30+ Best Responsive Website & App Mockup Templates

Are you looking for the perfect mockup template to showcase your website or app in a professional way? Well, look no further. In this post, we’re bringing you a collection of responsive mockup templates that can beautifully showcase your website design.

Whether you’re building a portfolio, promoting a mobile app, a SaaS business, an online tool, or a services website, these website and app mockup templates will allow you to present different features of your websites and apps while grabbing everyone’s attention.

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What Is A Responsive Mockup Template?

A responsive mockup is a type of mockup template that allows you to showcase your website designs and apps in multiple screen sizes and views. A responsive mockup usually includes mockups for a desktop device, a smartphone, and a tablet.

With these mockups, you can present your website designs to clients while showing how your design looks like in different screen sizes in one place. They’ll also come in handy for showcasing apps and screenshots in websites and portfolios as well.

Responsive Browser Mockup Template

Responsive Browser Mockup Template

If you’re looking for a simple browser mockup to showcase your designs without having to use specific devices, this template will come in handy. It allows you to showcase responsive views of your designs in a browser mockup design.

iPad App Mockup Template

If you are a developer wanting to preview your app in a visually appealing and professional manner, check out this fully customizable mockup template containing a range of scenes and light conditions to showcase your app.

Perspective App Screens Mockup Template

Next up is a photorealistic app screens mockup template that is sure to make a solid impression on your clients. You can access the template in Adobe Photoshop and easily use the smart layer to completely customize it to your liking.

Free Minimal Website Mockup Template

Showcase your website design using this minimal flat website mockup template featuring smart objects layer that will make editing a breeze. The best part? You can get your hands on this template without spending a penny!

Free App Screens Mockup Template

If you are looking to showcase your app to potential investors, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous mockup template providing you with 5 screens, a range of color variants, and customizable background. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop!

Isometric Website Mockup

Show off the many features of your website or web app using this perspective mockup that features multiple screens for easily presenting an entire website design in one image. This mockup also comes with a MacBook mockup and 6 different perspective views for showing your designs in different angles as well.

The Screens – Perspective PSD Mockup Template

This website mockup template allows you to showcase your designs in a futuristic and a creative way. The template includes 3 editable screens equipped with smart layers for easily placing your designs on the mockup and presenting it to your audience.

Free Web Presentation Mockups

Free Web Presentation Mockups

This creative website mockup template includes all the necessary device screens you’ll need to effectively showcase your responsive designs in one place.

You can use it to showcase websites and apps while easily adding dynamic shadow effects and placing your images using smart objects.

In addition to being a free download, this mockup template also features a modern isometric view that makes it a great choice for showcasing app screens and designs on a website landing page. It also comes with all the objects and shadows in separate layers for easier editing.

Multi-Devices Website Mockup Template

Here we have a multi-devices website mockup template that lets you showcase your design on desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets. Simply pop in your wallpaper or screenshot, and you are good to go. Easy peasy!

62 Responsive Mockups

A massive bundle of fully responsive mockup templates for showcasing your websites, web apps, and mobile apps. The pack includes 62 mockup templates, including 17 unique Photoshop and 21 Illustrator files. Each template can be easily customized to fit your designs.

Free Modern Responsive Mockup Template

Free Modern Responsive Mockup Template

This is a completely free responsive mockup template that includes a smartphone, laptop, tablet, and a desktop monitor, all in one mockup to help you show off your designs in a professional way.

Responsive Web Design Showcase Mockup

Responsive Web Design Showcase Mockup

Another modern responsive website mockup that features a more elegant approach. The black device colors and the creative background makes it a more suitable choice for showcasing luxury website and high-end designs.

New Minimalistic Phone Mockups

This creative and minimalist set of phone mockups are simply perfect for featuring your mobile app or website screens in an attractive way. The template features fully editable phone mockups. You can easily change its color, background, shadows, and more.

App Presentation Templates

This is a pack of 24 different app presentation mockup templates you can use to present your app designs to clients or showcasing the app on a website design. The bundle includes mockup templates optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and smartwatches as well.

Modern Perspective Web Mockup

Another website design mockup with a perspective view. The template features a premade scene with multiple screens for showing off your designs. You can also easily edit the mockup to place your website designs and the perspective effect will be automatically applied to your design.

21 Responsive Screen Mockups

A bundle full of responsive screen mockups for presenting website and app designs. This pack includes 21 fully responsive mockup templates featuring 13 unique mockups in different angles and 6 pre-made scenes, all of which are available in 4500 x 3500-pixel resolution.

Apple Devices Free Responsive Screen MockUps

Apple Devices Free Responsive Screen MockUps

This simple and free responsive mockup features a set of Apple devices. Even though the devices are slightly outdated today, you can still use the mockup to showcase designs in your personal portfolios.

Free Ultra Wide Monitor & MacBook Pro Mockup PSD

Free Ultra Wide Monitor & MacBook Pro Mockup PSD

This is quite a rare website mockup that features a widescreen monitor mockup. It also includes a laptop mockup alongside a unique and creative environment that will highlight your designs more effectively.

Macbook Display Web App Mockup

This beautiful MacBook display mockup is perfect for showing off your website or app designs on a website design. You can also use it as a website header, social media cover photo, or even as a blog post header. It includes 6 different templates with different views.

25 Clean Screen Responsive Mockups

A bundle of 25 minimalist mockups for presenting your website designs. The clean and modern design of these mockup templates makes it perfect for showcasing many different types of app and website designs.

iPhone 6s Screen Mockup

This iPhone screen mockup features a futuristic design that gives it a unique look. The floating screens mockups allow you to easily add 5 designs into the same mockup and present them with a unique touch to wow your clients and audience.

Android & iOS Mockups

With this mockup, you can showcase your Android and iOS app screens in the same template. In addition to its modern device mockups, this template also features a high-quality design that makes it one of a kind. The mockup can be used to present app designs, website screenshots, app UI features, and more.

6 Thinkerr Mockups

Thinkerr is a set of gorgeous mockup templates designed specifically for presentation purposes. You can use these templates when presenting your website and app designs to clients. The real photo environments of the mockups also make them ideal for creating website headers and backgrounds as well.

3D Desktop Screen Mockups

Give your website designs a 3D view when presenting them on your website using this mockup template. This template pack includes 9 pre-made PSD mockups, which can be easily edited to place your own design, customize shadows, and change backgrounds.

iPad Screen Mockup

This iPad mockup comes in 8 different screen templates for showing off your app and website designs in different views and angles. The template comes fully-layered with smart objects for easier editing.

Animated Phone Mockup

This template is quite unique from the rest of the mockups in the list. It’s animated. The mockup allows you to make your design more entertaining by animating your website screens. The template comes in 5 different mockups, each with separate PSD files for static and animated versions of the mockups.

Revolving iPad Screen Mockup

This iPad screen mockup template is perfect for presenting the different sections of your website or web app screens using the same design. You can effectively present your designs using the multiple views available with this template.

PSD Web Showcase Mockup

A collection of website mockup templates with different views and devices. This bundle includes several mockup templates you can use to present your website design in various ways. Each mockup can be easily edited to customize its shadows, change backgrounds, and place your own screens using smart objects.

MacBook Pro Screen Mockup

This modern and minimalist MacBook Pro mockup is ideal for crafting a beautiful website header image while also showing off the features of your web app or web services. You can also use the multiple screens to show different views of your web app as well.

Android & iOS Mockups V2

Another set of Android and iOS mockup templates featuring smartphones and tablets. This pack comes with 6 unique mockup files for creating modern and beautiful presentations for your website and app designs.

8 Android Phone Mockups

This bundle of simple and creative Android phone mockups features a minimalist working environment. It includes 8 different mockup files, which you can use to showcase your app screens or use as background images in your website designs.

If you’re looking for device mockup templates, check out our iPhone mockups and MacBook mockups collections.