How To Sell 3D Models at TemplateMonster – We Need Your Talent!

High-quality graphics are the key to the success of any project. With the development of digital design, it became necessary to present works in 2D volume because it was to accommodate all the required details. 3D graphics will allow you to show the picture in full, to the smallest details, including texture, shadows, and volumes. If you love creating various 3D templates and want to make money on them, then you have an excellent opportunity to realize your potential! Today we will look at how to sell 3D models on our marketplace and make money on your skills.

How to sell 3D models on TemplateMonster

This post has all the information you need to join the TemplateMonster authors’ community. You will find helpful hints and tips on creating a relevant product, requirements for submitting it for a review, and pricing rules

Sell 3D Models Effectively – Get The Best Profit With Up-To-Date Product

Our marketplace has been around for 19 years. We have grown, developed, and turned into a full-fledged marketplace of products during this period – one of the largest and highest quality in the world. All of our templates are divided into categories in which you can submit your products for sale. Initially, the company started out selling website templates and graphics, but today TemplateMonster has the following categories:

  • Website templates: WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla!, Drupal, ZenCart, Bigcommerce, MotoCMS, landing page, newsletter templates;
  • Graphics: presentations, icons, fonts, corporate identity, logos, certificates, CV/resume, patterns, vectors, UI/UX elements, illustrations, and backgrounds;
  • Royalty-free stock audio, video, after effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut templates;
  • Plugins: WordPress, Prestashop, Magento extensions, JavaScript.

In 2020 we opened a new category – 3D models. In a short period, it quickly gained popularity among our customers. That is why we look forward to new authors who can expand our collection with their excellent, high quality, and modern designs, and we, in turn, will take care of your profit.

How to create a fashionable and desirable product? There are several common 3D design trends that you can use for your designs.

3D Models Trends 2021

Graphics’ quality 

It is the quality that makes the product popular and in demand. Accurate drawing, outlines, shadows, detailing are what any successful graphic project needs. It is imperative when creating realistic 3D models, such as interior design, game elements, and architectural buildings design. Ensure that you have worked your product well, put your soul and care into it – and the client will not pass by.

Attention to detail

No matter how trite it may sound, but it is. It is the details that create the image. They are like women’s accessories – they can highlight and emphasize the necessary and hide the unnecessary from the eyes. Besides, these elements build the quality of the composition. The more carefully you do the little things, the more attractive the picture will look.

Development of textures

 It will make the customer fall in love with your product, primarily if your graphics are aimed at indie game developers or fashion designers. For them, the material is the most important thing because it must look natural and “be in its place.” Make your wooden table smell like wood in the picture, and you will be at the top.

Game models 

The gaming industry has made great strides. There is a race going on in the world between professional studios and indie developers. Each of them creates their masterpieces in different genres – be it a casual mobile app or a trending thriller game like Cyberpunk 2077, but each of them needs stylish models. These can be templates for game characters, elements of the environment, but the main thing is to follow the general style and adhere to quality production.

Mixed reality 

Some models observe realism in everything – to the last hair of the heroine’s head and the shadow under her eyelashes; she will look as if alive. Simultaneously, the market is now in demand to skillfully combine these realistic features with cartoon animation. Such a solution is universal and thus will suit a larger number of clients.

Warning! You are being printed! 

3D printers have gained popularity for a long time because they are a handy tool that will help in as well as in household use as in professional medicine. Be prepared for your models to be printed on such devices. Work out the file structure well and make an alternative format that works for printouts. The future is already here, and you can lead it with such a proposal.

While focusing on these trends, you should also remember that people of entirely different professions can use your products. These can be developers, fashion, architectural, interior and exterior designers, shipbuilders, and doctors. For everyone to find your product, among others, be sure to indicate as many details as possible about the product, such as color, purpose, file formats, weight, types of tools, and others.

Must-Have Features of a Successful 3D Model

3D models are a beneficial type of graphics as they are in demand in many niches. They are used to improve the project, present its details, and conclude a deal with a client or investor. You need to include some product features for the customer to choose the template that suits him. They will help a professional understand your product’s specifics. At the same time, beginners will know whether they can work with it and why buying it will help develop their skills. To effectively sell your 3D templates online, you need to add the following characteristics to your items:

  • Detailed documentation for the product. When submitting a product for sale, you need to remember that the primary users are customers. They have different skill levels in handling the product. Some are already confident users, while others are just starting their way in this area. Therefore, you should write detailed documentation with tips, product characteristics, installation, and use.
  • 360-degree overview. With such a feature, the buyer can understand if this model suits his needs. It will be a huge plus. First of all, it creates trust and clarifies that you are a professional in your work. You made it, reviewed, uploaded a video – you are great! Your client will find you faster and will certainly appreciate your efforts.
  • Quality. The most crucial thing in any item is quality! By making a fair, competitive product, you increase your rankings, get great reviews from happy buyers, and boost your brand awareness. As a result, you get even more sales in the future. Ensure that everything works, that you have specified compatible software for working with the template, that you have written all the nuances in the documentation, and you will succeed.

You can also refer to this handy guide about the key product assessment criteria. By following these steps, you can be sure your template will be the one that will gain the customer’s attention and money.

What You Get When Sell Your 3D Models With TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is a booming marketplace with dozens of different categories for every niche. We provide the most favorable terms of cooperation for our dear authors. To create an author’s account, you need to click on the “Start Selling” button, as on the screenshot below:

Become an Author guide - step 1

After that, click on “Become an Author.” It will redirect you to the account registration page

Become an Author guide - step 2

Besides, we adhere to the assertion that each product has its price and value. Therefore by choosing us, you can be sure that your work will be rewarded appropriately. So what do we offer?

High Commission Rates

From each sale of your product, you can receive up to 65% commission. What does it depend on? There are several factors. The first is the type of product. Depending on the template platform and functionality, the commission can vary from 40% to 65% per item. The second important factor is product exclusivity. What does it mean?

The non-exclusive type means that you will sell the same template at the same time on other marketplaces. Selling a template exclusively implies that your particular product is only sold on TemplateMonster Marketplace. For this type, you, as an author, will receive 20% more commission on each sale. Below is the table where you can view the commission you will receive for each type of template, including 3D models.

Template’s type % you earn for the non-exclusive sale % you make for the exclusive sale
Website templates 40% 50%-65%
Plugins 40% 50%-65%
Audio & Video 65% 65%
Graphics & 3D models 65% 65%

All these rates are for the author-driven prices. For each category of templates, the company sets a recommended price range. You set prices for each of your products yourself, focusing on its quality, functionality, and completeness.

Product Requirements

Each template category has specific criteria by which we test the template before being sold. We do this to provide the client with the right, high-quality product that will help him. The basic requirements for templates are as follows:

  • product ownership – it’s prohibited to resell the third party author’s items. The templates you submit should be under your intellectual property ownership;
  • documentation – a PDF file with the template’s details and instructions;
  • virus-free source files – check if all the archives are full, safe, and work properly;
  • design – the layout should be modern and up-to-date, no older than three years

To get more information about the requirements for products’ submission, please, check this article. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


In addition to a pleasant commission and an easy product review system, we provide many more advantages for our dear authors. What you get by choosing TemplateMonster:

  • ONE Membership. Join as a MonsterONE author and earn with every download!
  • 2 million members community. Find new contacts, learn useful hacks and improve your professional skills with your colleagues worldwide.
  • Transparent payout system. Withdraw the money from your account via PayPal each month between the twenty-fifth and thirtieth every month. Note: your account balance should be more than 100$ to make a transaction. 
  • Author-driven prices. Set the price for your items independently.
  • Reliable community support. If you are stuck or need any assistance, please contact our team – we are happy to help!
  • Affiliate program. Become a reseller and get up to 95% commission: 65% as a template’s author and 30% as an affiliate.
  • Stable traffic and items promotion. We regularly promote your templates on TemplateMonster’s YouTube channel, blog articles, and social media. Moreover, due to the regular customer flow, you can be sure about the permanent sales.

Working with our marketplace has many practical advantages that will allow you to develop as an author and develop a successful business strategy. In this video, you can view all the useful qualities we provide and ensure that our conditions are transparent and beneficial.

3D models are an entirely new category in which you can easily take the leading position. Join our community and start monetizing your developments!

Top-Notch 3D Models Collection

Cartoon Lowpoly Earth Planet 2 UVW 3D Model

Cartoon Earth Planet 3D Model

Low Poly Megapolis City Premium Pack 3D Model

Low Poly Megapolis City 3D Model

Kitchen island 0304 3D Model

Kitchen 3D Model

Low Poly Chair, Table, Plant, Window, Bookshelf… in a Classroom 3D Model

Low Poly Chair, Table, Plant, Window, Bookshelf in a Classroom 3D Model

Viessmann Industrial Boilers Unit 3D Model

Viessmann Industrial Boilers Unit 3D Model

Let’s Sum Up!

High-quality graphics are the key to any profitable project. You can find any kind of template for your needs on our marketplace, from presentations to market novelties – 3D models. If your passion is developing user-friendly, well-structured models, then you can easily monetize your skills with our Marketplace!

With us, you can quickly find your client and sell 3D models to buyers from all over the world at your assigned price. You will no longer depend on your country’s economic characteristics – your income is stable and depends only on you. And with numerous additional benefits, you can develop your skills and find new colleagues in our large community. Become an author and be at the Top with TemplateMonster!

How to Sell 3D Models FAQ

Under what licenses can I sell 3D Models?

The 3D models come under two licenses: personal and commercial use. 
Personal – your client is granted a right to use the model item for building personal use end products that won’t be distributed in any way.
Commercial – license permits using the model item to create unlimited digital and physical end products for sale.
You can also provide the product for free download on our website under a validation-free license. When submitting a product, you can specify under what type you want to sell your template. For graphic products, these licenses – personal and commercial – are must-haves.

How long does the review procedure take before I sell 3D models?

There is no established framework for testing a product because it depends on many authors, including the template’s platform, type, and functionality. On average, the review process takes from 2 business days to 2 weeks. Our managers will always be in touch with you, and they will promptly inform you about the results through your mail.

What features should I include to sell 3D models successfully?

First of all, your template must be up to date and of high quality. You don’t have to follow the latest trends to make a product in demand – use ideas, be inspired by success, but always be yourself. After all, the buyers choose you for the uniqueness!

How often should I update the 3D models I sell?

You can post updates as you create them. There is no strict timetable. But it is essential to know that the more often you update the template, the more often it will appear in the “new items” sections, which means it will always be in the client’s insight. It will significantly improve your sales.

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