Webdesigner News: Stay Up-to-Date on All-Things Web Design

If you’re an avid learner who constantly surfs blogs and websites to learn new things, you’re going to love Webdesigner News.

The learning never ends for creative professionals. And it’s especially true for web designers as there is always a new trend, new technique, or new concept to learn in this industry.

Webdesigner News is probably the only site you’ll need to bookmark to not just learn about the latest trends but also to stay up-to-date on all the latest news related to web design. Not to mention all the great resources and free downloads.

Here’s why you should check out Webdesigner News.

What Is Webdesigner News?

webdesigner news

Webdesigner News is a news aggregation site dedicated just to web design. It features a curated collection of all the best and latest articles and resources from a wide range of websites that regularly cover topics related to web design.

Webdesigner News has been around since 2012 and it recently received a big revamp with a smooth new design. It’s now much easier to explore the website.

You can think of it like Reddit for web designers. Except without the toxic comments and down-votings. It’s just pure content on a beautiful site design.

The best thing about Webdesigner News is that all of the links and resources are from trustworthy websites that offer high-quality content for users.

It’s managed by a team of editors, the same folks behind WebdesignerDepot. They find the best content and curate the list all the time.

Browse by Category

Webdesigner News has all kinds of content for various types of web designers. And you can easily browse them based on the category you’re interested in.

There are categories for business, design, UX, tech, web development, and even for design resources, which usually include lots of free goodies too.

You can also submit links to the website. If you see a great article or a resource (Hint: maybe from DesignShack) you can use the “Submit Story” button to share it with others. If the editors also consider it useful, they’ll publish the link on Webdesigner News.

Weekly Newsletter

If you’re like most web designers, you most likely spend your morning browsing your favorite web design magazines and blogs while sipping on coffee/tea. There’s no feeling like it.

Now you can use Webdesigner News to browse all those sites in one place with only the best articles hand-picked for you. But if you’re too busy to browse the site every day, you can opt-in for the Webdesigner News newsletter.

Every Sunday they sent out a newsletter with all the top stories and updates of the week. This way you’ll stay up-to-date even while managing multiple projects.

If you still haven’t bookmarked Webdesigner News, go ahead and do it now! There is always something interesting to read on this site.