the action, you will see photos transform before your eyes. The fully editable designs can be adjusted with Photoshop’s built-in features.

Vintage Art Photoshop Action Set

Photo Art Gaming Photoshop Action

These Photoshop actions style images to look like video game covers. They’re especially useful if you’re a gamer sharing your work with a global audience.

Inside the pack, you’ll find action and pattern files, and a handy text file.

Photo Art Gaming Photoshop Action Set

Creative Art Photoshop Action

For an abstract effect, the Creative Art Photoshop action is tough to beat. It offers a powerful edit well-suited to action and sports photos.

The action adds explosive light and dust effects to the center of any photo. With a few clicks, you’ll create stunning photos that almost seem to be in motion.

Creative Art Photoshop Action Set

Vintage Effect Photoshop Action

Here is another Photoshop action with vintage styling. You’ll see photos convert to a faded, sepia tone, and it adds retro hues to every image you edit.

Compatible with photos of all kinds, this one really shines with landscape shots. Viewers won’t forget the edits you create with this power action pack.

Vintage Effect Photoshop Action Set

Movie Poster Art Photoshop Action

Movie posters have a unique style all of their own. Now, you can bring it to your favorite photos, courtesy of these Photoshop actions.

Prepare to see colors pop and contrasts enhance when you apply these effects. Turn to the documentation file for more guidance on how to edit the effect.

Movie Poster Art Photoshop Action Set

Cyborg Photoshop Action

Cyborg is a sci-fi effect for portrait photos. Use the brush effects, and apply the action to make edits that you simply can’t miss.

With two actions included, you can choose the character design you want to use. Plus, you’ll enjoy 60 brushes and 50 color options included in the pack.

Cyborg Photoshop Action Set

Halloween Photoshop Action

Are you searching for spooky edits for your favorite Halloween photos? This is a purpose-built action pack for scary photos.

As you edit, choose from the resolution options. This one adopts HDR effects that boost colors and contrast, and you can apply it with just a single click.

Halloween Photoshop Action Set

Sport Poster Effect Photoshop Action

Designed for sports posters, these actions add a starry red backdrop. It’s perfect for use in posters, marketing materials, and much more, and it works best for photo subjects that are in motion.

The modern styling here applies instantly, and you’ll notice the geometric styles drop into place. It’s a futuristic design for all of your sports photos.

Sport Poster Effect Photoshop Action Set

Art Work Photoshop Action

Art Work helps the subjects of images stand out. With this pack, you’ll see backgrounds disappear, replaced with an abstract 3D concrete layout.

Again, you’ll have a helpful tutorial file when you launch the downloaded file.

Art Work Photoshop Action Set

Posterize Effect Photoshop Action

Try your hand at building sleek, cool poster designs with this Photoshop action pack. Any portrait photo can become a stunning, eye-catching poster with a single click.

This action focuses heavily on red and brown tones to illustrate, and the results will be print-worthy. They’re perfect for printing and sharing with a broad audience.

Posterize Effect Photoshop Action Set

Grunge Portrait Photoshop Action

Grunge portraits are black-and-white designs that seem hand-drawn. But you don’t need to be an artist to create them. The Grunge Portrait Photoshop action does the work for you.

Brush and action files are both included in the download pack. Once again, you’ll see the biggest benefits from this action when you use a portrait-style photo.

Grunge Portrait Photoshop Action Set

Old Newspaper Photoshop Action

Old newspapers have an unmistakable look and feel. Whether it’s the typesetting or the slightly blurry photos, they’re impossible to miss. And with this PS action pack, you can bring this aesthetic to your photos.

For maximum impact, wider photos are recommended here. The action will allow text backgrounds to shine and helps your subjects stand out.

Old Newspaper Photoshop Action Set

Watercolor Photoshop Action

Watercolor artwork is a popular style, especially for landscape photos. With these actions, you can apply watercolor styling to any photo with a single click.

Though designed for portraits, you can use these actions for any type of image. You’ll see a heavy focus on red and pink hues in the finished edits.

Watercolor Photoshop Action Set

Plastic Wrapped Overlay Photoshop Action

The Plastic Wrapped Overlay Photoshop action pack is ideal if you need portrait subjects with a neutral, yet stylish backdrop. This one focuses on color contrasts.

With a single click, you can apply a solid, 3D background to the portrait photo of choice. It’s a top option for crafting eye-catching portrait artwork from everyday snapshots.

Plastic Wrapped Overlay Photoshop Action Set

Crack Stone Photoshop Action

These actions help you add a cracked stone effect to images. They work with portraits and landscapes alike. It’s not a style you’ll likely use every day, but it’s valuable to include in your editing toolbox.

Multiple files are included, with documentation available. Single-click editing makes the process a breeze from start to finish.

Crack Stone Photoshop Action Set

Mirror Effect Photoshop Action

Mirror effects are powerful edits that work well with many images. You may have seen them in fashion magazines, catalogs, and more.

With these actions applied, you’ll see mirrored rings around your portrait subjects. It’s a sure way to help your photos get a second look from casual viewers.

Mirror Effect Photoshop Action Set

Engraved Money Photoshop Action

Think of the portraits you’ve seen on printed money. Remember the iconic green stripes and portrait effects? Add them to your photos with these custom Photoshop actions.

Try these for fun designs for posters, blog posts, social media, and more. You won’t find them replicated often, thanks to the bold and creative style.

Engraved Money Photoshop Action Set

Aquarelle Photoshop Action

Aquarelle is an artistic option for adding watercolor and abstract effects to images. It’s multilingual, and easy to install and use.

With color presets, you can easily tailor a photo’s palette to fit your style. Don’t forget to check out the instructional help file for guidance.

Aquarelle Photoshop Action Set

Sketch Painting Photoshop Action

Sketch paintings are a great way to be creative. Apply their aesthetic to the photos of your choice, just by using this Photoshop action pack.

These work with a single click, and are well-suited to editors of all skill levels. It’s easy to make adjustments after the edit. You can create spectacular artwork in moments. These edits rapidly transform even the most mundane photos.

Sketch Painting Photoshop Action Set

Pixel Sorting Photoshop Action

Pixel effects give the illusion of motion in still images. Add them to your top shots with the Pixel Sorting Photoshop action pack.

This effect stands out best when you’re sharing an action photo. But will also serve up cool effects for still objects like buildings, too. Consider these actions a versatile option for creative style.

Pixel Sorting Photoshop Action Set

Fake Blueprint Photoshop Action

Ever wanted to create blueprint designs for your image collection? It’s a terrific way to create modern art, geometric designs, and more. Now you can, with these Photoshop actions.

Blueprint images are artsy and add a dose of modern cool to a wall or workspace. Create your own today with these actions.

Fake Blueprint Photoshop Action Set

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