5 Artful Advantages of Using .ART Domains

One common thing among every successful designer is a killer portfolio website where they showcase all their best work and attract new clients.

While having a great-looking website design helps, another important aspect of making a great portfolio is the domain name. A catchy and distinctive domain name is key to making your portfolio look much more professional and memorable.

Using a unique domain extension is a surefire way to achieve that goal. Instead of using the same old .com and .net domains, many artists are now using the new .art domain extension.

Using a .art domain can bring many benefits and advantages, allowing artists and creatives to stand out from the crowd. In this post, we take a look at why you should ditch the widely popular .com domains to get a .art domain for your design portfolio.

1. A More Authentic Domain

If you go to any domain registration website and search for a domain, you’ll notice that all of the good .com and .net domain names are already taken. There is this misconception where people believe that only the domains with .com or .net extensions are professional.

Well, that used to be the case about 10 years ago. Today, we have dozens of new types of domain extensions made specifically for different types of businesses, industries, and professionals. And the .art domain extension is one of them.

The .art domain extension is fairly new, and that’s one of the biggest advantages of using .art domains. In fact, most people are not even aware of this domain extension. As a result, it’s much easier to secure a domain name using the .art extension.

Chances are you will be able to get a .art domain with just your name. Or you can get creative with a name like “johncreates.art”.

porkbun art domain

2. Showcase Your Artistic Identity

The .art domain extension is developed specifically with artists, designers, and creative professionals in mind. And it’s pretty much self-explanatory as well. When you see a .art domain name, anyone can easily guess what this website is all about.

This is the key to building your branding and identity as a designer or artist. A .art domain will be much more memorable than any other domain extension and it will instantly identify you as a creative professional.

3. Boost Your Credibility & Authority

Building your credibility and authority as a designer is not an easy task. Especially in this competitive industry, you need to have distinctive skills and qualities to stand out as a professional designer. A .art domain can help you get there much faster.

When using a .art domain, your audience will immediately identify you as a creative professional by just reading the website address. And then they visit the website expecting to see your art or designs.

This has huge psychological benefits as it primes your audience’s mind before they enter the website to subconsciously accept you as a creative professional.

Needless to say, when using a .art domain, you will have a big advantage over other artists and designers who use the more common .com and .net domains.

4. SEO Advantages

Optimizing your design portfolio website for search engines will be much easier when using .art domains. Google will instantly recognize your .art extension and categorize your website as a creative portfolio website, enabling faster indexing and discoverability on the search engine.

It will also allow you to easily rank for keywords, terms, and queries related to art and design. Google will prioritize .art domains when showing results related to these terms.

If you can setup a blog alongside your portfolio website and populate it with good articles related to your industry, it will surely bring in a ton of organic traffic to your website from Google. Finding clients will be a walk in the park.

5. Reach A Global Audience

Unlike most other domain extensions, the .art domains are not restricted to a specific country or region. It is a domain that’s internationally recognized in the creative industries.

Using a .art domain will allow you to go beyond your local regions to reach potential clients in different countries. And even land high-paying clients and lucrative careers from the most reputable companies in the world.

6. A Memorable Name

It’s much easier to integrate a .art domain name into a designer’s brand identity. It will be the most notable element in your business card or the profile bio on social media platforms. And, above all, it will make your name and the website address more memorable. People will start associating your name with art and design.

How To Get A .ART Domain

If you’re interested in getting a .ART domain to upgrade your portfolio website or even to build a brand new personal website, you can get your .art domain at Porkbun.

While most of the popular domain registrars allow you to register a .art domain, they are wildly expensive. And they also charge way more when you renew your domain after the first year.

Porkbun offers very affordable pricing for .art domains and even their yearly renewals are quite reasonably priced.

Even if you’re not planning on setting up a portfolio right now, you should take this opportunity to secure your .art domain before someone else grabs it. At these cheap prices from Porkbun, it’ll be worth your investment.