Made With TemplateMonster. Submit Your Website Today & Get the Votes Going | #MWTM

Hello everyone!

Our team just released something interesting! Let’s talk about it. If you made your website with a TemplateMonster template, you can submit it to our new gallery.

The website templates on our marketplace have been used to create plenty of beautiful websites. Don’t you think they’d be cool in our gallery? This is a gallery and a contest at the same time.

Anyone who wants to brag about their TemplateMonster-built websites or stores are welcome.

The Made with TemplateMonster (MWTM) is open to everyone. 

If you’re a:

  • Entrepreneur (ecommerce),
  • Designer or developer for hire,
  • Agency that makes websites,
  • An internet marketer,
  • Owner of a business,

or any other website, store, or landing page owner who used any TemplateMonster template for their project, hop on and join the contest.

After completing a simple registration any user can vote, just like the contestants. The owners of some of the nominated websites might be TemplateMonster clients or affiliates, but these relationships aren’t taken into account when voting. We don’t accept paid promotion offers, and we count only real votes from registered users.

How will the contestants benefit from Made with TemplateMonster #MWTM?

There’s no better way to find more clients than to showcase your work. There are ways for businesses to get more traffic to their websites. There’s something for everyone on this design leaderboard. You never know, maybe your project will serve as a source of inspiration for some extremely popular project in the future.

The winner gets some extra perks, like:

  • A traffic boost from our blog;
  • Exposure from socials including YouTube;
  • and of course paid channels like PPC and Facebook ads.

What’s the purpose of #MWTM?

With this gallery of live projects, we’re showing that any template can be adapted to any real-life project. You can customize any WordPress theme to fit your project no matter what business niche you’re in, thanks to visual content builders like Elementor. You can see a little bit of proof in our gallery.

Submit your website

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