Best Christmas Lights Clipart For Your Winter Holiday Designs

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  2. Ideas For Christmas Lights Clipart Usage
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  4. How To Get The Christmas Lights Clipart For Your Design
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The holiday atmosphere is essential to make your celebration remarkable. There are many different tools for conveying the awe and coziness of an event like the Сhistmass and New Year. Candles, the smell of cinnamon and citrus fruits, and, of course, garlands are always one of the first associations. After all, it is so lovely to wake up on a frosty morning and see a beautifully and carefully wrapped gift from someone very close under the Christmas tree. There is a collection of thematic illustrations to make such a holiday more cozy and domestic. Today we will take a closer look at the Christmas lights clipart and see why designers love them so much.

Christmas lights clipart.

What is clipart?

First, you need to understand the very concept of clipart. Clipart is such a graphic design element represented by a sharp and nice picture drawn in a cartoon style. The history of origin dates back to long before the advent of the Internet. At first, these were clippings from various paper media – newspapers, magazines, comics, and other articles. People cut them out and made different announcements, postcards, advertisements, invitations, and even campaign posters.


It was an inexpensive and creative resource for creating new designs, allowing people to experiment with shape, position, combine with other graphic styles, and make the personal artist’s style signature. A little later, with the advent of television and various digital technologies, there was a need to transfer paper samples to screens. The concept of clip art migrated to the online world. Such drawings became popular; they were used for illustrations in textbooks, manuals, in advertisements. Gradually, they began to appear on web resources, sites, and digital logos. A pretty versatile tool, isn’t it?

There are now three formats for such images. The first is physical. It can be used on any printed product; you can draw by hand or use ready-made blanks. The other two are digital formats: bitmap (rasterized) and vector.

A bitmap is a format provided by pixel black & white or colored rows, reminding a scanned image. It has a low-quality and is not the best match for high-resolution works.

Vector one presents the geometrical patterns mix, so the overall appearance consists of dots, lines, curves, etc. The quality of such an option doesn’t depend on the screen resolution and saves the default parameters.

Ideas For Christmas Lights Clipart Usage

Now the digital world is very diverse, and therefore there are a vast number of applications for different types of design. First of all, such sketches are a type of decor. We all know that New Year’s and Christmas decor is exciting, homely, cozy, and warm. It will warm us on cold winter evenings and give us the feeling of a family home.

Cliparts dedicated to the New Year’s theme represent several categories. There are various cute interpretations of holiday characters like Santa and his reindeer chariots. And, of course, this chariot will be hung with an integral attribute – Christmas lights.

The design is perfect for decorating your Christmas gifts and cards. You can make them as a central figure, for example, by decorating a package hung with lights, or as a secondary option, allowing it to complement the main pattern. They will look great anyway and will have the desired effect.

You can also make a beautiful holiday print out of them by placing them on a poster, calendar, or T-shirt. Christmas lights clipart will be an excellent tool for:

  • wraps and cards,
  • posts,
  • prints on T-shirts,
  • interior and exterior design;
  • patterns;
  • business special offers decor;
  • website elements;
  • social network posts frames.

Who Can Use Christmas Lights Clipart

Of course, there are now many different tools for creating new designs, both digital and physical. Industria has stepped far forward since making the first clipart, which is why everyone’s favorite designers are looking for various ways and combine one with another to create unique solutions.

First of all, they are suitable for creative workers. With the help of Christmas light clipart, people of the following professions can do remarkable works:

  • bloggers;
  • designers;
  • marketing specialists;
  • web developers;
  • do-it-yourself masters;
  • lovers of arts and crafts;
  • fashion industry workers.

As we can see, all the people who deal with the creation of new styles can use clipart. They will be the perfect addition to clothes, posters, and announcements models. They allow you to enrich your art portfolio with new items straightforwardly due to pre-made models.

How To Get The Christmas Lights Clipart For Your Design

There are multiple ways to get a Christmas lights clipart. We will observe each one so you will be able to choose a convenient one for you.

1. Free Download

Of course, the most economical way and pretty easy to carry out. To download the template for free, you need to share the link to the mock you like on your social networks. After that, you will receive a link to download, which will be available from your account on TemplateMonster. Unzip the file and enjoy!

2. Retail Purchase

The price for the Christmas lights clipart varies from $5 to $40 per set. The templates come under three licenses:

  • Personal license: allows you to use the template for your projects and publish it but prohibits any kind of reselling and redistribution.
  • Commercial license: permits to use the design for commercial purposes, publishing and mass media usage, copy and redistribute the item.
  • Buyout license: makes you the last owner of the chosen design and lets you use the item for any foreseen purposes. We remove the template from all our directories within 24 hours, and it will never be available for purchase for other users again.

To get a template with any of these, you need to add your cart’s necessary license and proceed to the checkout form. You would need to fill out a simple form with your data for account creation and bank details for transactions. After the purchase, your TemplateMonster account will be created automatically, and you can use it for your future purchases.

3. ONE Membership

ONE Membership is a subscription service that allows you to download the included templates as many times as you need for your projects. In two words, all the designs you can find under an unlimited usage license.

It is the best offer for those who regularly use templates for the projects and needs a collection of pre-made designs to work on the tasks. Currently, there are three options:

  • Creative: includes graphic items as PPT, icons, fonts, clipart, PSD templates, audio and video assents, hi-rez images.
  • All-In-One: has all the benefits of the Creative one and website templates of various CMS platforms, like HTML, Joomla!, WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Drupal, Magento, and additional plugins for them.
  • All-In-One Infinity: there, you can find all the items that come under the All-In-One plan but with a huge benefit: no limits in time for your downloads, lifetime updates for all the templates and plugin.

It is a genuinely money-saving solution, as by getting a ONE, you are paying once and use as many items as you need for the whole year. For example, the average price of the clipart template is $15. If you use them regularly and require more than ten designs per year, you would need to pay $150 in retail. Or you can consider the ONE Creative plan and pay $82 only, which is twice cheaper. Moreover, you will get other cool benefits as images and other graphics.

Have Your Stunning Christmas Lights Clipart Designs? Sell It On TemplateMonster!

Our Marketplace is always happy to meet new authors! We offer the most satisfactory cooperation conditions, bid commission percentage, and easy withdrawal option. Do not hesitate to check the instructions on how to become a vendor here. The benefits you get are the following:

  • versatile platforms;
  • up to 70% commissions;
  • easy and straightforward payments;
  • community support;
  • exclusive and non-exclusive sales;
  • fast product check and approval;
  • possibility to add your items to ONE Membership;
  • set the price on your behalf on any item.

The procedure is quick and precise – you need to complete the registration form, submit your template for review, and that’s all! Once our specialists approve it, you can start selling the products. Join our sizeable TemplateMonster family!

Top 10 Trendy Christmas Lights Clipart For Your Ideas

Looking for new ideas and inspiration? We have chosen the ten leading representatives of the clipart of Christmas lights that you can implement to any design. Present emotions to your nearest with stylish decors, filled with warmth and love.

Cartoon Style String Of Christmas Lights Clipart

Cartoon Style String

This design looks strict, simple, and modern at the same time. It is perfect for decorating your gifts, posts on social networks. You can even make a beautiful bookmark and present it to your dearest lover to read. This clipart will delight anyone at first glance!

Cute Christmas Tree Lights Clipart

Cute Christmas Tree Lights Clipart.

Of course, one of the main attributes of the Christmas and New Years’ holiday is a beautiful Christmas tree, carefully decorated with toys. Such clipart can be used everywhere – you can create a print for a postcard, a T-shirt, use it in presentations dedicated to winter holidays and banners.

Colorful Christmas Lights Clipart Border

Colorful Christmas Lights Clipart Border.

Frames are another excellent gift idea. It is so lovely to give moments baked together. Photography keeps the most valuable thing – memories. A photo in a beautiful frame will show you care and how you value these memories. And the design of this one will evoke the elaborated feelings of the upcoming celebration.

Bright Lights String Clipart With Red Ribbon

Bright Lights String Clipart With Red Ribbon.

Red ribbons tied in a neat solemn bow are one of the integral symbols of Christmas. They are often used to decorate Christmas trees, front doors, and the house in general. Such clipart will be a useful tool for creating an atmosphere of home comfort; you can use it to design your cards, gift wrappers, and prints.

Neon Hanging Christmas Lights Garland Clipart

Neon Hanging Christmas Lights

Neon is now more relevant and fashionable than ever. Such lights will demonstrate that you are in step with the times, and the minimalistic design as a whole will emphasize your sense of style. It is perfect for postcards, presentations, and decorating posts and announcements.

Christmas Lightbulb Classic Clipart

Christmas Lightbulb Classic Clipart.

This option looks more serious and realistic than the previous one. This design solution is suitable for those who blog in one given style and relies on a classic design. It will look great, drawing attention to itself, thereby forcing your readers to stay longer on your page.

Bells And Ribbons Christmas Clipart

Bells And Ribbons Christmas Clipart.

This version of the Christmas clipart is one of the most versatile to use. You can use it to create photo frames, frame postcards, accent elements in your presentations, and general composition details. There are no limits on your bold ideas!

Coniferous Frame With Lights Clipart

Coniferous Frame With Lights Clipart.

This design is perfect for frames. These can be frames for photos, for greeting posts, for New Year’s certificates. With this clipart, it will be effortless for you to convey your warmest feelings and wishes.

Warm Orange Minimalistic Lights Clipart

Warm Orange Minimalistic Lights Clipart.

This model will be a great combination for creating an overall composition in the classic or loft style. With a slightly cartoonish touch, she still looks more serious, as if radiating warmth. A great option for your Christmas designs!

Domestic Light Bulb Christmas Clipart

Domestic Light Bulb Christmas Clipart.

This clipart looks realistic. Notably, it depicts classic lamps, which seems very simple, but with a sense of style. An excellent choice for those who want to give something extraordinary and, at the same time, show their sincere concern.

The festive bustle is always difficult but very pleasant at the same time. After all, it is the winter holidays that allow us once again to show our brightest and warmest feelings to other close people, to express our gratitude for the time spent together, and have a wonderful evening surrounded by dear people. Clipart will help you make your gift special, your presentation memorable, and your posts popular. Use them with pleasure and save your time for more important moments!

Stunning Christmas Lights Clipart For Digital Designs FAQ

❄ How can I edit my Christmas lights clipart?

After purchasing or downloading, you will receive several formats for your clipart. These can be PSD files, PNG, or regular JPEG. Following a more comfortable format for you, you can choose the editors that you like. Basic editors are such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. You can refer to the tutorials for graphic products here.

❄ Who can help me if I have questions and issues with Christmas lights clipart?

By getting a Premium template, you are getting high-quality technical support and updates for it. That is why, in case of any issues, you can simply join the support chat and get assistance in a moment. If you are stuck on editing and need professional assistance, you can hire a designer, and our team will create a stunning special layout according to your needs.

❄ Why is it right to use Christmas lights clipart?

Clipart is the option that allows you to save your time and money on a design. You can implement it in any solution due to various formats and flexibility in editing. It is much cheaper than ordering a custom design from zero, but it has a high resolution and lightweight that will not overload your internet resources.

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