The 20 Best Book Mockup Photoshop Templates in 2021

If there is only one group of people seriously attached to what their graphics look like, then it’s writers. We can repeat that we don’t judge a book by its cover all day long. However, at the end of the same day, we’ll grab the book with the most enticing design. And writers, as well as other entrepreneurs, know it.

In order to make sure your design draws attention, it’s important to visualize it. Now, you and your clients try to see it in your head, but it just doesn’t come close to the real thing. Book cover mockups are a much better solution!

Book mockup templates allow you, as the designer, and your client to see what the illustration or the graphic will look like, once printed. And even if you’re not turning on the printing press just yet, book mockups are a great addition to your branding kit. They allow you to understand how different designs vital to your brand image look on different displays.

From book cover mockups that are posed as flat lays and stacks drawing in the most fervent readers, to interactive and dynamic Photoshop templates with books being held up, or books casually chilling next to coffee cups and iPhones, there’s plenty to pick from.

Let’s dive into our gallery of 20 beautiful book cover mockup Photoshop templates!

6 Book Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Perfectly embedded into a dynamic background, these 6 photo-realistic book mockups are a great choice for showcasing your next design. In addition to the hardcover, you can also design the dust cover and the inner pages of the book, customize the background, shadows, effects, and colors. Bookworm’s paradise!

Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Spiral Notebook Mockup Templates Vol.1 (Photoshop PSD)

Clean and simple, this spiral notebook mockup template collection is the perfect choice for putting your work front and center. With 3 different versions (2 closed book mockups, opened book mockup) and smart objects, it’s easy to add your designs and give them a life of their own!

Spiral Notebook Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Two Open Soft Cover Books Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Simple and striking, these paperback cover templates are perfect for serious projects. You can completely customize them by adding your own images, content, and designs, and make sure your next design showcases the depth of your knowledge. These high-quality templates are perfect for eBooks, non-fiction books, reports, guides, and more!

Two Open Soft Cover Books Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Mockup of a Square Book (Photoshop PSD)

There is magic between the covers of a book, and this square book mockup proves it! Unlike other book mockups, this one highlights the content on the pages; from text, to designs and illustrations. You can change the colors (both the background and the pages), and make it your own!

Square Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Book Cover Mockup Set 2 (Photoshop PSD)

If you’ve been looking for an elegant, photo-realistic book cover mockup set, you’ve found it! This high-resolution set comes with 5 different PSD files, allowing you to easily add your design and see how it fits your aesthetic or your branding. Sublime choice for sublime covers!

Book Cover Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Holding Book Cover Scene Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

A book’s natural place is in the hands of a reader. This book cover mockup template puts your book right where it should be. With black and white background options, 3 images, and photo-realistic effects, it’s the perfect template for breathing life into your cover designs.

Holding Book Cover Scene Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Floating Book Cover Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Get attention on what matters most: the idea behind the book, and your beautiful design that illustrates it at a glance. This floating book cover mockup template is easy to edit in Photoshop with smart objects, and you will get high-quality, photo-realistic results. This cover mockup is perfect for non-fiction!

Floating Book Cover Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

iPhone Mockup Template with a Book & Coffee (Photoshop PSD)

Some books are just so good that you can’t put them down, not even when you have hundreds of messages and scalding hot coffee. This iPhone mockup template with a book and a coffee is perfect for quirky and feminine branding projects. You can even toggle different backgrounds!

iPhone Book Coffee Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Softcover Book Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Highlight the moment you first receive a book you’ve been dying to read with this beautiful soft cover book mockup templates. With 5 different photo-realistic variations and customizable backgrounds, this template will help you show how excited readers will be when they get your client’s book!

Softcover Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Seven Book Mockup (Photoshop PSD)

Your cover design deserves to have a prized place on readers’ bookshelves. This book cover mockup template for Photoshop helps you and your clients understand how the book will fit into the aesthetic of different homes. You’ll get 7 different options to pick from, all highly customizable!

Seven Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Stack of Three Hardcover Books Mock-Up Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Show that there is more to come by using this stacked book mockup template! With 2 color options and PS smart objects for easy customization, you can easily add your cover design to the (top of the) stack. Your clients will love the image, and the readers will crave more!

Stack Three Hardcover Books Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Hardcover Book Mockup Template (Photoshop PSD)

Stylish brands need stylish mockups. Fortunately, this hardcover book mockup template for Photoshop has it all! With a feminine and calming aesthetic, this template will harmoniously accommodate your book. You can also customize plenty of aspects; from the color of the mug and background, to the book’s cover.

Hardcover Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Cover Book Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Vibrant and fun, this cover book mockup template is perfect for the next book you’re working on! You can pick between 2 variations, completely customize the background and the texture, and you’ll get photo-realistic results. If your clients had any doubts, they’ll be gone!

Cover Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Book & Book Jacket Mock-up Templates (Photoshop PSD)

If your books need a little warmth, pick this book and book jacket mock-up templates. Stylish and clean, this set comes with 9 photo-realistic variations, automatic perspective, incredibly well-organized layers, varnish, and 4 background filters. You can customize pretty much anything, and give your book project the honor it deserves!

Book Book Jacket Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Book Cover Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Simple and friendly, this book cover mockup template allows you to highlight the brilliance of your design. It’s perfect for non-fiction books that emphasize the content inside, or cover illustrations that come with a lot of flair! You’ll get 2 design options, and beautiful, high-quality results.

Book Cover Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Woman Holding a Hardcover Book Mockup Template (Photoshop PSD)

Make your clients or readers feel like they’re holding the book in their hands already with this hardcover book mockup. Perfect for drumming up the excitement, and revealing cover art, this mockup is simple, yet powerful. You can easily add your content, and revel in the photo-realistic results!

Woman Holding a Hardcover Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Sketch Book Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

If you want to give your designs or drawings a dash of real life, it’s time to try out these close-up sketch book mockup templates! Easy to use and customize in Photoshop, they come with 4 files, as well as additional resources: free sketch fonts and Photoshop actions.

Sketch Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Open Book Mock-Up Set 2 (Photoshop PSD)

Beautiful and sleek, this open book mock-up template set offers 10 beautiful ways to present your book. You can also customize and change effects, shadows, and backgrounds to make them fit your message. At the end of the day, you’ll get phenomenal photo-realistic results to wow your audience!

Open Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Person Holding a Book Mockup Template (Photoshop PSD)

Seeing your cover design is one thing. Seeing what the book will look like in your hands is another, and it makes a striking mark. This beautiful, easily customizable mockup is straight out of a photograph, and its gentle aesthetic is perfect for books that aim to soothe and nurture.

Person Holding a Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Open Coloring Book Mockup Template (Photoshop PSD)

Nothing brings more joy than coloring books! And if you want to publish your own, see what it will look like with this open coloring book mockup template. Putting the aesthetic front and center, this template allows you to customize plenty of elements and turn your vision into a reality!

Open Coloring Book Photoshop PSD Mockup Template

Wake up and smell the ink! It’s time to leave your clients breathless!

These book cover mockups for Photoshop offer plenty to pick from, and there is something for everyone. So no matter what your clients would like to see (a book cover, or simply a spiral-bound notebook perfect for merchandising), you can make it happen – even before you get a physical product in your hands.

Choose your template, and let’s get started!

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