Using AI for Website Content Creation and Management on WordPress

Highly likely that the beginning of this decade will go down in history with the rise of AI for website content creation. Almost every day we can hear that neural networks have reached the next milestone in their evolution. And the result really impresses with human-like quality or even better. 

AI for website content creation featured

It makes sense for every web developer to put AI in the way of serving tasks and daily routines. That could significantly improve the content and make life easier. 

AI for Website Content Creation and Management on WP

There are plenty of ways to implement artificial intelligence in different types of web development such as content, coding, media, forms, SEO, chatting, etc. But in this review, I want to put light on WordPress AI content generators with entire plugins. Fortunately, there are a lot of  AI content marketing tools that could help you to create SEO text, images, or even sound through your descriptions and tag words.

Image generators for WordPress

Dall-E AI Image Generator

AI for website content creation - Dall-E

I am glad to present you AI Image Generator that uses features of the DALL-E service. It is an additional plugin for your Guttenberg editor. This content generator creates incredible pictures in different patterns from your text or image.

There are a lot of image styles, such as:

  • Vibrant;
  • Minimalistic;
  • Neon;
  • Colorful;
  • 3D;
  • 3D model;
  • Concept Art;
  • Filmic;
  • Retrowave;
  • Psychodelic;
  • Anime;
  • Gradient;
  • Color pencil.

The installation and use of an addon in some steps

Download the plugin zip file after purchase. From the plugins section of WordPress admin, install and activate the plugin. Go to the post editor for the page or page where you want to add some AI photos. Configure the Open AI Api Key from the plugin sidebar if you haven’t previously.

In the editor, add the “AI Image Generator” block. Enter your prompt here. Choose an image-generating style from the sidebar (optional).

Play about with the picture in the toolbar until you’re happy with the outcome.

Don’t forget: Once you’ve achieved your goal, post the image to the media library immediately; otherwise, it will be removed within a short period of time.

What does it cost?

There is no subscription. You can buy DALL-E AI Image Generator for 69$ and enjoy it unlimitedly. Also, you can install this plugin and use it for multiple websites. If you purchased this addon, tested it, and finally changed your mind, you can take your money back within 7 days of purchasing.

Imajinn – Magical AI Image Generation like DALL·E

AI for website content creation - Imajinn

Let’s take a look at a similar plugin for WordPress – Imajinn. It is a common plugin. You can find it inside Dashboard. This “Jinn” can make true any desire because there are a lot of options and patterns. You can choose the style of image, modifier, or artist style. Also, it is possible to create your masterpieces as paintings or drawings.

Patterns of painting:

  • Digital Art;
  • Oil Painting;
  • Watercolor;
  • Acrylic;
  • Airbrushed;
  • Comic Book;
  • Blueprint;
  • Ink Dot.

Patterns of drawing:

  • Illustration;
  • Cyberpunk;
  • Pencil;
  • Pen;
  • Ink;
  • Calligraphy;
  • Charcoal;
  • Cartoon;
  • Comic Book.

Imajinn uses state-of-the-art deep learning to create images that are undefined from genuine photographs and fine art. You can use that pictures on your website without worrying about licensing issues because they are royalty-free. Like living it up visual generator follows all your orders. Your imagination is your only limit.

Is this plugin free?

The base plugin costs nothing and comes with 10 credits after that additional credits can be purchased from the plugin’s website. You need to visit the official site after activation to set up the settings. To begin creating your account you must first register by providing an email address and password, as usual. From that point onward you can start to produce pictures utilizing Imajin artificial intelligence.

Text Generators for WordPress

OpenAi WordPress Plugin

With OpenAI’s machines like GPT-3 and Jurassic-1, you can undoubtedly produce first-class content. Give the AI a brief description of what you want, and it will take care of the rest. No more battling or spending hours for creative thoughts. Allow artificial intelligence to deal with your workflow and routine.

AI for website content creation - OpenAI for WordPress

Open your website’s Dashboard. You can find the OpenAI plugin directly in the plugin’s section. Check that your WordPress is not older than version 5.0.0. and the PHP version is 7.4 or higher. Pay attention that this plugin needs an API key in order to function which means you have to create an account with OpenAI and get an API key from OpenAI before using this extension. 

After registration, you can install and activate your plugin. In the left side menu click GPT-3 Wizard that appears after activation. Set up an API key that you have received before from the Open AI website. Enable this AI engine in the Setting Tab and insert your key into the appropriate field. Leave other functions in default.

AI for website content creation - GPT-3 wizard

Press the Update button in the top right corner to download the latest database of AI. Click on the Content Wizard Tab. Now you can start a new project and generate something incredible. At this moment, it is possible in English and Italian languages.

There are just six steps to obtain what you need:

  • Tell the AI what you want to write about;
  • Choose a title for your article;
  • Choose a brief description for your article;
  • Choose an outline for your article;
  • Review your article Brief;
  • Article Generation.

It is important to check the article for facts and mistakes. After generation, you can add an article to your post, but remember that you put generated text at your own risk. Maybe better to rewrite the text using some ideas from AI, because your content must be useful for people. Otherwise, it could be rated as spam or low-quality content by search engine systems. 

To be sure of the quality you have to follow this simple principle:

  • expertise;
  • experience;
  • authoritativeness;
  • trustworthiness.

What does OpenAi WordPress Plugin cost?

This plugin is free. But you could be charged for API calls to OpenAI. In case, if you spent some limits on text generation.

AI Power: Complete AI Pack – Powered by GPT-4

AI for website content creation - AI power

AI Power is the package that has maybe the best AI content writing tools for your WordPress site. As the previous plugin, it requires WP version 5 or higher and PHP version 7.4 or higher. I am going to describe the functions of text writing based on AI, but you also can use an Image Generator (DALL-E and Stable Diffusion), WooCommerce Product Writer, Chat Widget (ChatGPT), SEO optimizer, AI Forms Creator, and a lot of other convenient and useful things.

For using AI Power just install and activate it in the plugin’s section. Put your API key into the AI Engine tab. To get your API, you can read it above.

The models of AI that are accessible:

  • text-davinci-003;
  • gpt-3.5-turbo;
  • text-curie-001;
  • text-babbage-001;
  • text-ada-001;
  • gpt-4;
  • gpt-4-32k.

The big advantage of this plugin is creating everything in some clicks. You can generate relevant images, an article, an SEO title, and a description in one action.

What is the priсe for the AI Power plugin?

This plugin is free for downloading. You can spend your tokens from your OpenAI account in the process of content generation.

Pros and Cons of Using AI-Powered Content Creation


  • High speed of content generation compared to human productivity that can save time for other tasks;
  • Decreasing costs due to the automation of the different processes and replacing human labor;
  • Scalability of production. Whit AI content writing tools you can produce hundreds of unique content.
  • Improved creativity. Artificial intelligence can provide creative suggestions and generate innovative ideas that human authors.


  • Lack of human touch. AI-generated content uses patterns and existing data. For instance, it is impossible for the machine to create a unique style of painting as human creators can.
  • Machine mistakes. Sometimes AI can show fake facts in the text or wrong, distorted images.
  • Lack of emotions. Artificial intelligence algorithms have limitations in understanding and effectively transmitting emotions. Content that requires empathy, or emotional resonance is unreached for AI generators.
  • Ambiguous attitude of search engine systems. The content of artificial intelligence could be rated by searching machines as bad or unuseful for users. It could impact to positions of some pages or even the whole site. Highly likely, the next updates of algorithms could bring down sites with ai generated content, especially text articles, and reviews.


There is a wide list of opportunities for WordPress plugins based on AI that you can implement for your needs and improve the abilities of your. Despite the numerous advantages of AI content writing, human oversight, and human touch is still essential. Artificial intelligence is not a complete replacement for humans but rather a tool for expanding their capabilities. Human authors have the ability to provide the context, originality, and critical thinking that is required to guarantee that the content is consistent with the goals.

AI for Website Content Creation FAQ

How to install AI for website content creation generator?

You can get an AI content generator for WordPress in your Dashboard. Also, you can download it from an external trusted source and activate it in your WP admin panel.

What is AI for website content creation?

It is a process of producing web content with the help of machine learning technologies based on analyzing and using similar data. In this way, you can create different images, scientific articles, SEO descriptions, reviews for goods, etc.

Are AI content creation tools free?

It depends on the plugins. Some services are free or have free options. Even if the plugin is free you can pay money to the AI service that you use in this plugin.

How to automate content creation in WordPress?

Using plugins that are based on AI technologies you can automate some parts of workflow in filling your site with content. With the help of AI services with minimal human participation, you can generate special images or informative articles for different groups of users.

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