The 20 Best Templates for Creating Geometric Logos

Enlightenment in a shape: geometry. If your clients want to create a memorable brand out of their businesses, the first stop on your journey is designing the logo. And when it comes to brands that want to emphasize their knowledge and wisdom, there’s nothing like geometric logos.

Today, we’re bringing you a collection of the best geometric logo templates. Geometric logos have plenty of benefits. Most notably, the human psyche responds well to geometric shapes – we’ve all been taught to recognize shapes such as triangles. Every shape has its own meaning: We associate circles with wholeness and balance. Triangles give us dynamism; we see triangles and think: it’s time to move towards greater things. Squares with all their perfect angles give us a sense of stability.

Every geometric shape has its own meaning, so if your clients want to showcase their values and visions, starting with their logos, it’s time to create the perfect geometric logo. But you don’t have to start from scratch! These geometric logo templates allow you to improve your brainstorming process or cut down on the time you spend on the drawing board.

Pick the perfect template (from minimalist logos, to logos that show movement and action), customize it for your clients, and voila! You’ve got a beautiful logo that reflects your client’s vision.

Minimal Geometric Logo Collection (EPS & AI)

Create a beautiful and intricate geometric logo with this minimalist geometric logo collection. Featuring a combination of squares and circles, this geometric logo collection is incredibly easy to edit in Adobe Illustrator, and allows you to create a beautiful logo that suits aesthetically-informed niches; from jewelry brands, to luxury brands.

Minimal geometric logo template

Geometric Logo Templates Vol.2 (AI, EPS & PSD)

Not sure where to get started with your next geometric logo project? Get this geometric logo template collection and you’ll have plenty of ideas to work with before you know it! Featuring 50 diverse logos that suit all kinds of businesses, this logo collection is a splendid choice.

geometric logo template

Modern Geometric Logo Template (AI & EPS)

Grounded in the aesthetic of geometry and informed by modern design tendencies, this geometric logo template is a versatile and bold choice. Featuring triangles and straight lines, it’s perfect for invoking the sense of direction and innovation in your clients’ logos. You can customize it in Illustrator!

Modern geometric logo template

30 Premade Geometric Logo Templates (AI, EPS & PSD)

Looking for a powerful addition to your standard logo design kit? Choose these geometric logo templates. This collection features 30 diverse logos that play with both shapes and typography, allowing you to create a complete brand identity from scratch. Each logo comes with 4 styles you can customize in Illustrator.

Premade geometric logo template

Low Poly Geometric Colorful Lion Mascot Template (AI & EPS)

It’s time to show your power! This geometric lion mascot template is perfect for brands that fit the Ruler archetype – they offer stability, power, and quality. The colors allow you to add a dash of dynamism and futurism to standard branding, and it fits unique brands perfectly.

Low Poly Colorful Lion Mascot geometric logo template

50 Geometric Logos Vol.1 (AI, EPS & PSD)

Create beautiful geometric logos with this geometric logo template collection that features 50 unique logos for your next project. A combination of shapes (with ready-made typography), this logo collection is perfect for a variety of industries. Of course, you can completely customize every logo from the pack in Adobe Illustrator.

50 geometric logo template

Set of Minimalistic Geometric Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Create dynamic and innovative geometric logos with these minimalist templates. This collection features 8 clean and simple geometric logo templates that mainly feature triangles. They’re perfect for businesses with a dose of dynamism; from tech companies, to sports and athleisure brands that want to inspire and delight customers.

Minimalistic geometric logo template

50 Abstract Geometric Logo Collection (AI, EPS, SVG & PNG)

Abstract and clean, these 50 geometric logo templates are perfect for telling a whole story with just your logo. You’ll find a great number of options for your next projects, so this geometric logo template collection is a perfect addition to your design kit. They are all customizable.

50 Abstract geometric logo template

Elephant Poly Colorful Logo Template (AI & EPS)

And now for something completely different! This colorful elephant logo template composed of geometric elements is the perfect choice for a variety of businesses, but especially creative and entertainment brands. The files are 100% editable in Illustrator so you can easily customize them for a beautiful and bold geometric logo.

Elephant Poly Colorful geometric logo template

Geometric Letter G Logo Template (AI & EPS)

G like gorgeous! This geometric letter G logo template is a unique take on geometric logos, complete with typography perfect for luxurious and elegant brands that want to showcase their uniqueness. It’s a bold choice, but you can edit the colors and text in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Geometric Letter G logo template

Geometric Rose Color Logo Template (AI & EPS)

Is your brand beautiful and innovative? Show it with this geometric rose logo template! This gorgeous gradient template makes the most of both worlds: the perfect harmony of geometry, and gentle colors. It’s the perfect logo for a variety of business types; from beauty, to entertainment, and more.

Rose Color geometric logo template

Stariola Geometric Shape Logo Template (AI, EPS & SVG)

Make your brand instantly recognizable with Stariola, a star-shaped geometric logo template. Stariola leaves a positive impression on customers and showcases your clients’ stability, security, and dynamism, making it the perfect choice for tech, finance, real estate, insurance, and other industries. You can easily customize it in Adobe Illustrator.

Stariola Shape geometric logo template

Flying Bird Logo Geometric Logo Design (AI, EPS & PNG)

Serene and subtle, this flying bird geometric logo template is perfect for clients who want to hint at their dynamism, while staying grounded in quality and compassion. This geometric logo template is 100% editable, which includes shapes and colors. Mix and match elements to make it completely fit your brand!

Flying Bird geometric logo template

Hexagon Geometric Vector Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Simple and minimalist, these hexagon geometric logo templates are perfect for unassuming and powerful logos. You’ll get 4 diverse logos in a linear, outline style presenting hexagons, squares, and other similar geometric shapes. They’re really easy to customize and look beautiful on a variety of logos.

Hexagon Geometric Vector logo template

Geometric Butterfly Logo Template (PNG, AI & EPS)

Create a connection with your audience with the recognizable butterfly shape, and then seal the deal by showing how innovative you are by presenting the butterfly as a geometric shape. This geometric logo template is truly unique, and your more modern and innovative clients (and their clients) will love it!

Butterfly geometric logo template

Abstract Artificial Intelligence Face Logo Template (AI, EPS & PNG)

Create a powerful first impression with this geometric logo template showcasing an artificial intelligence face. This logo is perfect for tech companies, as well as marketing, business intelligence, finance, and similar brands. You can change colors, shapes, and more. All you need is Adobe Illustrator and you will be set!

Abstract Artificial Intelligence Face geometric logo template

Luxury Geometric Letter “S” Logo Template (AI, EPS & PNG)

Luxurious and powerful, this geometric logo template presents the letter “S” in a unique application. Clean and simple, while retaining the impression of power and luxury, this letter S logo template is perfect for elegant brands, and brands that want to hint at their reliability and high quality.

Luxury s Geometric Letter geometric logo template

Colorful Dynamic Flying Bird Logo Template (AI & EPS)

Lively and passionate, this colorful geometric logo template is a bold choice for active brands. With a color palette that reminds of Firefox’s iconic logo, this dynamic bird logo template is sure to stay imprinted in your customers’ minds. It’s completely editable in Adobe Illustrator.

Colorful Dynamic Flying Bird geometric logo template

Set of Abstract Geometry Symbols (AI & EPS)

Abstract, subtle, and luxurious, this set of geometric logo templates is perfect for elegant brands with a long tradition. This set contains logos inspired by ancient symbolism such as Vedic iconography, and comes with both white, black, and gold outlines for that extra kick. They’ll look absolutely beautiful!

Abstract geometric logo template

Geometric Infinity Cross Logo Template (AI, EPS & PNG)

This geometric logo template is the perfect combination of the geometric symbols of the cross and the circle, and leaves audiences with the impression of infinity and power. You can customize it in Adobe Illustrator, and create beautiful logos for clients who aren’t afraid to show their power.

Infinity Cross geometric logo template

Owl Head Poly Colorful Logo Template (AI & EPS)

Wisdom and vigor come together to form this beautiful, geometric owl head logo template. Composed of shapes such as triangles, circles, and hexagons, this owl logo template is a bold choice for education, tech, and entertainment brands. Since the logo is vector-based, you can completely customize it in Adobe Illustrator.

Owl Head Poly Colorful geometric logo template

AVX Design Letter Logo Template (AI & EPS)

Modern and organic, this geometric logo template leaves audiences with the impression of stability and friendliness. It’s a great choice for brands that have visual identity rooted in organic imaging, particularly technology and marketing businesses. The logo comes with color variations, and you can customize it in Illustrator.

AVX Design Letter geometric logo template

Geometry is never wrong. … if minds like Paul Rand, Johannes Kepler, and even Plato are to be trusted. (And we trust them.) Geometry radiates brilliance, knowledge, and security. If you have clients that want to embody the same values, they’ll love the beautiful logos you can prepare for them.

And thanks to these geometric logo templates, you don’t even have to spend dozens of hours coming up with the right idea. Instead, pick the right template, customize it for your clients, and you’ll be good to go!

Combine the geometric shapes with bold colors or interesting color palettes that reinforce your chosen shape’s meaning. Your clients will love it – their brands will rise and remain in the front of their customers’ minds. And with these template designs, you’ll have plenty of loyal and happy customers!

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