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Easter is one of the main holidays in Christianism. On this day, we celebrate the greatest miracle – the resurrection of Jesus Christ – the son of God. On this day, we gather with loved ones, decorate Easter eggs, decorate the house with garlands, hold Easter egg hunts, and make candy-filled baskets. To make your holiday even brighter and more colorful, we have prepared for you a selection of the best Easter poster designs that you might use for decorations, invitations, and cards.

To find out how to make a perfect Easter poster, we should learn the basic symbols and attributes. It will help you to build a concept and create truly devoted samples.

Easter Symbols & Attributes

You can use these details in your art to create a festive atmosphere. By correctly connecting these attributes, you easily convey the celebration’s mood, purpose, and features. You may also grab more ideas by browsing our graphics collection and corporate identity library. 


Of course, it is not the most pleasant one, but the most significant. It symbolizes fate itself, all the choices and actions we’ve made and must take responsibility for. The Cross suits the worship invitation posters, but such models should have accuracy and seriousness. It may also overload the overall look and feel, so it’s better to avoid it in children’s posters.


According to the legends, lilies grew on the places where Jesus’s sweat dropped in his sorrow. That is why these flowers are saint ones and symbolize purity, beauty, and innocence. They look great on any design solution, so it’s great to combine these beauties with other attributes and make tender layouts. 

Easter Bunny and Eggs

The Bunny, or Hare, and the Easter eggs, symbolize the new life and new beginnings. This tradition appeared in the 18th century. Usually, the baby animal brings a basket of candies, eggs, and fruits. They are traditionally depicted with candles – the light of life, other animals, birds or lamb – new life and spring spirit.


The life cycle of this insect remains the life stages of Jesus Christ. When a butterfly is a caterpillar, the first cycle is associated with the life of Jesus; the cocoon cycle is compared with Christ’s crucifixion, while the final stage, when the cocoon becomes a butterfly, represents Christ’s Resurrection.


Ribbons are an essential attribute of any holiday. They will perfectly harmonize with other picture elements. It is important to choose the right color and the general idea of the composition. They add a festive mood, joyful atmosphere, and cheerfulness.

Where to Use Easter Poster Designs?

There are many options for using these assets. Of course, their main goal is to inform people about the holiday organization, invite them to the celebration, and provide information about the events schedule. In combination with beautiful fonts, cute icons, balloons, the sample becomes universal, and you may use it year by year. First of all, they are a great tool for:

  • posters and invitations;
  • holiday announcements;
  • internet ad campaign launch;
  • social media posts;
  • t-shirt and stationary prints;
  • postcards and decorations. 

All the assets are fully editable, so you can accommodate them according to your preferences and apply different solutions. You may edit graphics with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, Canva, or Microsoft Office Word. You can learn how to edit them by downloading our free corporate identity models and testing them out.

Best Easter Poster Designs for Warm Invitations

Easter Egg Hunt

This layout is bright and vivid. Here we see the beautifully-colored eggs, with daisies and a white hare. You may use it for different poster creation, simply taking the included elements, changing them to other assets, or using them in various designs. You place all the necessary information in the bright, colorful text blocks, so your guests won’t lose it. With the pack you get:

– PSD Files CS5

– ready for print sketches;

– resolution: 300 dpi CMYK;

– fully editable layout.

Easter Egg Hunt vol 1

This option is made in several color schemes, so you just choose the one that matches your holiday concept best. You can also exchange the colors with the required ones via Photoshop. It is vivid, cute, and made in a fancy cartoonish style. It will be easy for you to impress your guests with such a wonderful asset. What’s inside:

  • well-structured PSD layers;
  • fully editable elements;
  • free fonts;
  • ready-to-print layouts;
  • detailed documentation.

Easter Egg Hunt For Kids

Easter Egg Hunt For Kids

Are you looking for a fancy image that grabs kid’s attention? You are in the right place! Here comes the egg hunt poster that attracts guests with childish elements. A cute bunny peeping out of the egg won’t leave anyone indifferent, and the bright, attractive egg patterns beautifully decorate the overall look. With the pack you get:

  • well-organized file structure;
  • easy-to-edit elements;
  • free fonts;
  • the PDF file with tips of usage.

Easter Egg Hunt Flyer

Easter Egg Hunt Flyer

It is one of the cutest options. Many attractive elements, such as a small white bunny, retro green ribbon with a beautiful bold font, make it look special. You can use it for prints of any size, small invitation postcards, or huge posters for the shopping mall. With the template, you also receive:

  • 24/7 online assistance;
  • user-friendly design;
  • different color & size options;
  • fancy fonts;
  • well-structured PSD files.

Easter Egg Product Mockup

With this template, you find three mockups: the egg separately and two options of grouped egg patterns. You can use them to complement your works, add them as separate elements or make an attractive composition using only the included options. What’s in the pack:

  • egg designs with shadows and outlines;
  • versatile color and background sets;
  • well-structured layers;
  • user-friendly Adobe Photoshop CS4+ editor.

Easter Egg Hunt Party Invitation/Flyer

This template is one of the prettiest models for Easter poster creation. Here you see several must-have attributes, as the hare surrounded by painted eggs. Also, there are beautiful fonts, so all the details you place here will catch the recipient’s glance. In the pack, you’ll find:

  • two formats – PSD and DOCX;
  • several size options 4×6 inches and 5×7 inches;
  • detailed documentation;
  • 24/7 professional support.

Abstract Flora

This corporate identity template differs from others by its abstract forms. Therefore, it is a perfect one to use for teenage parties and cultural events. Besides, it suits the Easter poster design creation well, as you can grab magnificent backgrounds, floral elements, and outlines and customize them according to your event. What’s inside:

  • 45 JPEG Files;
  • 25 PNG files with transparent backgrounds;
  • 300 DPI, 2000 X2000 Pixel;
  • Vector AI and EPS formats;
  • Over 100 decorative element of PNG, AI, and EPS format;
  • Palette color included.

Easter Bunny

With this asset, you get more than 30 graphic elements in vector format. They are perfect for print, as you won’t lose the quality when changing the size. You can apply them for cup, sketchbook prints, pattern creation, and poster/postcard mockup. All the assets have a tender cartoonish style, with a pastel color palette, so both children and adults will like them. By buying this template, you also receive:

  • EPS, PNG, JPEG formats;
  • 30+ sketches;
  • easy editable source files;
  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • documentation with useful tips.

Easter Egg Hunt Flyer

The Easter poster design of this flyer is bright and vivid. Due to it, such an eye-catching option will help you in the promotion of your party, Easter specials, and other offers. It’s a good idea to use it for poster, flyer creation, decoration of your business blog, and even home party invitations. There are the following features included:

  • fully Layered & editable PSD files;
  • 3 Vector EPS;
  • CMYK Colors;
  • 300 DPI resolution;
  • print Ready Format;
  • free fonts used.

Easter Egg Hunt For Kids – Corporate Identity Template

The retro style has been popular for many decades and still conquers the hearts of designers worldwide. This layout is perfect for making a catchy poster that will attract more guests and customers. You can easily change the color scheme, add new elements or erase the unnecessary ones due to the fully editable source files. The pack includes:

  • layered PSD;
  • free fonts;
  • several color options;
  • 24/7 online assistance;
  • the PDF file with instructions.


The light blue color palette makes this asset soft, and it brings easy holiday associations. There are fancy painted eggs that frame the main content. It is straightforward to make changes here, as all the details are fully changeable via Adobe software. You get the following benefits with the model:

  • AI, EPS, PDF, JPEG files;
  • 300 DPI CMYK;
  • A4 Size;
  • editable text, image & color;
  • Readme help file.

Easter Graphics Doodles Seamless Pattern

Patterns are the other useful asset that helps you to make any layout more vivid and bright. By playing with the colors, you may create a unique outstanding asset that will help you convert your clients into regular customers. You may also cut the details you like and paste them into your custom projects. With the template, you get:

  • 5 EPS vector patterns
  • 5 JPEG (5000х5000 pixels);
  • RGB colors;
  • fully editable source files;
  • helpful documentation.

Easter Mini Session

This Easter poster design is represented in a collage format. It is perfect for children’s parties, posters, invitations, or event announcements. You can replace the default content with your images, photos, upload your texts, and the asset is fully ready to print. Create your special offer announcements easily with the help of the next benefits:

  • Size 7×5 Inches
  • CMYK colors;
  • Photoshop CS or Later version & Photoshop Elements software;
  • PSD included;
  • font download link in the documentation file.

Easter Day Flyer

The look and feel of this model are fresh and shine with the spring vibes. The gentle flowers, elegant background make it attractive, and in combination with the yellow and deep blue, it becomes even more sophisticated. It will be easy even for a newbie to personalize such a layout, as, with it, you receive our professional assistance, product documentation, and handy user interface from Adobe. With the archive comes the following:

  • Ai, EPS & PDF files;
  • 8.27×11.69 inches image size;
  • Fully layered & well-organized;
  • Free Google Fonts;
  • Easy to change for any size of different social media.

Easter Party Flyer

This design looks stylish and simple at the same time. It will be a great option for creating an invitation or poster for a party with guests, children’s events, and quests dedicated to this holiday. All you need is to download, unzip and edit the desired content in a few clicks! Features of this template:

  • 4×6 inches size;
  • 300 dpi resolution;
  • CMYK color mode;
  • Photoshop cs6 (PSD), MS Word formats;
  • a PDF file with tips.

Easter Day Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Such a bright cartoonish Easter poster design will delight any child. Thus, this poster is ideal for organizing parties and quests. Here you add details of the event’s place and time, indicate what you need to take with you, and designate the cultural program. Also, in the package, you will receive:

  • well-structured PSD files;
  • versatile fonts and colors;
  • straightforward personalization;
  • 24/7 online assistance. 

Easter Bunny With Balloons

Who doesn’t like such a charming rabbit? This template is beautiful and colorful, with a cartoon style and many editable elements. You can diversify it by adding more content blocks, text, pictures, or leaving it as it is and adding only the necessary details. In any case, your poster will be charming and attractive. The main features are:

  • EPS-10 universal opens with many graphic editors Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • SVG file layered,
  • JPG and PNG 15000 X 15000 px.,
  • high resolution;
  • 24/7 assistance.

Easter Day Social Media

With this pack, you will get many different options for your holiday poster. They all come with different fonts, backgrounds, details, but each one is unique and exciting in its way. You can combine elements from different options, add your features and adapt each one to suit your holiday. With the model, you will get the following benefits:

  • 10 Social Media templates;
  • Facebook Post Size(1200X630);
  • Instagram Post Size(1080X1080);
  • Twitter Post Size(440X220);
  • fully customizable and editable PSD file;
  • Readme Help file.

Egg Hunt For Kids Retro Flyer

Another attractive model with a retro look. Delicate gradients, neat lines, and vibrant flowers create one unusual look that depicts a festive atmosphere. You might add photos of the event, program details, location, as well as a link to your website or social network. In a word, you can easily fit everything you need on this poster and please your guests. With the template, you also receive:

  • 24/7 professional assistance via chat and tickets;
  • well-structured PSD files;
  • easy-to-edit layout;
  • detailed documentation.

Egg Hunt For Kids

With this model, you will win the hearts of customers of all ages. You can indicate all the buns and details of your holiday. And all this with a background with an excellent design of Easter eggs. Interesting prints and patterns will not leave your visitors indifferent! Among the advantages of this pack are the following:

  • fancy elements;
  • EPS and PSD;
  • detailed documentation;
  • fully personalizable layout.

Summing Up

Easter is a warm family holiday that we usually spend with our nearest people. To make it even brighter, you may consider creating special posters. You can use them to invite your relatives and friends to the party, celebration. Also, it is a good idea to apply such models for your business’s special offers devoted to this day. 

With our graphics, you get not only an attractive picture but a high-quality product with solid support and the author’s help. There are no limits to your bold ideas – modify them the way you like, and enjoy the spring holidays with TemplateMonster!

Easter Poster Design FAQ

How to get an Easter poster design?

There are several ways to get your perfect template.
Free download. Go to the free items section, pick the one you would like to obtain, and share it on your social media. Right after that, the download button becomes available.
TemplateMonster Shopping. Select a template you like from our graphics collection, and put it into your cart. Go through the simple checkout process and get your item in a few minutes.
MonsterONE. Subscribe for any plan and receive a year of unlimited downloads for all the included graphics, audio, video, 3D models, fonts, icons, and the stock images library.

How can I edit the Easter poster design?

The editing of these files is quite fast and easy. First, you should unzip the archive. Find the main file and open it with the required software. It may be Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Canva. All these programs are user-friendly and have an intuitive interface. Please refer to the template’s documentation or contact our support to find more details about the editing process.

Can I sell my Easter poster Design with Templatemonster?

Of course! We will be more than happy to see you among our top authors, so don’t hesitate and join our family right now. Read how to become an author guide, register your account and upload the items. Our team is always in touch and ready to help with any issue you have!

Can I resell Easter poster designs?

It is prohibited to resell the products under a personal/commercial license. You can modify the source view and sell it to your client as a ready-made custom project with one end-user.

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