The Best AI Video Editing Software You Should Be Using in 2024

Video editors used to dream about automating mundane tasks like removing silence parts in videos, removing the background, and fixing audio. Today, you can automate all those things and more, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It’s incredible how far AI has improved our lives within a very short period. Especially when it comes to video editing, there are now AI video editing software capable of doing things we couldn’t even imagine.

In this post, we take a look at some of the best AI video editors and their coolest AI features. These software and the AI tools are guaranteed to improve your work.

While most of these software may not help you edit Hollywood movies with a click of a button, they will, however, make your job much easier by automating some of the tedious tasks.

Let’s have a look.

1. Premiere Pro

premiere pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software used by many professionals. Adobe made the video editor even more powerful in 2023 by releasing a bunch of impressive built-in AI tools and features. And that made the software indomitable in the industry.

Best AI Features

One of the coolest AI tools in Premiere Pro is the text-based video editing tool. This allows you to edit videos based on the transcript. For example, you can easily scan videos to detect filler words like “ums”, “uhs”, and silences and remove them instantly.

Premiere Pro also has an AI-powered audio enhancing option that removes background noise and improves audio quality with just one click.

Scene Edit Detection is another useful tool that lets you detect different scenes in a video and apply cuts to it. This saves a ton of time that goes into manually scanning the video to apply cuts.

There are many other cool AI features in Premiere Pro, like motion tracking, remixing, copying color looks, ducking, and more.


Premiere Pro pricing plans start at $22.99 per month (annual) and it’s also included in the Creative Cloud Apps Plan, which costs $59.99 per month.

2. InVideo AI

invideo ai

InVideo AI is a complete platform that features all the tools you need to generate videos from text prompts. It has many different AI tools that take you from writing a script to adding voiceovers, editing, and everything in between.

Best AI Features

InVideo features a ChatGPT-style AI tool where you can create, edit, and improve videos using nothing but text prompts.

You can simply create a video out of thin air by giving it a topic and InVideo will then create the scenes using stock video footage, add voiceovers with different accents, and add transitions.

Then you can dive into editing and improve the video script and narrative with text prompts. Creating videos is that simple.


InVideo AI offers a free plan with limited access to the platform. To access all the AI tools with unlimited exports and remove the watermark, you can subscribe to the $20 per month plan.

3. Wondershare Filmora

filmora 13

Wondershare Filmora is a capable video editing tool that packs quite a lot of features. The latest version of the software also includes lots of useful AI-powered features, including AI Copilot editing.

We covered Filmora 12 in 2023 and it had some innovative features back then. Now, it’s been updated and improved with the Filmora version 13, thanks to its cool AI tools.

Best AI Features

With Filmora’s new AI copilot editing, you don’t have to look for specific tools and make manual adjustments. You can now simply give commands using text prompts to make enhancements, apply filters, and get things done within seconds.

Filmora also has a powerful text-based editing feature, similar to Premiere Pro, that lets you edit videos based on the transcript.

In addition, there’s a useful AI music generator, text-to-video generator, vocal remover, and many other AI tools available in the software as well.


Filmora pricing plans start at $49.99 per month and it includes unlimited AI credits. Or you can buy the software for a one-time price of $79.99, but it includes only 2,000 AI credits. There’s also a free version but it has very limited features.

4. AutoPod


AutoPod is a video editing software that specializes in long-form videos and podcasts. If you work with long-form content like video podcasts, interviews, documentaries, and other types of shows, AutoPod will make your editing process much easier, especially when editing multi-camera sequences.

Best AI Features

The most useful feature of AutoPod is multi-camera editing. This tool scans the video and makes all the cuts and edits necessary to make editing multi-cam footage effortless.

AutoPod also has a tool that removes silences from videos with the help of AI called JumpCut editor.

Additionally, there’s a Social Clip Creator that helps you create short clips from long-from videos to easily share on social media channels like TikTok and YouTube shorts.


Autopod currently has a single pricing plan for individuals at $29 per month and it includes a free 30-day trial as well.



VEED is a popular platform for video editing that includes a video editor, screen recorder, and transcription tools packed into one place. This platform has all the tools you need for editing videos and it has a bunch of cool AI-powered features as well.

Best AI Features

VEED has a powerful voice dubbing feature that lets you replace voiceovers in videos with AI-generated voice tracks. It will even transcribe the video for you. VEED also allows you to generate videos with AI featuring realistic avatars and stock videos.

Other AI tools include a background remover, AI image generator, and eye contact tool, which ensures people on videos keep consistent eye contact with the camera.


VEED also has a free plan with limited features. But, you’ll need to get the $12 per month plan (annual) to access all the tools, including the AI tools. And it still limits your video exports to only up to 25 minutes per video. To export even longer videos, you’ll need a more expensive plan.

6. CapCut


CapCut is a software that needs no introduction as it’s one of the most popular video editing apps among social media content creators, especially among TikTokers. Even though CapCut is well-known as a TikTok video editor, it also has a desktop app that includes some impressive AI-powered features. And the best part is this software is free!

Best AI Features

The Voice Changer tool in CapCut is quite popular as it can be used to make fun and entertaining videos by altering the voiceovers. This includes the text-to-speech voiceovers you can generate with CapCut.

However, the most impressive feature is the AI Video Upscaler, which is capable of upscaling videos up to 4K without affecting the quality.

You can also retouch videos to smoothen the skin, add makeup, and various other effects.


CapCut has a fantastic free plan that pretty much includes all of its features. Of course, there’s a paid plan with additional functionality as well. But you won’t need it at all.

7. HeyGen


Creating deepfake videos is not something we advocate but what if you could create a deepfake avatar of yourself to replace you on your videos? Then you will no longer have to record video footage for your videos. That’s exactly what HeyGen is all about.

Best AI Features

HeyGen allows you to create an AI avatar that looks just like you and then allows you to generate footage based on your AI avatar for your videos. It’s a form of deepfake but imagine not having to record any footage for your videos at all.

HeyGen has several other AI tools including text-to-speech and voice cloning as well.


HeyGen costs $24 per month and it only gives you 180 AI credits per year. With 1 credit, you can generate 1 minute of AI video. There’s a free plan you can use to test it out.

Best AI Video Editor Should You Use?

If you can afford it, Adobe Premiere Pro has all the tools you need for all your post-production needs. The AI tools included in this software live up to the level of quality Adobe was able to maintain for many decades.

The AI features in Wondershare Filmora and InVideo are also quite impressive. They are most suitable for content creators and marketers who are new to video editing, as these software feature beginner-friendly user interfaces.

It all comes down to your level of expertise and what kind of content you want to create with the video editor. So test these software and try out the AI features using the free trials before committing to a paid plan.