20 Beautifully Designed Logo Creator Kits & Templates

If you’re a business, your brand identity is your personality. Just like with people, we can’t really connect with those who hide their personality. But if they show us what they are like, they can become our friends. The same goes for businesses and their brands.

Now, if faces are the first thing we see in people, then logos are the first thing we see in businesses. They’re the powerful first impression brands need to make in order to engage and win over their customers. If you’re a graphic designer, you know how much logos matter. It’s why they require all those back-and-forths. Fortunately, creating amazing logos doesn’t have to be hard.

Today, we’re showing you 20 logo creator kits and templates. You can use these beautifully designed logo creator kits and templates to: Jump-start your process. Inspiration isn’t knocking at your door? No problem. These kits have got your back.

Give your clients more options. Help your clients pick the best logo for their business by showing them a myriad of options that suit their brand. Broaden your horizons. If you haven’t used logo creator kits before, it’ll be something new and fun. And if you’ve stuck to a specific style, these logo creator kits will help you evolve. Are you ready to elevate your designs? Let’s find the perfect logo kit for you!

Wilderness Logo Kit Vol.1 (AI & SVG)

Answer the call of the wild with this stunning wilderness logo kit. Featuring 8 logo templates inspired by vintage typography (with a modern twist), and a 15-icon pack, you’ll have everything you need to create gorgeous logos for a variety of businesses; from breweries, to hiking gear stores.

Wilderness logo creator kit template

Vintage Logo Creation Kit (PSD, AI & EPS)

300 elements. Textures, fonts, icons. You’ll find all of that (and more) in this vintage logo creation kit. You can easily edit everything in Photoshop or Illustrator (the elements are vector-based) and create the perfect logo. No matter the project, you’ll definitely find the right fit.

Vintage logo creator kit template

Retro Badge & Logo Creation Kit (AI & EPS)

Create the perfect retro logo with this retro badge and logo creation kit. With a variety of font choices, icons, and elements, not even the sky will be the limit once you get this kit and get to work. It’s perfect for brands that want to stand out!

Retro Badge logo creator kit template

So Flowery Watercolor Branding Kit (PSD, AI & EPS)

Ready to lay the foundations of your brand identity? This gorgeous branding kit offers watercolor and floral elements to create entire logos without having to start from scratch. You’ll get 18 logo designs, 17 handcrafted icons, and 13 handcrafted watercolor elements to create a beautiful and elegant logo.

So Flowery Watercolor Branding logo creator kit template

Camping Logo Template Creation Kit (PSD, SVG, PNG, AI & EPS)

This camping logo creation kit is a must-have if you work with adventure or travel-related businesses! This adventurous logo creator kit is huge: you’ll get access to over 400 authentic, outdoorsy elements. You can also easily adjust the 9 premade logos to fit your client’s brand.

Camping Logo Template logo creator kit template

The Extensive Logo Creator (PSD, AI & EPS)

Create the logo of your dreams with this extensive logo creator kit, chock full of icons, elements, fonts, and templates! You can also easily customize the colors of the elements with just a single click in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. This kit is perfect for other branding materials, as well.

The Extensive logo creator kit template

Vintage Nautical Logo Template Bundle (AI & EPS)

Create a nautical logo no one will ever forget with this vintage logo template bundle. This collection features over 20 logos, intricately designed with nautical symbols; from pirate skulls and ships, to anchors and shells. These logo templates are a delight to work with, and your clients will love them!

Vintage Nautical logo creator kit template

Esports & Gaming Logo Kit (AI & EPS)

Make your logo your brand’s most important ambassador with this eSports and gaming logo creator kit. You’ll get an incredible array of premade logo templates featuring various animals and characters with bold and loud typography that says: My team always wins. Are you ready to play?

sports Gaming logo creator kit template

Rocket Logo Kit (AI & EPS)

Nothing says progress and enlightenment more than a rocket, so if you’re working with clients who always have innovation on their minds, create a gorgeous rocket logo for them. How? With this rocket logo kit! You’ll get plenty of diverse rocket logo templates to work with.

rocket logo creator kit template

Vintage Badges & Logos Set (AI & EPS)

Take your clients and their customers on an adventure with this vintage badge and logo template collection, featuring adventurous scenes rendered in a cartoon style. From mountains to camping coffee mugs, you’ll get plenty of choices with fun typography options that perfectly fit friendly brands with adventurous customers.

Vintage Badges logo creator kit template

Real Estate Logo Kit (AI & EPS)

Show your clients (or their clients) that they can trust you to find their dream home with this real estate logo kit. Featuring a vast array of real estate logo templates (including symbols appropriate for the real estate industry), this logo template pack is everything you’ve ever needed!

Real Estate logo creator kit template

Photography & Camera Logo Kit (AI & EPS)

Time to take a snapshot of your success! This photography-focused logo kit offers diverse camera icons that are perfect for businesses handling them on the daily. From bold and bright camera logo designs, to minimalist takes, there’s something for everyone, and the logos are 100% editable in Illustrator.

logo creator kit template

Watercolor Logo Creator Kit (AI & EPS)

Create elegant logos with this watercolor logo creator kit. It contains everything you need for a memorable and friendly logo. You’ll get 30 premade logo templates you can customize in Illustrator, or you can mix and match hundreds of elements, textures, and fonts to create the perfect logo.

Watercolor logo creator kit template

So Female Branding Kit (PSD, AI & EPS)

If your business needs a feminine touch, this branding kit will help you add it to your logo. This logo creator kit offers plenty of elegant and feminine elements, perfect for health, beauty, and similar businesses. You can mix and match, or customize 18 logo templates in Photoshop or Illustrator.

So Female Branding logo creator kit template

Minimal Logo Template Collection (AI & EPS)

Create clean and minimalist logos with this logo template collection. Featuring over 35 different combinations, this collection is a dreamboat! From simple logos, to logos with ornate symbols and bold font choices, there’s something for everyone in this collection. Make sure you add it to your design kit!

Minimal Logo Template Collection logo creator kit

Stylish Logo Creator Kit (PSD, AI & EPS)

This logo creator kit is one for the books! You can create thousands of logos with unique font, element, and style choices, keeping the branding on point. From script fonts that give your logo a friendly aesthetic, to monogram-style logo templates, everything you need is right here in this kit!

Stylish logo creator kit template

Premade Minimal Logo Template Collection (PSD, AI & EPS)

Let your logo tell your brand’s story. All you have to do is add this logo template collection to your design kit! With over 30 unique logo designs, these logo templates are perfect for all kinds of brands; from marketing agencies and gyms, to fashion and real estate.

Premade Minimal logo creator kit template

Vintage Labels Logo Constructor (PSD, AI & EPS)

Create subtle and effective vintage logos and labels with this logo creator kit that offers over 150 elements. There are plenty of elements for logos for different industries; from coffee shops and breweries, to tech and cinema brands. Every element is completely (and easily) editable in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Vintage Labels logo creator kit template

Elegant Logo Template Collection (AI & PSD)

Classy brands need classy logos and creating them doesn’t have to be hard – not if you have this elegant logo template collection. With 10 stunning logo templates and stellar stylistic choices in terms of typography and visuals, these logo templates are perfect for brands that prize aesthetics.

Elegant logo creator kit template

Vintage Personal Logo Branding (PSD, AI & EPS)

It’s time to give your personal brand a boost! This vintage personal logo branding kit offers over 50 handcrafted and authentic logo templates that you can work with to create the perfect branding foundations for your business. The templates are fully editable, and your customers will be delighted!

Vintage logo creator kit template

Cheryl Burgess once said: “A brand is a reason to choose.” And branding starts with a single symbol: the logo. It’s incredible how much a single image can sway opinions, convince audiences of your brand’s value, and create a widespread recognition of your business.

Maybe AirBnB would’ve become popular even without their organic and beautiful logo. However, they’d definitely have a harder time being recognized even without mentioning their name. So the next time you get to design work, make sure you have some of these logo kits and templates in your tool stack.


They’ll make it much easier to create perfect logos for diverse clients, and even broaden your horizons as a graphic designer. So when the time comes to present your work, your audience will love what you have in store for them. Ready, set, design!

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