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Selling digital products online is a regular thing nowadays. Creators from different countries make good money with it. Some website owners know nothing about coding or web design but have a sufficient income from marketplaces. Would you like to be one of them? There will be nothing complicated. You only need to search for a beneficial affiliate program suitable for your project’s topic. And how to choose the right marketplace when there are so many offers? Look no further. You can refer a friend to TemplateMonster and earn a commission from every author who joins the marketplace.


This post will tell you everything and anything a professional marketplace should offer these days. As an author, you get an easy start with a ready-made auditory, gain experts’ advice, have your items included in the top product selections, sell them on other marketplaces, and so much more. As an affiliate, you can get up to 30% commissions from the sales your leads make. Besides, we have some good news for those who already work with TemplateMonster. Would you like to grow your income by referring other authors to the marketplace? Let’s see how you can do it!

Affiliate Program by TemplateMonster

For today, an affiliate program is one of the most popular ways of getting a steady income. When the marketplace is appropriately chosen, you don’t have to worry about attracting the audience or the brand/company prosperity at all. Now you can focus on the creation process, as the professional team takes care of anything else. Talking about the TemplateMonster, you have 2-million monthly auditory, which looks like an excellent start. The company provides affiliates with a rich starter pack with everything you might need for the campaign promotion. Here are the tools you get for FREE:

  • Step-by-step tutorials, comparison posts, simple-to-follow videos, and product reviews,
  • Static & animated banners to make the promo attention-grabbing,
  • Top/Hello bars would also help to catch visitors’ attention,
  • Pop-ups are essential for any promotions,
  • Featuring themes for a better online presence.

What is more important, you would get help from the affiliate manager. They would help you to get started and choose the most lucrative ways to further the promotion. Plus, you would have 24/7 access to all the promotion tools and track visits and sales progress in the dashboard.

Who Can Enter

There are no project or topic limitations for you. Everyone can become a TemplateMonster affiliate when following the program requirements. The process is easy-to-follow, and you have lots of banners, pop-ups, showcases, etc., to assist. In general, the affiliate program is just what the doctor ordered for:

  • Site, portal, and magazine owners,
  • Bloggers,
  • YouTubers,
  • Online store’s owners, etc.

Being one of them, you can quickly monetize the project and have a steady income. However, the program is also suitable for web designers, devs, and marketers who want to grow their earnings and get extra money without straining.

The program is a great opportunity for those who have already become a TemplateMonster’s author. Are there any of your products available on the marketplace? All you need is the registration, and then you can promote your goods and get even more money without leaving the house. All in all, if you are the TemplateMonster author, your items automatically become a part of the affiliate program, and someone might already get money by sharing the link to your collection. Why would you lose the chance?

Long story short, this program is the right choice for anyone who wants to know how to earn money online steadily and effectively.

5 Things You Should Know Before Joining the Program

Are you ready for some steady income? Below we listed a few must-know things to read before signing up.

  1. You would get up to 30% commissions on the user’s first purchase and 10% commissions on returning users. The rules are simple: the more unique customers you attract, the higher commissions you have.
  2. Please note that cookies are valid for 2 months, so that they would work with all the items available in the marketplace.
  3. TemplateMonster’s affiliate program shows the highest conversions in the field. When becoming an affiliate, you don’t need to sugarcoat the services to get paid. The company is widely known among developers, site owners, and creators. 
  4. You can get an additional 5% commission from every sub-affiliate.
  5. Once you are through the registration, you can contact the manager ( and ask for a tip or advice.

Refer a Friend to TemplateMonster & Earn 25$ Commission

Finally, here is the promised news – you can earn a 25$ commission for only inviting your friend to become a new author. You have to be a TemplateMonster affiliate to do it, as you will need to use your affiliate URL for the commissions. So, when the registration process is over, login and find the link within the dashboard. You may also ask the affiliate manager for it.

Now all you need to do is share the URL with a friend or friends you would like to invite. The system would notice all the newbies, as it saves cookies for 60 days. To avoid fake registrations, you should wait for the new author to upload 10 items and make 10 sales. Still, no need to worry – the TemplateMonster provides starters with free traffic, promotions, and other helpful things for a quick start.

Products to Promote + Commissions

If you are reading this point, you might already know TemplateMonster offers tons of digital items, including:

  • CMS themes & templates;
  • eCommerce products,
  • Best-sellers.
  • Premium add-ons and other extensions;
  • PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides presentation templates;
  • CV, business card, invitation, etc. templates;
  • Graphics, illustrations, typography, logos, sounds, videos, and much more design-related things.

The gallery contains products based on WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, MotoCMS, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, OpenCart, HTML, and other popular platforms. 

Now you might wonder how much one can get by vending their goods on TemplateMonster. At the beginning of this post, we have mentioned it is possible to simultaneously sell on TemplateMonster and other marketplaces. The commissions are different for vending exclusive (up to 70%) and non-exclusive products (20%-50%). The commissions also depend on the product type. 

You can see that the choice is vast, but that’s not all. What if your friend likes experimenting? They can ask TemplateMonster for a new category for their items.

How to Enter

Are you ready to become a TemplateMonster affiliate? The application process is easy-to-follow, and you can get through this in 4 simple steps:

  1. Sign up for the affiliate program. Follow the registration link to create and verify a free account. You will get access to the affiliate dashboard after the verification.
  2. Create & share your unique URL. Next, you will need to generate a unique link with your affiliate ID. Then share it on your website, blog, YouTube channel, social media, and wherever else you have the audience.
  3. Track the statistics. You can do it within the dashboard. The affiliate stats would bring you all the needed details on related sales.
  4. Analyze your campaign and start earning money with it.

By the way, you might also like this author VS affiliate article. It compares the options’ differences so that you can study everything in detail.

In Closing

The modern world gives us numerous possibilities to earn money comfortably, and becoming a TemplateMonster affiliate is one of them. Just think about it! It is free, easy, and already proven by hundreds of thousands of affiliates worldwide. Are you ready to become one of them and start getting money from home without taking additional actions? Now you know how you can get it, so what are you waiting for?

Refer a Friend to TemplateMonster FAQ

Whom can I refer to TemplateMonster?

Everyone can become a TemplateMonster affiliate when following the program requirements. A person may have little to no coding skills at all. TemplateMonster welcomes bloggers, social media fans, YouTubers, and web design authors to join and start making money.

How much will I earn when I refer a friend to TemplateMonster?

You can earn a 25$ commission when you refer a friend to become a new author. You have to be a TemplateMonster affiliate to do it, as you will need to use your affiliate URL for the commissions.

What products can authors sell in the TemplateMonster marketplace?

Authors can sell web themes for WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, MotoCMS, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, OpenCart, HTML, and other popular platforms. The marketplace also sells graphics, presentation templates, 3D files, audio and video assets, graphics, etc.

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