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People, love is in the air! St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you can’t avoid it. Bright romantic colors, attractive graphics, and shimmering effects are everywhere. Designers are working hard to help you decorate your words and deliver the warmest messages. I am sure you will agree that quite often it is easier, faster, more interesting, and more emotional to convey a thought with the help of a Valentine’s Day illustration.

If you are looking for a suitable holiday illustration for your website, e-mail, or holiday cards for Valentine’s Day, check out this collection of the 10 best illustrations which have been specifically crafted for the most romantic day of the year. Beautiful designs, creativity, and gentle tones — this is exactly what you need!

Do not hesitate to add a special ambiance and love boost to your web project, whether it is a commercial project or your personal one. Get inspired and ensure a festive mood during the holiday!

Vector Illustrations for Awesome Printables

Review of the 10 Best St. Valentine’s Day Illustrations

Valentine’s Hearts Watercolor Png Illustration

Valentine's Hearts Watercolor Png Illustration

This is a beautiful Watercolor PNG clipart consisting of 40 files. A great creative solution for DIY, wedding invitations, greeting cards, quotes, blogs, posters, and more. The package includes 4 PNG files and 36 JPG files. The illustration is created by hand with attention to every detail. Aquarelle elements can be used for background, texture, pattern, frame, or border. The product is fully editable (size, colors, etc.). The graphics are PNG files, 300 dpi, without background. Patterns and frames are JPG files (size 3500 x 3500 px). No doubt, you will be surprised with endless possibilities of use.

Noir Badges Illustration

Noir Badges Illustration

If you want to be different and attract the attention of others – these stickers were created just for you. “Love is real”, “Keep calm and be my Valentine”, “Keep calm and hug me”, “Keep calm and kiss me”, and other warm messages on the badges are waiting for you. It is a great solution to create a cozy moment and share a festive atmosphere. These badges may be used for your website as well as for printing stickers. It is easy to be unique with such stickers on your accessories, book or laptop.

Watercolor Asters PNG Design Set Illustration

Watercolor Asters PNG Design Set Illustration

Flowers are a beautiful part of any holiday. If you adore asters, you should not skip this particular Watercolor Asters Illustration. The set contains elements, frames, borders, and patterns. It is 110 files overall (33 PNG and 77 JPG). Moreover, you will get isolated elements to play with your creativity. This illustration set is ideal for any projects, like invitations, greeting cards, websites and blogs, posters, etc. Elements are painted by hand and every image is a separate file. The graphics are a PNG file, 300 dpi, without background. Patterns and frames are JPG size 3500 x 3500 px. Aquarelle elements are fully editable and could be used for background, texture, pattern, frame, or border.

Valentines Day PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Valentines Day PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

The next illustration set includes 129 files and reminds everyone about the upcoming romantic day. Choose this product to decorate your wedding invitations, quotes, blogs, and greeting cards. The package includes frames, borders, patterns, and isolated images. There are 5 PNG files and 124 JPG files. All the elements are ready to print or use for anything you want. Size, colors, and other design details can be edited to your liking. Aquarelle elements can be used for background, texture, pattern, frame, or border. Every PNG file is 300 dpi, without background. Patterns and frames are JPG size 3500 x 3500 px.

Valentine’s Day & Love Hand Sketched Clipart Pack Illustration

Valentine's Day & Love Hand Sketched Clipart Pack Illustration

Add this Valentine’s Day illustration and Love clipart set to your collection to spread warm feelings around. The set includes 51 vector and PNG format images. Moreover, you will find a bunch of Valentine-related items like gifts, candy, flowers, balloons, arrows, desserts, and much more. PNG files, vector EPS and AI files are extremely easy to edit and adjust to your preferences. Create Valentine’s Day greeting cards or party invites with the Valentine’s Day and Love clipart set to dig deeper into the atmosphere of love and joy.

Gentle Love – Card Creator Illustration

Gentle Love - Card Creator Illustration

This graphic set is also dedicated to a very special feeling of love. Just take a look at these gentle shades which convey all the tenderness and care for your loved ones. . This product is a great tool to create a special design in a single style. I am sure you will find it exciting and interesting. Please note, Adobe Photoshop CS6 or newer is required to open Card Creator files. Turn on and off the layers to find your favorite combination!

Tulips for Love Watercolor png Illustration

Tulips for Love Watercolor png Illustration

This creative set is designed for those who prefer tulips to any other flowers. The package includes 34 files (6 PNG files and 28 JPG files). This is a perfect choice for invitations, greetings cards, blogs, etc. Frames, borders, patterns, and isolated elements are in the pack. Each and every element is crafted by hand and every image is a separate file. The graphics are PNG files, 300 dpi, without background. Patterns and frames are JPG files, size 3500 x 3500 px. Pick up this illustration to discover its endless possibilities.

Piggy Badges Illustration

Piggy Badges Illustration

Have you seen these funny pigs?! The badges can be used for any needs. Moreover, do not forget that a pig is the symbol for 2019. Do not hesitate to buy these cool badges to make stickers and decorate any accessories. The files are ready for print. No doubt, these funny faces will bring you luck in 2019.

My Lovely Poppies – PNG Watercolor Illustration

My Lovely Poppies - PNG Watercolor Illustration

My Lovely Poppies set includes 15 files (frames, borders, patterns, isolated elements) for your posters, greetings cards, and other creative needs. Each element is a separate fully editable file. Feel free to use aquarelle elements for background, texture, pattern, frame, or border. The graphics are PNG files, 300 dpi, without background. Patterns are JPG files, size 5000 x 5000 px.

Lovely Pink Peony PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Lovely Pink Peony PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Our next floral illustration set, Lovely Pink Peony, includes 44 files (7 PNG files and 37 JPG files). This peony illustration will add a unique touch to your greeting cards, quotes, posters, and more. The pack includes frames, borders, patterns, and isolated elements. All the files are detailed, fully editable, and ready to print. The graphics are PNG files, 300 dpi, without background. Patterns are JPG files, size 3500 x 3500 px.

Love Tree

love tree illustration

A tree with hearts is a symbol of love that can be part of your design concept. Why not use a nice illustration that’s easy to customize and print? The item is great for postcards, flyers, invitations, banners, etc. When you choose Love Tree, you get a fully flexible, print-ready illustration. Plus, the product uses the brightest and cleanest CMYK colors. Compatibility with Adobe Illustrator 8+ allows you to make any edits in minutes. AI, PSD, EPS, and PNG files are also provided. 

Valentine’s Day Illustration Stamps

valentine's stamps

If you want to add an attractive stamp to the love letter, then these elements are exactly perfect for you. 10 eye-catching and pretty Valentine stamps are easy to edit and adjust. Feel free to use Adobe Cc to get to work. The design uses clear and readable fonts. Any element you choose is printable. Besides, the product includes 3 files: informational, for your reading, and files to work in different formats you wish. 

Lovely Orchid Flowers 

orchids illustrations

What romantic project can be ready without charming and bright, colorful elements? Of course none. That’s why we offer you an awesome bundle with 27 appealing orchids, flowers, buds, and petals. The fine professional drawings look very natural. The item is fully customizable in Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop CS2 software. PNG, EPS, and AI formats are also included. If you are looking for a gentle and sophisticated illustration bundle with different size variations, then 27 orchid flowers is an ideal solution.

All You Need Is Love

love illustration

It is highly elegant clipart that is made by professionals. The carefully hand-drawn elements of the bundle are available for editing in Adobe Photoshop CC + software. All You Need contains 45 PNG graphic elements and 12 transparent patterns. There are 2 types of files available: PNG and JPEG. The included items, such as girls with colored hair, gift boxes, lettering, balloons, glittery furniture, labels, accessories, can be easily printed. Due to its flexibility, the product may be used for invitations, postcards, posters, banners, logos, and different prints. 

Love Story Valentine’s Day Illustrations

love story illustration

It is a huge bundle with multicolor and hand-drawn elements. Due to the diversity of available components, you may create stunning prints, cards, invitations, banners, advertisements, posters, headlines, invitations, business cards, website designs, etc. Love Story includes 12 animal-characters. More than 30 variations of clothing for them are included, 18 patterns with colorful versions of them, and cute flowers, each character with a stamped envelope, lettering, scrolls, etc. All these elements are easy to edit with the Adobe Illustrator CS2 program.

Flora Elements

floral frames illustration

For the perfect Valentine’s Day romantic project, it won’t be enough to add just hearts. Cute florets, petals, and wreaths can come in handy more than ever. The pack includes more than 70 elements, namely wreaths with flowers, nuts, berries, and all these components separately. They are all available in 3 styles: fill, stroke, fill, and stroke. Flora Elements is available in three file formats, namely EPS, AI, JPG. 

The product is perfect for prints on clothing, office supplies, linens, cups, etc. You can also use it for postcards, ads, banners, and invitations. Moreover, each element is easily editable and changeable with Adobe Illustrator CS2.

Love Trees

love trees illustration

Want to create a unique postcard? Don’t know what to add to a party invitation? Then feel free to choose Love Trees. This product is editable in a few minutes. Any changes are made using Adobe Illustrator 8+ or Corel Draw 12+. The illustration for Valentine’s Day with two trees reaching out to each other can also be used as a separate item because there is enough space for the text on it. Also, Love Trees is available in AI, EPS, JPEG, SVG formats.


stayting at home illustration

It is a cute image of a family staying in a cozy room. Due to its flat design, the product is easy to customize and adapt to any project. It can be a website design, a separate illustration, part of a presentation, the background of a postcard, banner, etc. Staying at home is ready for printing. High-quality images are provided. All changes are available in Adobe Illustrator software.

Sisters Valentine’s Day Illustration

sisters illustration

Valentine’s Day is not only a holiday for sweethearts. It is also time to tell your family about love. So this illustration will help you express the feelings for your sister. The image where two sisters are holding each other’s hand is available in 5 files. They are CDR, AI, EPS, JPEG, SVG. You may edit the image according to your taste. There is also space for text, so you are free to design awesome greeting cards with this cool product.

Superhero Couple

superhero couple

Why not imagine that you and your loved one are a superhero couple? Save the world with TemplateMonster. You may edit this eye-catching illustration in a convenient graphic editor. Five files are also accessible, which will help to work in any element format. The object drawn by professionals is of high quality and ready to print. The illustration can be used for banners, advertisements, logos, prints, postcards, etc.

Lovely Purple Tulip

frames set

What could be better than an assertion of love in a stylish frame? Here is a product that is suitable for any intention. The set includes frames, borders, and patterns in PNG and JPG formats.  Tender floral frames in cold shades are great for greeting cards, wedding invitations, quote design, posters, and more. And tulip patterns are appropriate for backgrounds and prints. Each included element is available in separate files. Besides, everything is hand-drawn, which gives the product even more sophistication.

Mother and Child

mother and child illustration

Delight your loved ones with a cute Mother and child Valentine’s Day illustration. Delicate line drawing and neatly colored objects will help create cozy greeting cards, birthday postcards, and exciting projects. Due to its flexibility and compatibility with Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, the product is easily customizable and adaptable to any manipulation. It is also available in 5 formats, so you are free to choose and work with a suitable one. The illustration is on a white background so that you can add any interesting lettering both in the program and by hand.

Piggy Bages

valentine's day illustration

Here is a cool solution for a Valentine’s Day gift. Why not add funny stickers to your romantic project? Or to catfish the person you are in love with? All funny ideas are achievable with this cool set of illustrations. Funny piggy muzzles include humorous captions like “Ooops,” “Meh,” “I just wanna kiss you,” and so on. Each illustration is customizable using Adobe Illustrator. So you are free to make any changes in size, color, or layout yourself. Along with the product comes a detailed use-file. And the objects are ready for printing.

Cupid Illustration

cupid illustration

Cupid is often a symbol of pure love. Therefore, let’s add this cute little angel to the design. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or in print. Our product will look cool even in the print version. It is available in user-friendly formats: CDR, AI, EPS, JPEG (high-resolution, 300ppi), PNG, and SVG. The high quality and item flexibility is guaranteed. Plus, you don’t need to be especially deep into graphic editors’ work but know Adobe Illustrator at a basic level.

Old Couple

valentine's day illustration

The life-long love – what could be more wonderful? Now is the best time to give your other half a postcard with an image of two older people in love. The illustration is done on a white background so that you may add any text. The Old Couple archive includes five files: CDR, AI, EPS, JPEG, SVG. This product is suitable not only for postcards but also for wedding anniversary invitations, logos, posters, advertisements, stylish clothing prints.

Mountain Love

valentine's day illustration

Love and nature often harmoniously interact, so many people are inspired by this and create great products. Mountain Love Valentine’s Day illustrations are one such example. The picture of two mountains at the heart frame looks awesome. This item can become part of an awesome print, banner, business card for a travel agency, or a greeting card for a loved one who is into mountain climbing. This element is amenable to any customization. You may use Corel Draw, or you choose Adobe Illustrator.

Frog Prince 

valentine's day illustration

The best way to congratulate your loved one is to write to him/ her about your feelings. But why not do it creatively? Creativity and products from TemplateMonster are the same things. Choose Frog Prince and impress the person you’ll present the gift to. A cute frog on a pink background looks very nice. Write cool lettering using a handy graphics editor. This product is compatible with Adobe Illustrator 8+ and Corel Draw 12+Corel Draw 12+. So all changes are done in minutes. Moreover, the file is ready for printing. You need to buy it and get to work.

Love Mail

valentine's day illustration

Here is a cute Valentine’s Day illustration which you can add to whatever design you want. The product is fully printable, so it may be a great alternative to replace the usual stamp on an envelope. The illustration is of high quality so that it will display clearly with any changes. It would help if you used Adobe Illustrator to adjust the size or add any details and more. By the way, note that no transparency is used.

Noir Badges

valentine's day illustration

It is a set with bright illustrations for Valentine’s Day. Their special feature is a unique inscription on each object, for example, “Keep calm and kiss me,” “Love is real.” These illustrations are suitable for printed stickers, design mailings, postcards, advertisements, posters, logos, prints on covers, clothing. Such small additions give a nice vibe and uplift the mood. The product is available in AI, EPS, JPEG, SVG formats. Besides, you can make any changes. And another bonus is a complete readiness for printing.

Love Birds 

birds illustration

Sweet little birdies in just a few minutes will become a part of almost any project you’re working on. The main feature is that the lovebirds have different designs in the background. And each composition fits the particular season. These Valentine’s Day illustrations look super cutie and would be suitable for an extraordinary print, logo, book cover, postcard design. The product is good for working in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. And the archive includes CDR, AI, EPS, JPEG, SVG files. They are easily customizable and adaptable to suit your purposes. Plus, Love Birds have high-quality and resolution. 


St. Valentine’s Day is considered to be one of the most popular holidays. It is high time to start preparations for this holiday. I am sure you will definitely grab some beautiful graphics for this romantic day. Hopefully, you feel inspired and ready to cheer the ones you love and appreciate.

Valentine’s Day Illustrations FAQs

Where can I find the best Valentine’s Day Illustrations?

Use the collection from TemplateMonster. We offer more than 100 products suitable for implementing any ideas for the Valentine’s Day holiday. 

How to make changes to Valentine’s Day Illustration?

The items on our page are compatible with various software. Most often, it is Adobe Illustrator. But you can find more details on the chosen illustration page.  You have to know the program only on a basic level to be able to change the object.

Where can I find free cute Valentine’s Day Illustrations?

We offer ONE subscription. It is a unique offer that includes three pricing plans. You choose any and get access to a huge range of web products. Each tariff also gives you access to a collection of illustrations.

Who can use Valentine’s Day Illustrations?

Absolutely everyone is free to use. You don’t have to be related to graphic design to add illustrations to the projects. You can even be a common user who buys our product one time. The purpose of using graphic elements may vary completely, so be free to use it for any design ideas. 


Top 10 St. Valentine’s Day Illustrations

Name Provider Price
Valentine’s Hearts Watercolor Png Illustration WatercolorPNG $35
Noir Badges Illustration Jumsoft $8
Watercolor Asters PNG Design Set Illustration WatercolorPNG $35
Valentines Day PNG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG $35
Valentine’s Day & Love Hand Sketched Clipart Pack Illustration Valentines_Pack_II $26
Gentle Love – Card Creator Illustration zzorna $29
Tulips for Love Watercolor png Illustration Graphics $35
Piggy Badges Illustration Graphics $8
My Lovely Poppies – PNG Watercolor Illustration WatercolorPNG $35
Lovely Pink Peony PNG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG $35

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