The Monster’s Award 2023 Celebrates Outstanding WordPress Products

Are you a WordPress enthusiast, a product developer, or a freelancer looking for the crème de la crème of WordPress themes, plugins, and services? Look no further because the Monster’s Award 2023 is here to shine a spotlight on the finest WordPress products in the industry!

Organized by TemplateMonster, this annual competition promises to be bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before. The contest will last from September 11 through December 11, 2023.

Monster’s Award 2023: What You Need to Know

A Bigger Playing Field

Last year’s Monster’s Award exceeded all expectations and garnered immense support from both clients and nominees.

Monster’s Award 2023 Nominees

A number of new categories are being added to this year’s competition. 22 nominations – more categories mean more opportunities for outstanding products to be recognized.

Returning champions from previous years (Monster’s Award 2021, Monster’s Award 2022) and emerging stars in the WordPress world will compete. Winners will enjoy even greater media coverage and promotion, catapulting their products to new heights.

The Aim: Uniting the WordPress Community

Monster’s Award 2023

In the world of WordPress, finding the best themes, plugins, and services can be a daunting task. Sponsored reviews and articles flood the internet, making it challenging for WordPress aficionados to make informed choices. The Monster’s Award aims to change this by:

  • Bringing together WordPress enthusiasts, developers, and consumers for open discussions and evaluations.
  • Providing a platform for consumers to voice their opinions and recognize the best products based on their experiences.
  • Giving emerging WordPress brands a chance to shine and gain well-deserved consumer feedback.

Who Can Participate in Monster’s Award 2023?

If you’re a WordPress product developer, your brand could be the next nominee! While TemplateMonster has already researched and nominated key players in various categories, you have the power to add your or your favorite brand to the list.

Fill out the form and join the competition.

Ensuring Fairness in Voting

Rest assured, the Monster’s Award is all about fairness. None of the nominated brands has ties to TemplateMonster, ensuring impartiality. Real votes from registered users are the only ones that count, and no paid promotional offers are accepted. After voting, you can immediately view real-time statistics and see the leaders in each category. To ensure that no manipulative techniques have been used, we will take a two-week break at the end of the contest to check all votes and present the final results.

What’s in it for Participants and Winners?

Monster’s Award 2023

Participating in the Monster’s Award can bring you:

  • Recognition and fame within the WordPress community.
  • Awareness, since your product to a large audience.
  • Badge of Honor that you can proudly display the Monster’s Award badge on your winning product.

TemplateMonster is dedicated to promoting the winners through its official blog, social media, PPC ads, and email newsletter, ensuring maximum exposure for your outstanding WordPress product.

TemplateMonster Vision

With nearly two decades of experience in the WordPress industry, TemplateMonster believes that it is time to create a rating system that is both well-categorized and fair. Monster’s Award encourages unity, growth, and evolution in the WordPress community.

In Conclusion

The Monster’s Award 2023 is set to revolutionize how we recognize excellence in WordPress products. Whether you’re a developer looking to showcase your creation or a WordPress enthusiast seeking the best tools, this competition promises to be a game-changer. Join the WordPress community in celebrating innovation and quality, and let your voice be heard in determining the best of the best. It’s time to vote for greatness!

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