30+ Free Booklet Mockup Templates (+ Booklet Design Tips)

So you’re in the process of designing a booklet for your business or personal project, or perhaps you’ve already come up with the finished product, and now you need to see what it looks like in real life before you commit! Introducing booklet mockups – an easy, realistic, and commitment-free way for you to display your booklet in real-life settings and situations.

But creating a mockup from scratch can be time-consuming and tedious, especially if graphic design isn’t your area of expertise – that’s where this collection of booklet mockup templates comes in.

We’ve collated a list of the best booklet mockup templates available online, with a variety of aesthetics and settings as well as both free and premium options – there’s truly something for everyone. Read on for a selection of authentic and effective mockup templates that you can use to showcase your booklet.

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Create Your Booklet Mockup Now

Minimal Square Booklet Mockup

Minimal Square Booklet Mockup

If you’re working on a square-shaped booklet, this mockup is perfect for showcasing your design. It features a minimalist and professional scene for showing off booklet designs for various projects. You can also change the background, adjust shadows, and place your design using smart objects.

Rectangular Softcover Booklet Mockups

Rectangular Softcover Booklet Mockups

This mockup features a beautiful scene for showcasing modern booklet designs. It has two mockups in one place to show both closed and open views of your booklet. There are 4 mockup scenes for you to choose from in this bundle.

Landscape Booklet Brochure Mockups

Landscape Booklet Brochure Mockup

This is a collection of bold and attractive booklet mockups featuring realistic scenes. It includes 13 different mockups for showcasing landscape-style booklets and brochures. They also allow you to show your booklet being held by hands.

Bi-Fold A5 Booklet Mockups

Bi-Fold A5 Booklet Mockup

These bi-fold mockup templates are perfect for both booklet and brochure designs. It’s designed for A5 size designs and there are 8 beautiful and fully customizable mockups included in this bundle.

Free Booklet & Brochure Mockup

Free Booklet & Brochure Mockup

You can download this booklet mockup for free to present your designs to clients. The creative scene makes it ideal for presenting small business brochures. It comes in a high-resolution PSD format with smart objects for easy editing.

US Letter Booklet Mockups

US Letter Booklet Mockups

This booklet mockup template includes several different scenes, including ones showing the design with hands holding the booklet. It’s ideal for US Letter size booklets as well as others. There are 8 unique mockups in this pack.

Modern Brochure & Booklet Mockups

Modern Brochure & Booklet Mockup

Whether you have a small booklet, brochure, or catalog, this mockup template is ideal for them all. You can choose from 6 different mockups from this set to present your designs to clients and on portfolios.

Trifold Brochure Booklet Mockup

Trifold Brochure Booklet Mockup

Showcase your tri-fold booklet designs in a professional way using this minimalist mockup template. It features an A5 size layout that shows the entire booklet design in one scene. You can change the background as well.

Square Bifold Booklet Mockup

Square Bifold Booklet Mockup

Another simple booklet design for showing off bi-fold booklet and brochure designs. This template has a realistic-looking scene thanks to its shadow effects. You can easily change its background color and add your design using smart objects.

Free Simple Booklet Mockup

Free Simple Booklet Mockup

This booklet mockup has a multipurpose design and it’s free to download. You can use it to show off booklets, brochures, and even magazine designs. It comes in PSD format with smart objects.

Wooden Surface Booklet Mockup Template

The first of our booklet mockup templates features two catalog-style booklets lying on a light wooden surface. It’s a simple yet effective way to tell how your booklet will look in real life, and the soft, neutral background tone will be sure to complement any kind of color scheme.

Woman Reading Booklet Mockup Template

Our next booklet mockup shows a young woman sitting comfortably on a big, plush beanbag, while flicking through your booklet! Ideal for mockups that require an A4 sized product to be shown, it’s also super versatile – you can use this template for any kind of booklet, from corporate lookbooks to fun-filled product catalogs.

Open Tricolour Booklet Mockup Template

The best thing about this booklet mockup template is that the three colors featured in the background are all customizable, meaning that you can select the exact hues that best complement your masterpiece. Then, simply drag and drop the image of your booklet, and voila! It features an open booklet, so be sure to select the page you’d most like to show off.

Standing Booklet Mockup Template

Sophisticated with an edge, here we have a booklet standing upright on a white surface against a dark grey background – the perfect setting to make your booklet cover pop! It also offers you the chance to include a sneak peek at the first couple of pages in your mockup.

Breakfast Table Booklet Mockup Template

Breakfast, anyone? Our next booklet mockup template gives you the opportunity to see what your product will look like on a colored table, complete with a croissant and a cup of coffee! The table color can be customized, and one important thing to note is that this mockup has been designed specifically for a square booklet.

Softcover Booklet Mockup Template

This booklet mockup template is simple, elegant, and does what it says on the tin! It comes from Envato Elements, and showcases your rectangular softcover booklet in four different views, each offering organized layers and smart objects for seamless editing, as well as customizable effects and an adjustable background.

Photorealistic Booklet Mockup Template

If it’s important to you that your booklet mockup looks as realistic as a photo, look no further than this set of five unique photorealistic templates. All of them include real-life environments as the backdrop, and there’s a range of different positions to choose from. Note that the booklet in this collection is in landscape format.

Clean Landscape Booklet Mockup Template

As the name suggests, this high-resolution mockup template features a beautiful, clean layout and a landscape booklet, with an easily customizable background color and four different views to showcase your product. It’s also completely free to download from the CreativeBooster website!

Marble Surface Booklet Mockup Template

If you’re looking for a classy and elegant booklet mockup that’s bound to complement any kind of design or color scheme, this template is a winner. It displays your booklet on a grey marble background, and offers nine unique views. The background is also interchangeable, but we think the marble is the perfect way to show off a sophisticated booklet design.

Green Elements Booklet Mockup Template

This free booklet mockup template will feature your leaflet-style booklet leaning on a green marble tile, against a soft, seafoam colored background. There are three versatile angles to choose from, and it is a great way to enhance the overall aesthetic of your booklet, especially if the color green is heavily featured in your color scheme.

Floating Booklet Mockup Template

If you just can’t decide which page of your booklet to feature in your mockup, why not choose this template which gives you a peek at several open pages as your booklet appears to float in midair? The background can be customized to suit your theme, and the use of smart objects makes it incredibly easy to edit.

Falling Booklet Mockup Template

Next in our lineup of booklet mockup templates is this high-resolution set of 12 mockup layouts, featuring copies of your booklet falling from the sky. This option is ideal if you have several designs that you’d like to include. The background can be adjusted, the shapes are all movable, and there are advanced shadow control settings for you to play around with.

Elegant Simple Booklet Mockup Template

The name says it all – this elegant and simple set of 6 unique views is a classic and sophisticated way to showcase your A4 booklet. Each mockup template features a clean, neutral background and high definition resolution, and the best part is it’s completely free.

Square Booklet Mockup Template

It can be difficult to find a good mockup template for a square-shaped booklet, but this versatile option is a great choice – created using real-life photos, it includes eight different layouts, each featuring well-organized layers and smart objects for easy editing.

Showcase Booklet Mockup Template

Our next booklet mockup template features a series of magazine-style booklets laid out flat in a geometrical showcase style, and offers a clean, simple aesthetic that will let your product speak for itself. This option is a great way to display either multiple booklets, or multiple pages within a booklet, and it’s available as a free download.

Coffee Booklet Mockup Template

This set of photorealistic mockup templates offers an ultra-modern way to show off your booklets, and is perfect for a corporate product. It features a transparent background and smart object images, making customization simple and easy.

Wooden Boards Booklet Mockup Template

Featuring realistic studio lighting and soft shadows, this booklet template mockup will display your product against a background of natural wooden boards, making it ideal for a home decor or food-themed lookbook or catalog.

Technology Booklet Mockup Template

This free mockup template is perfect for a technology-themed booklet, and features the use of technology elements against a grey tiled background. It’s a professional and authentic way to present your landscape product, and comes with four different layouts.

Fashion Booklet Mockup Template

Next in our selection of booklet mockup templates is a fashion-themed option that’s perfect for any clothing boutique or beauty booklet. It showcases your booklet against a customizable background, amongst an array of items such as sunglasses, earrings and a makeup brush.

Outdoor Reading Booklet Mockup Template

Offering six different views of a woman holding your A5 booklet in an outdoor setting, the last of our booklet mockup templates is ideal for a lifestyle catalog or magazine. It includes smart objects and organized layers and folders for easy editing.

And with that, you have a selection of the best free and premium booklet mockup templates, all available online for you to download instantly so that you can see your booklet displayed in real-life settings before you commit to the design!

5 Tips For Designing A Professional Booklet

Here are a few great tips to keep in mind when designing your booklet.

Start With a Template

A great way to get a headstart in your design is to use a pre-made template. It will allow you to skip past all the work of finding inspiration, coming up with a layout, and designing covers to jump directly to start adding your own content. These templates are designed by professionals so they will make your brand and business look good as well.

Pay Attention to Typography

Choose fonts that are legible and appropriate for your content. And optimize for readability by selecting a suitable font size and line spacing. Use headings, subheadings, and paragraph styles to create a clear hierarchy of information. Also, incorporate white space to improve readability and give your design a balanced and elegant look.

Maintain Consistency in Design Elements

Consistency is key to creating a professional-looking booklet. Use consistent typography, color schemes, and graphic styles throughout the design. This helps establish visual coherence and enhances readability. Align design elements with your brand guidelines, if applicable, to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

Consider User Experience

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and consider the user experience of navigating through the booklet. Ensure that information is presented in a flowing design that’s easier to read and understand. And use headings, subheadings, page numbers, and navigation cues to guide readers through the content seamlessly.

Proofread and Edit Carefully

Take the time to proofread and edit your content to eliminate any errors or inconsistencies. Always check for grammar, spelling, and formatting mistakes. And make sure that all text and images are aligned properly and that the overall design is aesthetically pleasing.