Most Trendy Ox Design 2021: Where and How to Use

  1. What is Ox Design, and What Does It Mean?
  2. Who May Use Ox Design?
  3. Where to Use the Ox Design?
  4. 5 Popular Graphics Design Tendencies 2021 and Ox Design
  5. Where to Find Exclusive Products for Ox Design?
  6. Top 7 Best Ox Design Products from TemplateMonster

Design is an area where you can fully devote yourself to creativeness and implement your dreams. But questions often arise about what and how to create. And we have a great idea for you. Do you know what the next year is? According to the Chinese horoscope, the symbol of the year 2021 will be the bull. Therefore, it is urgent to decide something to be in the right mood. It is especially true for those people who were born in the year of the ox and believe that under the patronage of such a strong and powerful animal, the year will pass successfully. Now you have an incredible opportunity to find out where and how to use the ox design and, above all, with what ongoing trends it can be combined. Well, let’s go!

ox designs

What is Ox Design, and What Does It Mean?

Ox design is any creative solution that includes the bull component. It can be anything you want: images, patterns, backgrounds, icons, and the like. For many people, the bull symbolizes bravery, courage, hard work, tenacity, and forceful action. And the white metal ox is a symbol of 2021. In Eastern culture, it is believed that the white color represents purity, innocence, and fairness. Therefore, an unusual, bright, and rapid year under this sign is expected. Many people believe that under the patronage of this brave animal, a huge success awaits them. So let’s understand who and what can do with a bull design.

Who May Use Ox Design?

Bull style is suitable for everyone who wants to add trendy accents to their project, concept, etc. Because this animal means strength, it can be used practically everywhere. Therefore, apply it if you are:

  • Designers. Here we are talking about all designers. If you create a site, add a bull to the logo, use icons, images, etc. If you make banners and advertising, it will not be superfluous knowledge and current fashion usage. So you can confidently add bullish pictures, especially if your company is associated with weapons and gives power. You may also draw pictures for the upcoming prints on various items (clothes, office supplies, bags, wallets, and more).
  • Illustrators. Now even the people of this profession can be inspired by ox design. Now, more and more people will be looking for cool patterns to apply them. For this reason, you are free to make excellent and unique offerings.
  • Tattoo masters. Being a creative representative of this profession, you can create and use various ox tattoo design alternatives. People born this year will appreciate your ideas to the fullest extent. Besides, you can draw sketches, mix images of the ox with other animals, and more.
  • Nail masters. The demand for this kind of design will grow, so you need to combine different textures and learn to draw complex animal images.
  • Social network page owners. If you are a fan of bulls, oxen, and the like, this design is just for you. Decorate stylishly the stories highlighted on Instagram.
  • Sticker package creators. It is quite popular now, so you can make a fun package sticker with bison, which will be used by hundreds, thousands, millions of people. Add cool inscriptions, unusual ox faces, and the success is yours.
  • People are not related to art. Everyone, absolutely every person, can use the ox design. Even if you want to make a postcard to your relatives or loved ones who are delighted with these animals, choose the right tool, and do it for pleasure.

Where to Use the Ox Design?

You may think that the bison in the design is too scanty and hard to implement. But you are mistaken because such products are suitable for:

  • New Year’s postcards,
  • greetings cards,
  • stickers,
  • tattoos,
  • calendar,
  • logos,
  • banners,
  • business cards,
  • presentations,
  • unique wrappers,
  • phone cases,
  • book illustrations, etc.

5 Popular Graphics Design Tendencies 2021 and Ox Design

How to make the online project actual and innovative? Where to find the appropriate elements? You will have these issues if you want to build a product that matches all the upcoming changes. That’s why it’s necessary to know what will be in fashion and variants of combining it with ox style.

  • Minimalism. No wonder minimalism is still popular. It is a continuing trend of the last few years. Designers are trying to remove more elements and leave more clear and white space. Minimalism is so strongly infused into all spheres that a person automatically relates to sites with similar graphic design. Therefore it is possible to place a logo with a buffalo in a profitable and not intrusive way. Or you can add thematic icons to it.
  • Dilute colors. First of all, designers and many brands are retreating from bright colors. It is also a little related to minimalism. After all, dilute colors improve readability and help to focus on the desired details. There are no brightness and contrast adjustments. And black and white colors can make the appearance of the site much easier. If your site is related to horoscopes and astrology, add bull icons, navigation elements, etc. It is because the new year will pass under the patronage of this animal.
  • Simple illustrations.If you start a new project, pay more attention to simple, drawn illustrations. Firstly, you will be able to bring more diversity. Secondly, you will make the user enjoy the product. Build a site with a great set of illustrations with bulls, cows, oxen, etc. Be sure that your paintings will be in demand.
  • Liquid forms. Strictly fixed edges and curves are in the past. They symbolize monotony. Also, liquid forms require creativity and uniqueness. Besides, they create a motion effect. The absence of strict curves helps to achieve a smooth and soft appearance. That is why you are open to the use of a wide range of liquid forms. And why not to create a liquid form of an ox?
  • Animations. If we are talking about posters, banners, and clothes design, there can be no animation. But today, graphic design is increasingly associated with sites, mobile applications, and digital advertising. In all these cases, animation is necessary. Companies spend more time developing attractive and exclusive animations. But why? Because they can catch each user several times stronger than a standard picture. Plus, the animation is one of the most powerful ways to revitalize the brand.

Where to Find Exclusive Products for Ox Design?

The question of where and, most importantly, how to get bison elements is now one of the most relevant. Most people want to improve their projects and give the user an updated and fresh solution according to the new year. But there are so many sites with offers. And of course, everyone wants to choose the best and perfect solution. We are ready to help you here, as well. Firstly, pay attention to online resources with free offerings. These are Freepik and Vecteezy. On these sites, there are millions of different products related to bulls. These are simple images, hand-drawn illustrations, icons, zodiac sign pictures, logo designs, visit card ideas and even 3D images. The choice is enormous. So you will find what you need. Just look what awesome free products are ready to use:

from Freepik:

Ox Design Freepik 1.

Ox Design Freepik 2.

Ox Design Freepik 3.

Ox Design Freepik 4.

Ox Design Freepik 5.

Ox Design Freepik 6.

Also, do not forget about the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. We also offer a wide range of ox products that are suitable for different purposes. You may choose any solution you like and download/buy it in a few minutes.

Top 7 Best Ox Design Products from TemplateMonster

We have a large selection of ready-made designs for logos. All you have to do is make all the required settings, change sizes, colors, and add your corporate identity details. Any adjustments are possible to apply in Adobe Illustrator. Don’t forget to check with which version the selected item is compatible. You may check it in the product description. So, let us offer you such elements for the logotype:

Bull Mascot Logo

Bull Mascot Logo

It is a logo with a vivid red image of a bull with a black outline. This 100% vector file is available for any occasion. Editing and customizing will not take more than a couple of minutes.

Musk Ox Logo

Musk Ox Logo

It is a powerful logo for a strong company. Big musk looks solid. It climbs the mountain, and it can symbolize the constant progress of the company. So choose this confident logo with total assurance.

Ignite Ox Logo

Ignite Ox Logo

This product is available in 3 versions. The combination of colors is so stylish: orange with dark blue, dark blue with white, orange with white. Choose completely any option and adapt it to your brand.

Vintage Colored Set

Vintage Colored Set

This set of logos is eye-catching and, at the same time, forceful. It includes six types with various animal images. Besides, each element is available in 4 formats: EPS, SVG, PNG, JPG.

Bison Logo

Bison Logo

It is a minimalistic version of the logo. The bison image is composed of geometric elements, so it looks so brave and extraordinary. The item is available in 4 files for easy work in several Adobe Illustrator versions.

Bold Bull Logo

Bold Bull Logo

This red and black bull logo is ready to use for any task. It is easy to change, and you can make a ready-made logo for business in just a few minutes.

Bull Fight Logo

Bull Fight Logo

It is a cool and trendy solution for a logo. Two massive and masterful bulls cross their horns, and it looks impressive. With this solution, you can express the power of your company.


An ox design means confidence. And if you decide to add it to the project, it will surely look amazing. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment, create original shapes, and follow new trends.

Ox Design FAQs

❔ How to choose the ideal ox design?

Well, first, you need to decide on the purpose of use. If it is a clothing print, you need to find clear and outstanding items. If it is a pattern, you need to find a minimalist element that can be changed further. In any case, the main thing is to choose a high-quality product. Check how the selected element will look, along with other details. Do not stop at a few solutions. The more options you find, the more combinations you can make and get to what you like most.

❔ Where to search for an ox card design?

Pinterest may help you with this. You will find many exciting and interesting ideas in the well-known application, which will inspire you to create your cool cards.

❔ What to choose, paid, or free ox logo design?

If your budget is affordable, you may, of course, look for a premium logo design on the TemplateMonster website. Also, in this article, there are mentioned fashionable logo styles. If you are using the free option, however, then choose reliable resources. These could be Vecteezy or Freepik. On both sites, there is a sufficient number of diverse designs. The quality of the product is guaranteed. And the settings will be very fast.

❔ How to create a bright banner with an ox design?

Above all, you need to understand what the banner consists of. It is a fascinating picture and a short, catchy text. If you have chosen a bull design, then look for some extraordinary images. And depending on it, select the fonts. And remember that minimalism is always in trend. And do not forget that the text must be not only good-looking but also readable.

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