The 20 Best Logo Templates for Travel & Vacations

Show your audience that the mountains are calling, and they must go. It doesn’t take much convincing to get us all packed up and ready to go on an adventure. The same goes for most people googling “where to travel next” every day before they pick the right place. And, of course – before they pick the right agency or company to take them along on an adventure. This is where you, as the graphic designer, come in.

Half of the adventure is really coming up with a stunning logo that stirs up wanderlust in individuals and makes them choose your client. Fortunately, creating a beautiful logo doesn’t have to be hard. Today, we’re going to show you the best logo templates for travel and vacations. From logos that promise stunning camping experiences to vintage-inspired badges that wake up the adventurers sleeping in all of us, there’s plenty to pick from for your next project.

No matter if you’re working with a travel agency or a local business offering specific adventurous experiences, there’s definitely something for everyone in our collection. And the best part? All of the logos offer fresh and unique takes on popular travel symbols, as well as bold typography choices that will definitely make your clients stand out from the crowd.

Vintage Outdoor Travel Logo Templates (AI, EPS & PSD)

Rustic and daring, these vintage outdoor travel logo templates feature a vast array of symbols that will make your audience fall in love with your brand. From deer and mountains to poly bears and trees, there’s plenty to pick from and create a gorgeous travel logo in minutes.

Vintage Outdoor Travel Logo Templates holidy vacation

Cabin Life Badge Logo Templates (AI, EPS, SVG, INDD & PSD)

When in doubt, get a cabin and chill in the woods. This beautiful logo template features a colorful cabin in the woods and mountains, and it’s a perfect fit for all kinds of travel brands, apparel included. It’s editable and works great for other branding materials.

Cabin Life Badge Logo Templates travel holidy vacation

Vintage Adventure Travel Logo Template (AI, EPS, SVG, PNG & PSD)

Create the perfect camping logo with this vintage template inspired by Boy Scouts’ design (and a whole lotta adventure)! This illustrated logo tells a whole story, and it’s perfect for brands with personal stories that audiences can connect with. You will get three versions: retro, monochrome, and outlined.

Vintage Adventure Travel Logo Template holidy vacation

Mountains & Hiking Templates (AI & EPS)

Inspire your audience with these logo and badge templates. These travel templates offer interesting and motivational quotes about mountains and hiking in handwritten scripts, as well as charming illustrations. With a little customization, they can become the perfect logos. You can even use them for apparel, merchandise, and other materials.

Mountains & Hiking Templates travel holidy vacation

Portland Traveler & Adventure Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Is there anything that says ‘adventure’ more than sleeping out in the open in your van? No way! That’s what makes this travel and vacation logo template so perfect. With minimalist illustrations and vintage typography, it’s perfect for brands that want to attract travelers.

Portland Traveler & Adventure Logo Templates travel holidy vacation

Summer Travel Logo Templates (PSD, PNG, AI & EPS)

If your customers want to have some fun in the sun, take a look at this collection of 12 summer and vacation logo templates. Featuring illustrations such as planes, shells, and more, they’re perfect for travel agencies and bloggers who want to offer relaxing experiences to their audience.

Summer Travel Logo Templates holidy vacation

Summer Camp Badges & Logos (AI & EPS)

Now boarding, happy campers, and hikers! These wonderfully charming summer camp badges and logos are perfect for friendly, down-to-Earth brands that want to attract more customers to their camps, agencies, stores, and more. You’ll get 12 unique illustrations that feature tents, RVs, campfires, and other exciting hiking motifs.

Summer Camp Badge Logo travel holidy vacation

Vintage Travel Logo Badges (AI & EPS)

Take your customers on a journey with a retro travel badge that works like a charm for logos, too! It features a beautiful and colorful illustration of mountains across the lake (while customers picture themselves in the canoe) during the sunrise. It’s a beautiful logo choice for daring brands!

Vintage Travel Logo Badges holidy vacation

Summer Traveling Logo Template (AI & EPS)

All packed up and ready to go? Show it with this summer traveling logo template! It features a camper van with lots of suitcases on top, making your audience instantly imagine themselves behind the wheel. It’s perfect for travel companies, surfing brands, apparel and merchandise stores, and more.

Summer Traveling Logo Template travel holidy vacation

Wild Explorer Vintage Travel Logo Patches (PSD, PNG, SVG, AI & EPS)

Bring out the cowboy in your brand with this Wild West vintage travel logo. Featuring the silhouettes of mountains and an adventurer, with a handwritten font combination, it’s a great choice for brands steeped in tradition and ambition to go even farther. It’s time to explore!

Wild Explorer Vintage Logo Patches travel holidy vacation

Vintage Summer Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Colorful and bright, just like the best summer vacation, these logo templates are the full package! With over 40 unique designs featuring icons such as sunglasses, palm trees, coconut cocktails, flip flops, and more, these travel logo templates are perfect for fun-loving brands that want to connect with younger audiences.

Vintage Summer Logo Templates travel holidy vacation

Happy Surfer Travel Logos & Badges (PSD, PNG, SVG, AI & EPS)

Surf’s up! This travel logo is the perfect choice for surfing brands that want to remind customers of how amazing it is to dive into the ocean. Featuring an SUV with a surfboard on top of it as the sun sets behind, it’s a beautiful choice.

Happy Surfer Travel Logos Badges travel holidy vacation

Retro Surfing Logo Designs (PSD, SVG, PNG, AI & EPS)

If you’re working with a surfing brand that wants to spread the love of waves, you’re gonna love these logo templates! From vans and sunglasses to surfboards and palm trees, these logo designs have everything you need to establish a cool brand and spread the word.

Retro Surfing Logo Designs travel holidy vacation

Retro Van Holiday Retro Logo Template (PSD, PNG, AI & EPS)

Fun and engaging, this retro van holiday logo template is perfect for friendly and outdoorsy brands. This template comes with plenty of icon and font options, and you can completely customize it in the Adobe suite. It’s great for camping gear businesses, as well as other travel brands!

Retro Van Holiday Retro Logo Template travel holidy vacation

Set of Beach Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Cure saltwater cravings with these beach logo templates. Minimalist and simple, these beach templates feature palm trees, oceans, sand, sunbeds, and other motifs we associate with summer. This template is perfect for travel agencies that want to give their loyal customers the most relaxing experience they’ve ever had!

Set of Beach Logo Templates travel holidy vacation

Logos & Vintage Badges (AI & EPS)

Create a simple and elegant vacation logo that will take your customers back to the Orient Express era. This minimalist bundle contains 12 logo templates that are perfect for branding materials, gifts, and more. From simpler monogram logos to ornate logos with icons, there’s something for every brand!

Logos & Vintage Badges travel holidy vacation

Summer Logo Templates (PSD)

These vacation logo templates are the definition of fun in the sun! Inspired by retro and vintage typography (with icons like surfboards, flowers, and planes), these logo templates work perfectly for a variety of brands. You’ll get six handcrafted logos that you can easily edit in Adobe Photoshop.

Summer Logo Templates travel holidy vacation

Minimal Summer Logo Templates (PSD)

Versatile and elegant, these minimalist summer logo templates are perfect for apparel brands. You’ll get six vacation logos in the template pack that you can customize in Adobe Photoshop. They’re all handcrafted, giving your logo (and your brand) an authentic feel customers won’t forget.

Minimal Summer Logo Templates travel holidy vacation

Retro Outdoor Logos Set (PSD, SVG, PNG, AI & EPS)

If you want a logo that tells a story, pick one of these stunning retro outdoor logos. Perfect for travel and vacation brands, these nine retro logo templates tell the stories of surfing, camping, hiking, and all kinds of adventures. They’ll definitely give your brand an authentic feel!

Retro Outdoor Logos Set travel holidy vacation

Set of Hand-Drawn Summer Labels & Logos (AI & EPS)

Colorful and quirky, these summer logo templates are one of a kind! They’re perfect for brands that want to embody summer and bring a smile to their customers’ faces. You’ll get over 30 handcrafted logos with icons that you can customize as you see fit.

Hand-Drawn Summer Labels Logos travel holidy vacation

A logo is the first mile of a phenomenal journey. It visually shows everyone what a brand stands for with just a few icons and words. And when it comes to brands that offer adventurous experiences or deal with traveling in any way, the logo’s importance is even greater.

Who would you pick? A travel agency with a generic logo, or a travel agency whose very logo promises loads of fun? We’d go with the latter.

And if you’d pick something exciting too, then it’s time to download the template you’ve been eyeing and design the best logo your clients have ever seen. We promise: just like adventure, it will be worth it.

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