Our Learning Partner: Frontend Masters

Frontend Masters has been our learning partner for a couple of years now. I love it. If you need structured learning to up your web development skills, Frontend Masters is the place. It works so well because we don’t offer that kind of structured learning ourselves — I’d rather recommend a first-rate learning joint. CSS-Tricks is more of a place you subscribe to for our special blend of industry news, web development advice, and reference material. Frontend Masters has these learning paths that they highly invest in to take you through a guided learning path for particular technologies and learning levels.

I spoke with Frontend Masters founder and CEO Marc and he says:

I couldn’t be more proud of how the learning paths have shaped up. Everyone else in this industry is so focused on the latest and greatest new shiny thing, when instead our platform focuses on deeply learning the fundamentals. And that has really paid off with so many amazing, nearly evergreen courses – rather than having to play the quantity game creating a million courses we can keep focused on refreshing the core curriculum. 

I’m kind of a fundamentals guy myself, so that really resonates with me.

I also asked him what specifically is new and he sent me nearly 20 new and updated courses. He also said this specifically:

We just updated all 15 core learning paths so those are all 🔥 absolute fire. The thing that I’m most excited about is our new ones… specifically the typescript and functional JavaScript paths. Also our fullstack path updated with new courses is epic.

He also hinted at some stuff I’m excited about coming up this fall and winter, but I’ll let you be surprised by them once they come.

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