Debugging CSS

High five to Ahmad Shadeed for releasing his new book, Debugging CSS. I think that’s a neat angle for a book on CSS. There are a ton of books on the general subject of CSS already, so not that they can’t be fresh takes on that, but this feels equally important and less trodden territory.

Browser DevTools help us a ton these days in debugging CSS, but there isn’t exactly a step-by-step guide about about it that I know of. This book leans into that, showing off how to debug really practical and understandable CSS issues with the help of DevTools when appropriate.

I bought it because I’m a CSS nerd obviously — not really because I feel like I need to bone up on my CSS debugging. I really wanna support Ahmad because he really got the #1 gold star ⭐️ for CSS blogging this year. Every post of his was an extremely well done deep dive into some important area of CSS.

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