Win a Copy of Zell Liew’s Learn JavaScript Course

Zell Liew is giving away 10 free copies of his Learn JavaScript course, and entering the giveaway is pretty easy: sign up for his newsletter. I’ve personally subscribed for some time now and all I get is as occasional hand-written email with useful JavaScript gems. It’s sort of like winning no matter if you get the course or not.

If you jump down to the lesson plan, you’ll see that the course is chock-full of material, so this is no cheapie. There’s something like 300 lessons in there. Plus, Zell is a master at explaining incredibly complex things in a way that’s accessible to anyone, whether you’re getting started or looking to brush up your skills. Believe me, I’ve edited his work and I learn something from it every time.

That’s the spiel! Enter before Wednesday, January 13, to throw your hat in the ring.

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