Painting With the Web

Matthias Ott, comparing how painter Gerhard Richter paints (do stuff, step back, take a look) to what can be the website building process and what can wreck it:

[…] this reminds me of designing and building for the Web: The unpredictability, the peculiarities of the material, the improvisation, the bugs, the happy accidents. There is one crucial difference, though. By using static wireframes and static layouts, by separating design and development, we are often limiting our ability to have that creative dialogue with the Web and its materials.

Love that. I’ve long thought that translating a mockup directly to code, while fun in its own way, is a left-brained task and doesn’t encourage as much creativity as either playing around in a design tool or playing around in the code while you build without something specific in mind as you do it. You don’t just, like, entirely re-position things and make big bold changes as much when your brain is in that mode of making something you see in one place (a mockup) manifest itself in another place (the code).

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