Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0 – What Can the New Zemez Shopify Theme Do?

The world of eCommerce is rapidly changing, and it may be challenging to adapt to it on your own. Besides, many online stores search for solutions that do more than just meet the needs of their business. They need to provide a satisfying user experience for their customers, too. Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0 functionality may be your next step to transforming your store into an eCommerce website of a new generation. With it, you’ll be able to improve the way your clients perceive online shopping and help you stand out.

This theme is one of the most significant solutions the Zemez team has ever worked on. It provides a diverse range of time-tested and long-awaited tools for Shopify merchants. The recent Online Store 2.0 update has changed the way themes for this popular platform are created. In this short overview, we’ll take a closer look at this cutting-edge solution. From a variety of cleanly designed layouts to a rich selection of new & popular features, this theme will undoubtedly surprise you.

Online Store 2.0 Functionality. How Zemez Outdid Itself

Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0 is a perfect combination that defines the new approach to Shopify theme development. From modular theme structure to dynamic content and other great changes, the recent update of the #1 eCommerce platform completely transformed how such solutions are created. The team of designers and developers at Zemez couldn’t go past an opportunity to build something both innovative and useful to our customers. The Shopify update provided a superb default theme called Dawn. We decided to go further and use it to add new features that meet the demands of our clients. The diverse functionality of Vendy Pro includes:

  1. Drawers with unlimited possibility to output additional info;
  2. Fake notifications;
  3. Media Gallery with custom options (vertical / horizontal);
  4. Compoung mega menu with the ability to output Drop dawn and Mega menu simultaneously;
  5. Improved Wishlist and popup Compare;
  6. Dropshipping optimization & improved performance.

With this theme, our web development experts did their best to satisfy the ever-changing needs of eCommerce businesses. Additionally, we always try to guarantee the best user experience for the fans of online shopping. Thus, one of our primary goals with Vendy Pro was to deliver tools that simplify the work of merchants. However, we also aim to help buyers easily choose the desired products by comparing them and providing more useful content without overloading the UI. Moreover, we didn’t forget the time-tested functionality that our clients love and expect. Let’s take a more detailed look at the mentioned features to find out how this theme changes your eCommerce experience.

Wishlist and Popup Compare Options of Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0

We’ll start with the advantages of Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0 that we are especially proud of. These are wishlist and popup compare options. The first one adds products to the list of planned purchases. It is a popular feature among many eCommerce websites. Due to the recent change in how Shopify themes are created, we reworked the Wishlist functionality. Our developers made it easier to use and manage. Both customers and merchants will appreciate this feature. This is one of the most popular tools in the world of eCommerce. It simplifies purchases a lot due to the built-in functionality of adding items to custom wishlists, collections, and favorites.

The popup compare feature provides easy product comparison for your customers. This not only helps them to make the right choice but also allows them to do it on any page. This means you don’t have to open lots of tabs in the browser or on mobile to keep track of all the product details. Such functionality became possible thanks to metafields that were added in the recent Online Store 2.0 update. Our developers used it to further improve and rework how product comparison works in Shopify. This allowed us to make Vendy pro a better solution for both customers and sellers.

Feature-rich Product Page

Still, these aren’t all the features supplied with Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0. Our team has also reworked and updated one of the most important parts of modern Shopify themes. Of course, we are talking about a product page. It is defining for many customers that visit an eCommerce website. A properly crafted product page allows them to not just make a quick decision about a product purchase. It can also heavily impact their user experience. That’s why we’ve added a wide range of features that can positively transform your store into a favorite shopping space for your clients. Here are some of these features:

  • Product tabs with sections content;
  • Sidebars with unique content;
  • Diverse product view layouts;
  • Advanced filters & media gallery options;
  • Special price countdown;
  • Customizable badges and more.

These are some of the most prominent advantages that became possible with the latest version of Shopify. All of its new and updated functionality was designed with merchants and customers in mind. As an online store owner, you are free to choose any necessary features to improve your eCommerce website. However, with Vendy Pro, you get all the essential functionality for your store. It is available alongside innovative functionality developed by our team.

Custom Tabs & Advanced Product Filter

Vendy Pro is a great choice for both new and well-established stores. This is proved by an abundance of storefront designs and diverse advantages. For example, the implementation of custom tabs allows you to make the content of your product page more structured. It is possible due to the collapsible elements. Their offer custom Liquid & functionality options. Combined with row content and unique icons, it’s an awesome tool for adding more information to your product page.

The combination of Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0 is a great opportunity for our developers. They have created multiple unique tools and features. One of them is an advanced product filter. It allows merchants to integrate product search based on colors & image swatches. Most importantly, it can be done without any extra plugins or apps. This advantage opens new possibilities for sellers. For example, you can make product searches more flexible and suitable to your clients’ needs.

Versatile Product Views & Media Gallery Options

These are just a few advantages to expect from Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0. This theme also comes with a selection of product view options. They allow displaying countdown timers as well as colors, prices, and sizes. You can freely choose the most suitable variant for your store in a few clicks. From fonts to layouts, any option can be changed to fit your design idea. This feature also supports product comparison. A discount display to better inform your customers is a part of this option, too.

Alongside the diverse product view options, our team has also added several media gallery options. They are designed for the most comfortable representation of images on the product page. Besides, you can use 3 diverse layouts to promote your trending products more efficiently. The media gallery feature also supports vertical and horizontal sliders with image thumbnails. This guarantees a faster selection of media when browsing any product on your store’s website.

Dynamic Checkout Buttons & Drawers of Vendy Pro

With Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0, it became possible to introduce highly asked-for elements. One such component is the dynamic checkout button. It can be easily added to any product page. Its main advantage is providing your clients with quick and effective payment options. For example, these buttons can display a preferable payment method, such as:

  1. PayPal;
  2. Google Pay;
  3. Venmo;
  4. Apple Pay etc.

Aside from using these methods, you can take the client straight to the checkout page. This feature is great for both new and returning customers who want to buy a desired item quickly.

Another great option we’d like to mention is drawers. They are presented in the theme as additional sidebars suitable for varied content. For example, you can add reviews, extra product information, or just specific content. The latter can be connected with the product itself. Besides, drawers extend a selected section of an item page. The limits of these elements’ usage are nearly limitless. It all depends on what you want to add to a selected page and what media you want your visitors to see first.

Custom Badges & Special Price Countdown

For many merchants, getting attention to a certain product is essential. With Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0, it becomes a lot simpler with custom badges. It is a feature that introduces specific labels to each product in your store. These badges are of varied colors and shapes. Moreover, they can be easily added with a few clicks using the updated theme builder. The latter is a part of the recent Shopify update.

Any merchant has needed to set up a price countdown at least once. With this feature being a part of Vendy Pro, you won’t have such a problem anymore. The Special Price Countdown option allows setting a timer for a special event or sale. This is useful for capturing your customers’ attention. It is a part of our theme and doesn’t require any coding. Also, you won’t have to install any extra software from the Shopify App Store. Additionally, our theme allows you to set an expiration date for a countdown timer. You can even use several timers at once.

Make Your Online Store 2.0 Stand Out with a Collection Page

At Zemez, we try to make our themes suitable for diverse stores and topics. Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0 combination allows us to achieve more in this matter. This is also true for a Collection page. It comes in several designs and layouts. Moreover, it allows organizing your catalog more effectively. This page allows you to represent featured products. Promoting trending products by using their images as a collection cover is also possible.

Vendy Pro allows you to choose how you want the clients to view your goods. With diverse hovers, a collection page helps your store stand out. This way you can add more variety to your storefront. Besides, using additional collection layouts supplied with the theme, it is easy to make your collections stand out. For both new and established online stores, this feature will be of great use when advertising a series of products.

Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0: Conclusion

The symbiosis of Vendy Pro and Online Store 2.0 makes it one of the obvious choices for sellers in 2023. It offers a stylish design, multiple layouts, and versatile functionality. Overall, it is a reasonable choice for any eCommerce website. Furthermore, there are lots of other benefits to this theme. Its potential is immense for fashion websites and other online stores. We’d like to invite you to look at this theme and discover its advantages. Rest assured that whatever your next eCommerce website is, Vendy Pro will be a suitable choice for it to be noticeable.

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