Act Now if You Want to Save Your Tilda-based Website

Information provided will be handy for all users of the Tilda website builder. Pretty soon, neither you (nor your clients) will be able to use it. There is only one reason for that. It is called Putin. The vast majority of the Russian IT sector is under sanctions because of a large-scale invasion of Russian troops on a peaceful Ukrainian land. Now let us tell you how you can prevent your platform from being blocked, as today, a Russian-based Tilda faces sanctions. 


What to Do to Save Your Tilda-based Website?

The best thing you can do is use TemplateMonster’s digital marketplace services and transfer your platform to a secure website builder.

  • Use a chat window in the lower right corner to get live assistance from a support operator. 
  • Get advice on how to transfer your site from the Tilda platform to another platform with ease. 
  • Use the NoWar promo code at checkout and get a 15% discount on any template on the TemplateMonster marketplace. 
  • If you are a charity/volunteer organization, you can get any template for free. Just contact the support agent via chat.

How it All Began or Putin VS. the Civilized World

On February 24 at 04:00, Putin invaded Ukraine by launching multiple missile strikes on cities and military bases. This map shows the regions that suffered the most from constant bombings

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in his report on these attacks, emphasized that all strikes are carried out using only precision-guided munition. Still, he did not specify that 90% of the targeted objects are near residential areas, and many innocent citizens died.

Russia is bombing Ukraine

The liar Putin has justified this aggressive invasion as an attempt to protect Russian-speaking Ukrainians and their traditions. But the truth is opposite to the propaganda shown on Russian TV:

  • Ukraine has never committed genocide against the Russian-speaking citizens, Ukrainian-speaking population, or other nations.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has Jewish roots, which is 100% contrary to Putin’s neo-Nazi propaganda describing the Ukrainian government.
  • The people of independent Ukraine elected the country’s government in democratic elections. 73% of the population voted for Volodymyr Zelensky.

Putin’s Invasion Resulted in Devastating Sanctions for Russia

Due to the military aggression of the Russian president against peaceful Ukraine, the commonwealth of European countries imposed powerful sanctions on Russia. These restrictions will also affect the Russian IT sector. The data center and the main office of are located in Moscow (near the Kuznetsky Most metro station). It means that soon enough, Tilda will get banned. 

Russian Tilda

From March 1, Russian residents will not be able to receive foreign currency to their accounts and transfer money abroad through foreign payment systems. Thus, if you have a Russian payment system connected to your site, you will not be able to receive payments for your services or goods. It means that you will not be able to monetize your project. 

Hurry up and save your save your Tilda-based website today!

Glory to Ukraine and its Heroes! 

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