Collective Nouns for the Web

Melanie Sumner has this super-specific collection of web-related nouns for describing a group or set of something. You know how there’s a school or fish or a herd of cows? Same sort of thing, but for funny web jargon.

Things like:

  • vanity is ten (10) or more domains owned by a single person, where very few are in use.
  • parade of RSS feeds is when you have so many RSS feeds that you have to scroll to see them all.

Don’t lie, Melanie — you’ve gotta vanity go domains, don’t ya? 😂

A few off the top of my head:

  • A braintrust is a meeting of company bigwigs indirectly related to a project but with the power to “swoop and poop” on your work.
  • A diatribe is a Pull Request with so many comments that the original scope of the work has changed.
  • A gommit is a group of commits (group + commit) submitted as a single commit.
  • A hot minute is the number of hours spent fixing a bug that winds up being a simple typo.
  • A roost is four (4) or more levels of nesting in Sass.
  • A tababyte is a unit that represents ten (10) open browser tabs in the same window. For example, two tababytes are equal to 20 open tabs.

Fun times! Anything you’d add to the list? You can submit ideas to the repo.

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