Awesome Christmas Illustrations to Boost Your Creativity

Christmas is a hot season for all designers, there’s so much work to do! People want holiday-themed products, beautiful packaging, cards, posters, and all kinds of Christmas gifts. Below, I’ve chosen the 15 best watercolor Christmas illustrations that will help you through the holiday frenzy.

The sets are all crafted with care and mastery. You will have zero problems working with them in your design projects.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents:

  1. Wreaths
  2. Snowflakes
  3. Candles
  4. Winter Symbols and Patterns

Vector Illustrations for Awesome Printables

1. Wreaths

The shape of a wreath symbolizes eternity. Wreaths also represent wealth, happy family life, and personal growth. No wonder this symbol is so popular for the Christmas season!

Just like ancient people used to save green branches during winter to sacrifice them to their gods, we now make wreaths to greet each other and beautify our homes.

Here’s a collection of awesomely illustrated wreaths for you. There are endless possibilities for using them in website and products design!

Amazing New Year’s Collection PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Christmas Illustrations


A very beautiful set of Christmas illustrations that features a wreath and multiple holiday elements. The illustrations are highly detailed. You can definitely tell that the set was created by a professional digital artist. In the package, there are 33 PNG and 51 JPG files. This means that you can use these Christmas illustrations as frames, patterns, or solo images. You need this package for your Christmas DIY projects!

Christmas Time PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Christmas Illustrations


A wreath with bows and ribbons is a symbol of Christmas. In this set, you also get masterfully drawn elements: a gift box, a house, a coffee cup, a flower, and more. You can use them as frames, borders, or backgrounds in your designs. All the elements are fully editable and come in separate files. You will have literally no problem editing them to fit your creative vision.

Winter Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

winter holiday png


Are you into hearts, stars, and all that Christmas glitter? If so, check out this stunning set. There’s a combination of cooler colors with bright red and golden accents. These illustrations will look awesome on many things, from coffee cups to Christmas packaging. You get as many as 90 files; each of them can be adjusted to your liking.

Christmas Winter Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Christmas Winter Holiday PNG


This set is red and shiny, just like a nice Christmas set should be. You get beautiful wreaths with flowers and green leaves. You can combine the elements and create unique patterns for your creative projects. A Christmas card with such ornaments will make your friends and family lose their breaths. The package includes 76 files. You can change the size and color of every element.

Merry Christmas Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Merry Christmas Holiday PNG


This is a wonderful set with Santa Claus, a big wooden clock, leaves, and berries. These watercolor illustrations can be used to make DIY Christmas cards, home decor items, etc. Look how awesome the isolated images look on a darker background! You can also use this package to greet your blog readers during the Christmas holidays. The set includes 26 files: 16 elements in PNG and 20 patterns in JPG.

Christmas Collection PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Christmas Collection PNG


This is my favorite set of wreaths. There are so many of them, they are all very different and highly detailed. These watercolors were created with love and care. There are 78 files in the pack, all of them are ready to be printed out or placed on any types of merchandise. Use them as frames, borders, or patterns. If you want to play with the size and color of elements, you can definitely do that.

2. Snowflakes

Snowflakes are iconic for winter. You will hardly find a Christmas pattern or illustration without them. Snowflakes symbolize individual perfection, uniqueness, and sublime beauty. They can form beautiful patterns and ornaments, each of which will look original and unique.

When we look at snowflakes, we also think about winter, holidays, free time with friends in the mountains, cozy evenings near a fireplace with family, and all other things related to Christmas.

Don’t miss your chance to include these amazing watercolor snowflakes into your holiday designs!

Nice Snowflakes PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Nice Snowflakes PNG


This is a wonderful set of fun watercolor snowflakes with beautiful gradients and many details. Use them for invitation cards if your party or wedding will take place in winter. Such ornaments will also look awesome on Christmas packaging or home decor items. Or maybe you want to create Christmas mugs? This pack offers 51 files with snowflakes of different types and configurations.

Watercolor Colorful Snowflakes PNG Set Illustration

Watercolor Colorful Snowflakes PNG


Here’s one more set of whimsical snowflakes for your new design projects. Highly detailed and very elegant, they will impress the most demanding audience. They will make an awesome texture for a gift wraps or even for a brand identity package. There are 77 separate files which include frames, borders, and patterns. You can get creative with any of the elements and realize all your design ideas!

3. Candles

Flames and candles represent the divine nature of Christmas. They are a great symbol of spirituality and personal growth. Candles also remind us of romantic moments with our loved ones, and they make our hearts beat faster. One can look at candle flames forever and never grow tired of it.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to include candles in your holiday designs! Here are some wonderful sets of illustrations for you!

Collection of Festive Candles PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Collection of Festive Candles PNG


There can be no Christmas Eve without candles and bells. Why not get them in a wonderful set of illustrations for your website designs or DIY projects? The collection contains 31 files of isolated elements. Borders and patterns will help you greet everyone with the spirit of the Christmas holidays. You can also use it for product design or simply print out these awesome pictures.

A Set of New Year’s Candles PNG Watercolor Illustration

Set of New Year's Candles


One more set with awesome watercolor candles. They will help you make your Christmas greetings even more warm and impressive. Use this set for your blog, posters, cards, or anything related to holidays and fun. The pack includes 4 PNG files and 29 JPGs. Use the illustrations as frames, patterns or isolated elements. A beautiful candle will make a great accent in your winter design projects.

4. Winter Symbols and Patterns

What are some other Christmas symbols you could use in your creative projects? Try fairytale animals, gift boxes, and handwritten greetings! Of course, you don’t need to make these yourself. The best digital artists from TemplateMonster marketplace have already done all the work for you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Illustration

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


This beautiful rustic package is a lifesaver for a designer. You don’t have to draw holiday symbols yourself or buy fonts to create handwritten greetings – you get all these in one offer. There will be six winter elements that include a bear, a sock, a Christmas ball, and more. Also, there are four handwritten captions and four snowflakes. Just imagine how many greeting cards you can do with this set! All elements can be edited and used in different combinations!

Christmas Watercolor PNG Set Illustration

Christmas Watercolor PNG


Watercolor patterns can help you do many beautiful things – colorful Christmas wrappers, awesome product designs for the holidays, or even stylish decorations for your blog. In this package you will find frames, elements, and patterns. There will be 34 PNG and 41 JPG files at your disposal. All the elements are hand-drawn and easily editable.

100 Patterns Of Christmas JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

100 Patterns Of Christmas


This is an awesome offer for those of you who want to make Christmas backgrounds, wrappers, textures, and frames. In the pack, you won’t find isolated images, only the best highly-detailed Christmas patterns created by professional digital artists. You’ll find Christmas bulbs, bells, ornaments, candy canes, and more! There are as many as 100 files with different patterns, and all of them are easy to work with. Make your Christmas designs different!

Christmas Badges Pack Illustration

Christmas Badges Pack


Here’s a set of wonderful Christmas badges with greetings! They are ready to be printed out instantly, full of color, with EPS and AI files included. You don’t need to be looking for awesome fonts, Lato and Great Vibes free fonts are already used for these badges. You can use these 9 awesome badges for your blog, website, packaging designs, and, of course, Christmas cards. They are very easy to edit, try for yourself.

Gift boxes watercolor PNG set Illustration

Gift boxes watercolor


One more set of badges, this time you get awesome gifts boxes! Just look how well-drawn they are, and how much amazing detail they have! The badges were made in Adobe Illustrator with beautiful free fonts. This set is perfect for Christmas cards and posters! Also, you can use it for your website and greet your blog audience during the holidays. These boxes look very carefully thought out and skillfully made.

Holiday Season

Here’s a nice Christmas illustration where a businessperson makes a snow angel. The image is positive and fun. It has small visual details that complete it. This image can be a good option to remember hardworking people about a wonderful holiday. The item is available in different formats – CDR, AI, EPS, SVG, and JPEG (high resolution, 300 PPI). You can modify it easily. It’s a good option for your designs, like flyers, postcards, videos, or websites.

Nativity Scene

It is an ideal Christmas illustration that depicts one of the most sacred events – the nativity of Jesus. The blue and violet tints combine with pink and yellow. It includes secondary visual elements, like small stars and sheep. You may customize vector files – add new features, change colors, remove something, etc.

Door Wreath

A wreath is one of the Christmas symbols. The image includes a door, a wreath, and snowflakes. It combines green, yellow, light blue, and white colors with linear gradients. Small visual features, like individual snowflakes and leaves, make it complete. Vector files allow you to change shapes and colors. It includes the JPEG file – high-resolution, 300 PPI. 


Christmas is impossible without gifts. It doesn’t have complex visual details (except for a dot pattern). It uses mostly warm colors – orange, yellow, red, and brown. It comes as AI, EPS, SVG, CDR, and JPEG (300 PPI, high resolution). You may customize the design easily.

Christmas Card

Here’s one of the best Christmas illustrations for cards. The central element of the image is Santa. The red-white color combination contrasts with blue and dark grey. It has multiple additional visual features, and houses look detailed. The top part has a placeholder for text.

Ornaments and Clipart

This set is for clients who need several assets. It includes ornaments that we associate with the holiday. This pack contains Christmas trees, gifts, bells, an angel, a reindeer, a star, etc. you may combine various elements to achieve the necessary look. The archive includes 15 PNG images – RGB, 300 dpi, transparency.

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas Greetings Illustration - Features Image 1

It’s one of the beautiful Christmas illustrations for a background. The image uses green tints with red and white. It looks balanced in terms of visual elements – blurred snowflakes fill the space. It includes such a Christmas tree, gifts, and text. It’s an ideal item when you create a postcard design, a magazine, or a website. The product is available in various formats – PDF, EPS, AI, SVG, JPG. Customization is easy because the file structure is well-organized.


Avatars are perfect to use with applications or websites. This pack includes 12 high-quality Christmas-themed avatars. The collection consists of Santa, a snowman, a reindeer, Jesus, a gift, etc. You can customize the images if necessary – change colors, scale up and down.

Christmas Trees

This Christmas illustration includes three detailed Christmas trees. All the images look detailed and balanced. The tree has a light green-green gradient that creates a depth effect. This pack contains three designs of the tree:

  • Common;
  • Decorated;
  • Snow-covered.

The product comes in various vector formats and JPEG (a high-resolution file, 300 PPI).

Santa Portrait

A detailed portrait of Santa will make any design interesting. It has small visual elements to make the beard look detailed. The combination of cold white and blue works perfectly with warm red and peach colors. Snowflakes fill the background to balance the image.

Did you like our collection? What is your favorite product in it? How will you use it?
Please tell me in the comments! I would love to have a chat about illustrations and Christmas!


Top 15 Christmas Illustration Sets

Name Provider Category Price
Amazing New Year’s Collection PNG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
Christmas Time PNG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
Winter Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
Christmas Winter Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
Merry Christmas Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
Christmas Collection PNG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
Nice Snowflakes PNG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
Watercolor Colorful Snowflakes PNG Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
Collection of Festive Candles PNG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
A Set of New Year’s Candles PNG Watercolor Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $30
Christmas Watercolor PNG Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
100 Patterns Of Christmas JPG Watercolor Set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $35
Christmas Badges Pack Illustration Twenty2Creative Graphics $30
Gift boxes watercolor PNG set Illustration WatercolorPNG Graphics $30

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Christmas Illustration FAQ

What format of a Christmas illustration to use?

If you want to customize the design, then consider using the available vector formats. Please remember that some files are compatible with certain software. CDR is for CorelDraw. AI is for Adobe Illustrator, EPS, and SVG formats are compatible with different applications. PNG and JPEG files are great if you don’t plan to introduce many changes. Keep in mind that PNG supports transparency – you don’t need to waste your time removing the background.

Where can I find Christmas illustration ideas?

There are many sources of inspiration: watching movies, listening to music to create the right mood, and studying other artists’ images. Try different ideas, and combine various elements.

Where can I find more Christmas illustrations?

Please consider checking out our marketplace. We constantly add new products.

May I sell my Christmas illustrations via your marketplace?

We are always ready to cooperate with talented people. Please become an author, upload your design, wait for approval, and sell it.

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