Jamstack TV

That’s the name of Netlify’s YouTube Channel. Love that. I linked up Rich’s talk the other day, which was a part of this past JamstackConf, but now all the talks are up on there. Rich got to talk about Svelte, but there are talks on Astro, RedwoodJS, Eleventy, Vue… all the cool kids really.

I’m subscribed, of course. I’ve been on a real YouTube bender, spending most of my non-active screen time there. I’d say half of what I watch is tech content (like JamstackTV) and the rest is watching people play video games or puzzles, watching people talk about where they live or have traveled (preferably with an AMSR-friendly voice), and all the amazing recordings musicians put up for free(?!). I find if you subscribe to enough stuff you actually like, the algorithm really kicks in and finds you more stuff you’re very likely to enjoy. We’ve got a fairly active channel ourselves!

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