WooCommerce on Mobile

Whether you use the eCommerce features on WordPress.com or use WooCommerce on your self-hosted WordPress site (like we do), you can use the WooCommerce mobile app. That’s right WooCommerce has native apps for iOS and Android. They’ve just released some nice upgrades to both, making them extra useful.

Perhaps you know we use WooCommerce around here. We use it to sell some physical products like posters that get mailed to you, as well as for MVP Supporter memberships that give you access to things like our book and features like no ads.

Here’s a little behind the scenes look at some of the useful screens from the WooCommerce mobile app for our store (iOS app):

The top new feature is being able to add products.

There are all sorts of reasons you might want to do this, but imagine this one. Say you’re a ceramic artist (did you know that was my undergrad focus?) and you’ve just opened a kiln full of wonderful work. You’re the kind of artist who makes a living from what you do, so you’re going to sell all these new pieces.

Maybe in the past you’d take some notes on paper about what the pieces are, what you want to charge for them, etc. Then you take some photos. Then, next time you’re at the computer, you go to your store and get them posted. With this latest WooCommerce update, you could get them posted without even leaving the studio.

Photo from Emily Murphy’s blog

Get your photos (probably right from your phone), create the product in the WooCommerce app, price it, describe it, and get it published immediately.

When orders come in, you’ll know, because you can get a push notification (if you want) and can manage the process of fulfilling the order right there. You can basically run your business life right from your phone or tablet. In addition to adding products, you can:

  • View and modify orders in real-time
  • Monitor customer reviews and baseline stats
  • Confirm order statuses and make edits when needed
  • Enable push notifications to stay constantly up-to-date
  • Switch WooCommerce stores on the fly

If you’re interesting in another look, Aaron Douglas wrote up the latest release on the WooCommerce blog (adding products was the #1 requested feature!).

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