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Creating an impressive image is always important. It is impossible to overestimate the design, whether it is a website, a video, a flyer, etc. Creating a complex image from scratch is a challenging task even for professionals who have years of experience. What if the project is huge? What if you need to come up with multiple designs? Luckily, there is a great chance to save some time – use a premade asset. There is nothing wrong with taking some files, customizing, and combining them to get the desired result. It helps to reduce the time necessary to complete the project. It is tiring to work on secondary, non-essential details. As a designer, you may make them fast without paying too much attention to the quality. The result is poor quality. Even secondary elements should look great to make the whole image look balanced. Premade assets are very popular – they make the entire process easier and faster. It is also a great option for artists who create various designs. As an artist, you do not need to spend your time looking for a job – sell your PSD files via TemplateMonster. It is a fast and easy way to share your talent and find new clients.

Graphics resources are a huge market that encompasses products for various projects, like:

  • Flyers.
  • Brochure.
  • Website.
  • Landing page.

Business cards and many more

The great thing about such templates is that they provide people with endless customization options. You may change everything about them – modify colors, the layout, add, rescale, remove elements, etc. The customization stage does not require a deep understanding of image editing software. It is a great basis – it already has multiple components which you can easily modify to meet your requirements.

Start to Sell PSD Files

Become author picture.

The first step is to become an author. The process is fast and straightforward.

Having completed the registration, you may upload the product as a ZIP archive. It involves the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Products tab in your account.
  • Select the product category and press the next button. There is also a checkbox that allows you to upload a file as a freebie. Please remember that it is impossible to change it into a premium one.
  • When you click on the Next button, you will see a new page with many fields. You can leave some of them empty, but you have to add the necessary data to promote an item more effectively. Take your time to enter the required information. There are also short messages that will provide you with important information. Please be attentive when you fill in the forms because it will help clients find your item. 
  • You also need to select categories and tags for your products. Choose the options that fit your item.
  • There is a window where you upload the ZIP archive. You may choose the file stored on your PC or drag and drop it.
  • You have to add the main image that demonstrates your design. The minimum size is 800×500 px and the maximum resolution is 1600×1000 px. Remember that the image file should not exceed 10 Mb. You can also add some slider, presentational, and promotional images.
  • Set pricing options and specify whether your item participates in sales and the affiliate program. When you enter all the required data, you need to press the upload button. Our team will review it, and if everything is fine, the product becomes available on the marketplace. It is possible to add a comment for a reviewer.

Please consider watching the guide for authors. It demonstrates the whole process of uploading products.

Sell Your PSD Files 

The graphics section of the TemplateMonster marketplace includes multiple subcategories:

  • Logo.
  • PSD.
  • Resume.
  • Certificate.
  • Fonts and icons.
  • Patterns.
  • Animated banners.
  • Illustrations and more.

PSD templates would be a great option for people who are not into design. You do not need to spend your time checking out trends or how to combine various colors. The overall layout is also important – main elements should stand out, but having a simple background is not an option. It makes the whole image look stale. It is necessary to find the balance between too many and not enough visual components. There are numerous nuances to keep in mind when you work on a design. A premade asset has all elements where they are supposed to be. You need to modify it and add the required content.

Avoiding the customization stage is almost impossible. The reason is simple – content creators do not know what clients need. In some cases, customers have to introduce some slight changes, like adding the required text. In other cases, you may want to replace and reposition different elements. It is faster than creating everything from scratch.

Prepare and Sell PSD Files

As a content creator, you need to be sure that the assets you provide are useful. There are several factors to keep in mind:

  • Quality – it is essential, and it is what clients want. Every shape should be clear and clean. There should not be any unnecessary artifacts. If you sell patterns, then double-check tiling. There should not be any seams. Avoid using any unwanted images and resources. It helps to reduce the file size.
  • Proper structure – the PSD format supports layers and groups. You should use this advantage properly. It should be user-friendly, so everyone may find the necessary layer to customize. Names should be clear and not too long. It would be a good option to use different colors to mark layers.
  • Naming – in some cases, you may need to include several files. That is when you should pay attention to naming. It will help clients find the required file faster.
  • Watermarking – a 50% transparent watermark is a good option to protect your design. When you decide where to put it, you need to consider two main ideas. A watermark should make the image unusable. It has to cover essential features of the design. At the same time, it should be transparent enough so a potential customer sees the whole picture.
  • Help – please remember that not everybody knows how to modify a template. It is a good idea to add a quick guide. You may tell more about the layer structure so people can find the one they need to modify. If you use the smart object feature, consider adding a quick guide on using this function.
  • Print-ready – if you create flyers, business cards, etc., the product should be 100% print-ready. You should consider using the proper color model (CMYK) and add bleed areas. Do not forget to mention the DPI value and print size. It is important to provide customers with all the required technical information.

It’s not enough to provide clients with high-quality assets. Content creators should focus on UX. They should be easy to customize to meet clients’ requirements.

Why Sell PSD files at the TemplateMonster Marketplace

There are numerous sites where developers and designers sell art, plug-ins, video, audio assets, etc. TemplateMonster’s advantages include creator- and client-oriented approach, friendly support, high author commissions, and more. 

There are multiple types of products. It is an ultimate source of assets for designers and developers. They can always find what they need without leaving the website. The number of items increases constantly. Clients will discover new products that improve their projects. The high number of customers is great for content creators. There are multiple categories where authors may add products. It helps both content creators and customers. It is ideal for customers because they always find what they need. It is good for authors because items will not get lost among the recently added ones.

There is also an affiliate program. It will not only help promote items but also increase the income. Authors will get two types of commissions:

  • 30% as affiliates.
  • 65% as authors.

The result is a 95% cut from a sale referred by an author.

To join the affiliate program, you need to register. You have to share some personal information, like the referral ID, first and last names. As an affiliate, you get access to numerous promotional instruments. You may use:

  • Links.
  • Banners.
  • Articles.
  • Showcases.
  • Ready-made videos.
  • Posts updating.
  • Social media posts.
  • Pop-ups.
  • Hello-bars.

Please consider that the minimum payout amount is $100. It takes from five to ten days to process the commission. 

Content creators may increase their earnings by adding their products to the MonsterONE subscription. It is a fast and straightforward process. Authors need to fill in the application and wait for feedback from our team.


  Product type % for selling exclusively % for selling non-exclusively
WordPress WP, WooCommerce, Elementor templates 50-65% 40%
HTML Website, landing page, newsletter, admin, Muse templates, and Specialty page 50-65% 40%
eCommerce PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, BigCommerce, MotoCMS, VirtueMart, ZenCart templates 50-65% 40%
CMS Joomla, MotoCMS 3, MotoCMS HTML, Drupal templates 50-65% 40%
Plug-in WordPress plug-in, PrestaShop module, JavaScript element, Magento extension 50-65% 40%
Presentation PowerPoint and Keynote  templates, Google slides, infographic element 65% 65%
Graphics Logo, PSD, icons, font, resume, UI element, gallery, font, Unbounce, App, Sketch, certificate, corporate identity, product mockup, magazine, social media template, illustration (vector), patter, t-shirt design, animated banner. 65% 65%
Video After Effects, Premiere Pro, Motion Graphics, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, stock video, stock motion graphics 65% 65%
Audio Stock music and effects 65% 65%

Please remember that the payment processing fee is shared between author and the marketplace. Payment processing systems charge 2%-3.9% plus $0.30. It depends on the order type – whether it is an international or domestic one. Please consider checking out payment systems’ official websites to learn more about rates.

Do not forget to check out the TemplateMonster marketplace YouTube channel. It has multiple useful videos for people who want to become an author. You can learn more about various aspects of the marketplace (like author badges).

Inspiration to Sell Your PSD Files

As a designer, you may need the inspiration to decide what you are going to create. Please have a look at some of the products available on our marketplace.

Photography Flyer

Photography Flyer PSD Template.

It is an example of a 100% print-ready flyer template for people who provide photography services. The design does not include fine details. The bottom section has several areas to add useful information, such as a website. It is possible to change the color scheme quickly. It uses the CMYK color model (it is ideal for printing). It comes as three PSD files. It also includes a guide that will help clients achieve the desired result. 

Ele Cart – Electronics eCommerce Template

Ele Cart - Electronics eCommerce PSD template.

It is a modern, elegant theme for an online store that sells various devices. The design does not include any patterns or fine visual components. A client can easily modify it – add images, change colors, replace elements, etc. The default color scheme uses white, blue, and yellow. The source file includes multiple properly named layers.

WebArt – Web Design Simple Template

WebArt - Web Design Simple Creative PSD Template.

Here is a creative theme for a web design agency website. The default colors are orange, pink, and white. It has different pages – home and eight inner pages. The source PSD file has multiple layers, and it is easy to access the elements you need to customize. It uses icons to replace certain words. It makes the design look more interesting.

Business Card

Business Card Design For Web Design And Developer PSD Template.

It is a clean, elegant basis for business cards to promote your web development agency or services. Small details create a visual balance with large, smooth shapes. It is completely print-ready – it includes the trim and bleeding area. It comes in six color schemes. A client should replace the logo, text and modify colors if necessary.

SHIKHUN – Online Learning Platform Landing Page

Online Learning Platform Landing Page PSD Template.

Here is a modern, elegant landing page for a website that sells online courses. Landing pages are an inseparable part of the promotion campaign. They should stand out and be informative. This item is vivid and bright. It also has multiple sections for useful data, like reviews from students.

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Is it better to sell PSD or PNG files?

The PNG format ensures high quality, and it supports transparency. PSD is a native Adobe Photoshop format. Apart from the content, it stores all the required information, like layers (and their settings), smart objects, etc. It makes the modification process easier. People can modify all the elements on the layer at once without selecting them separately. However, PNG is popular, and many applications open and edit it. PSD works flawlessly with Adobe Photoshop. You may use other applications (like GIMP, which is free) to open such files, but you may lose data.
If your design is complex (it has multiple layers), it is better to use PSD. On the other hand, PNG is better for something simple, like illustrations.

How can I sell PSD files more effectively?

Use relative keywords and come up with a keyword-rich meta description. Consider uploading a free demo version of your product. To find more information, please check out the sales growing guide.

What information to mention in the description when I sell PSD?

The description should not be too long, but it has to include the necessary information. Focus on the advantages of your product, like multiple layers. If you sell a print-ready item, you should mention the size, color model, bleed area, etc. Do not forget to mention the software compatibility version.

What pictures should I include to sell PSD templates better?

Demonstrate an item as best as possible. For example, if it is a website theme – show different sections and pages (blog, about us, gallery, etc.). Focus on the quality of preview images. They should be clear without any compression artifacts. If your item comes with different color schemes – show that as well.
If you sell an illustration – do not forget to use a watermark. It helps to protect your work.

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