How to Create Scroll Navigation with Elementor?

Today, you will learn how to create an amazing smooth scrolling effect with Scroll Navigation module. To apply this feature, you will need Elementor page builder and JetElements add-on which includes this widget. The JetElements plugin is the richest Elementor add-on. You can use it for applying many other features. I describe the process step-by-step below. So let’s get started!

  1. Open the necessary page to which you’re going to apply Scroll Navigation module in Elementor.
  2. In the center, press Add New.
  3. In the opened menu, click Edit and go to advanced settings on the left.
  4. Input the name of the section you’ll be working with into the CSS ID field.
  5. Pay attention to uppercase and lowercase characters, and underscores. Also, bear in mind that the name of each section should be unique (Section_1, Section_2, and so on).
  6. Remember that you can create as many sections as you want, but not fewer than two.
  7. After all the sections are added, find the Scroll Navigation widget in the Elements search field on the left in the menu. Drag-and-drop it above all the sections.
  8. On the left, you will see the content settings for this widget. Under the Item tab, you will need to add a number of items equal to the number of sections you’ve created. You will see three items already listed. And if you need more, just click Add New.
  9. Open all the items in turn and check the correctness of the Section ID you’ve added in the CSS ID field several steps ago. If the IDs don’t match, the Scroll Navigation won’t work as it should.
  10. Also, you can set the hint icon and the label title for each navigation item. Depending on your needs, you can turn the Invert under this section on or off.
  11. Under the Settings tab, you can alter the position of the Scroll Navigation items, set your custom scrolling speed, use the offset, or allow switching from section to section by default.
  12. Now go to the Style settings of the Scroll Navigation module. You can see settings such as background type, background image, and border. Here, you can also play around with the appearance of the hints and labels typography.

There we go – now you can see the Scroll Navigation work on your page. With this function, your customers will easily be able to search and find any information. Write down in the comments below what other widget instructions you would like to read about.

Zemez Responsive Navbar JavaScript

Zemez Responsive Navbar JavaScript.

Demo | Download

The main navigation on the site is presented in the form of horizontal or vertical menus, including links to sections of the site, as well as individual pages. Make sure your website navigation is user-friendly enough to run the site effectively. You will never go wrong if you choose Zemez Responsive Navbar JavaScript. The script is released to prove that full-function, powerful and flexible navigation is easier now.

To function properly, this script requires jQuery 1.11+ and jQuery Easing 1.1+. Its configuration procedure is pretty simple. No need to get any coding skills, the script is very intuitive and easy to use. 8 unique layouts, dark and light themes of dropdowns and megamenus, flexbox-based layout, and other features come with the product.

More features:

  • 100% responsive
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Sticky navbar
  • 24/7 support
  • Accurate documentation

Parallax and other animation effects, scrolling navigation, and even blog posts are now easy to implement with Elementor Page Builder. This is a universal content editor that guarantees website customization without touching a single line of code. And now you can get it from ONE subscription service together with the other useful instruments. Over 8,500 items including plugins, extensions, graphics, presentation templates, and other themes are all available at a single pack.

Curious to try it in action? Pay $19 per month and access the most ultimate collection of web products with no limits. And if you are a regular reader of MonsterPost, take a chance to save even more on subscription.

scroll navigation

Sometimes the basic set of tools built into the template is not enough to implement the necessary functionality on its pages to make it more convenient for the resource’s visitors. This issue can be fixed with plugins. The plugin is essentially a software add-on that helps to implement the missing features to the site. Plugins are easy to install and are often also easy to use.

They can be assistants for those who want to improve their projects for users. A plugin can be connected to the site and disconnected from it without critical consequences for the main functionality. If the site lacks a function, there is no need to rewrite the code thoroughly. It’s enough to install the necessary plugin to implement it. Plugins also allow the site owner not to use large, full-featured program codes with unnecessary functionality.

A set of small plugins that the project needs to fulfill specific goals would be enough. The template, and therefore its functionality, can be used by different owners for different purposes. Installing plugins will allow you to customize your project for specific tasks. Plugins are handy for non-professional website builders. Because they are easy to install and easy to use without editing the source code, their usefulness and effectiveness can’t be overemphasized for both beginners and professionals. This selection of the best Elementor scroll navigation plugins from Zemez will enhance the Elementor website’s functionality.


This plugin will allow you to customize the site logo, navigation menu, and add a WooCommerce cart by using unique widgets. And most importantly, all these actions can be performed from a single interface. The plugin will allow you to customize the pages of your site in a matter of minutes. It will also help to add images to the header that can appear and disappear on hover.



This plugin adds many modules to the existing ones of Elementor. It will allow you to overlay multiple blocks of content over web pages. A truly complete package of Elementor scroll navigation enhancement modules can be found only in this plugin. The developers have provided all the details, from content management to style parameters.



ZeGuten takes a modular approach to the display of pages and posts. It means that each piece of content in the editor, from a paragraph of text to a gallery of images, is a separate block. WordPress page content can now be added, edited, and dragged & dropped just like any other block. It will allow WordPress users to create rich multimedia pages in a visually intuitive way. At the same time, this is done without any workarounds such as shortcodes or custom HTML code.


As you see, these plugins can solve any problem and help the site owner quickly navigate in the rapidly changing Internet space. These add-ons will help to instantly implement the necessary functionality on the site without third-party specialists’ involvement. Plugins make life easier for a webmaster, and new site features compensate for the time spent on finding and installing them. Choosing the Elementor scroll navigation plugins will save not only your funds but also time.

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How to Create Scroll Navigation with Elementor? FAQ

1. What is the infinite scroll?

Infinite scroll is a navigation method in which data is downloaded automatically and issued to the user without any additional request. The examples of the infinite scroll are Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram.

2. What are the advantages of scroll navigation?

Large content and mobile gadgets make scrolling more relevant. Users can and want to scroll below the fold line, in a case, this action is simple and intuitive.

Best practices for scrolling include creating focus points, high-quality and engaging content so that it contributes to scrolling. With suitable visual cues and a user-friendly design, you can even increase the time visitors spend on your site.

3. For what websites scroll navigation is essential?

Scroll navigation is most relevant for sites and services on which:

– people enjoy spending time and having fun;
– there is a lot of content that may be hard to perceive;
– visitors want to find something but they are not sure what exactly;
– most of the traffic is mobile.

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