Boost Your Project with Memorable After Effects Trailer Templates

After Effects trailer templates are powerful tools for an advertising campaign for any film product (not only a film product or music videos). Most film industry people understand this and try their best to impress their audience with a memorable after effect trailer. You can compare the trailer to an aperitif before a meal – the splendor of the meal depends on the director.

Simultaneously, the trailer depends on the specialists’ professionalism to whom you entrusted the work on it. With TemplateMonster you don’t have to hire one. All you need to do is to check out our platform. So, if you are looking for the best aftereffect trailer, then being here, you are on the right track. In this post, we will analyze the top 15 aftereffect trailers and their key characteristics. Also, you will learn how to customize and where to utilize them. 

How to Make Your Project Successful with Our After Effects Trailer Templates?

First, let’s clarify what the trailer is. Trailer is a short (1-3 minutes) video clip consisting of a film product’s fragments. The trailer is usually released several months before the film’s premiere. The trailer’s purpose is to keep the audience interested in the project, remind the audience about the upcoming premiere, and show the viewers that the premier is coming soon, which means it’s time to book movie tickets. The principle of building a trailer is variable. 

Things you need to consider before buying our product:

  • The key goal of the trailer.
  • Your audience.
  • Your budget.
  • Trailer approach. 

Think about the main idea you would like to convey to your viewers. Do you want to surprise them? Do you want them to be intrigued? Or maybe you want to motivate them to do something?

Once you answer these questions, consider the age, tastes, and top trends in the web industry that will be interesting for the end-users. 

The budget plays an essential role too. The majority of our products range from $5 to $20. We understand that every dollar counts. That is why we allow you to select the item that suits your financial situation. 

Last but not least is the method to use in building the trailer. We will discuss it separately in the next paragraph. 

Types of After Effects Trailer Templates

Option 1

The trailer can be a demonstration of several full scenes from the film with a little editing. It is the most budgetary and the least spectacular option, but it gives the viewer a powerful understanding of the film. This approach can be an advantage if you choose the necessary scenes correctly. 

Option 2

The second approach to creating a trailer is a video of the film’s most spectacular moments, edited according to its plot, often different from the film’s story itself. Examples of this approach to a trailer are most of the video announcements of modern blockbusters when another replaces one action scene through “syncs,” which are short cuttings from the main characters’ dialogues. If the viewer is intrigued by one or more scenes from the trailer, he will watch the film to the end to contemplate these shots in dynamics. The main problem with this approach to creating a trailer can be its oversaturation with the most interesting events from the film – then it turns out that the trailer showed the most interesting things to the viewer. While the director’s fault is the last on the list, those who worked on the trailer are to blame.

Option 3

The third approach is to create unique video footage that is filmed specifically for the trailer. It is the most expensive option. The viewer will still watch their film, even without seeing a single original frame, and a trailer of this format will only stir up interest. 

Top 15 After Effects Trailer Templates

Spectacular Galaxy

after effects trailer templates

Create an impressive trailer or a title sequence for your project! Whether it is lifestyle videography, a short movie, or a scientific-based documentary, our template will perfectly furnish them up and add an atmospherical mood. Besides, you do not need to worry about having specific coding skills. Galaxy comes with a detailed video tutorial to help a user with any web design experience use its advantages to the full extent and understand even the tiniest details. You may also enjoy:

  • Easy-to-change text and logos;
  • 1920x1080P resolution;
  • User-friendly layout.


Beautiful Underwater

after effects trailer templates

Do you want to diversify your videos or films with creative digital visual effects? Then our web asset is a perfect choice for your blog or online platform. It is highly customizable and suits any type of project. You may use it for any short movies related to wildlife, ocean, marine science. Underwater is also great for your vacation and holiday videos. Besides, a lot of essential features are available for you:

  • 30FPS frame rate;
  • 1920×1080 screen resolution;
  • Professional design;
  • Four animation styles;
  • Users’ tutorial included.


Stylish Sports Acton

after effects trailer templates

Sports Acton is an excellent solution for your multiple projects, especially if connected with sports, outdoor activities, and an active lifestyle. All the elements of this particular product are easily customizable so that you may drag and drop the media, change text samples, add music and images you like, etc. Also, you are free to select any font and add it to your trailers or intros. Many essential characteristics are available for you:

  • CS6 and CC After Effects support;
  • Twenty-four text holders included;
  • No plug-ins required.


Impressing Aurora

after effects trailer templates

If you are searching for an incredible web asset for your videos, then beautiful Aurora will surely catch your attention, as well as your viewers and audience. Due to its unique design and unlimited colors, it is suitable for any purpose. You can apply it to sci-fi films, documentaries, fantasy motion pictures, and much more. Alongside this, you may also change the colors, add your text, or select any of the fifteen scene comps provided. The following template comes with prominent features:

  • 1920x1080p resolution;
  • 30FPS frame rate;
  • Premium quality.


Unique Journey to History

after effects trailer templates

Are you willing to enhance your project and give it an impressive look? You should pay attention to our spectacular template! It is a real catch for all those loving history, cultural heritage, or mysteries and legends. With it, you will create the best slideshow presentations and motion pictures for your website, blog, or YouTube channel. Journey to History comes with 21 image/video files and includes 11 placeholders for your text samples and logos. Downloading this product from us, you get:

  • Straightforward installation;
  • Constant free updates;
  • Lifetime technical support.


Elegant Golden Fortune

after effects trailer templates

Discover a unique top-quality template for composing the best titles, opening credits, and intros! It features a user-friendly layout and offers elegant design solutions developed by professionals. Even the newbies in the web industry will efficiently perform any changes and customize the asset with no difficulties. Many users from different fields will benefit, choosing the following product. It is perfect for:

  • Web designers with any level of experience;
  • Educators, tutors, students;
  • Production companies and film studios;
  • Different filmmakers and authors of amateur movies.


Vintage-inspired History 2

after effects trailer templates

History 2 is a professional template that possesses everything you need to compose a successful and modern project. It is fully customizable and requires no additional plug-ins. Due to its retro-styled skin and rich parallax scrolling effects, any presentation, slideshow, or opening titles will play out in fresh colors. Besides, it also provides you with a detailed tutorial for a better understanding of its functionalities, among which are: 

  • 15 images holders; 
  • 31 holders for text and logos;
  • Versatile & user-friendly layout;
  • No coding experience required.


Refreshing Colorful Intro

after effects trailer templates

Take full color control over your animated presentations and create eye-catching motion pictures! With our web asset, featuring user-friendly functionalities and various dynamic animations, you may give your project a specific charm. Alongside easy-to-use layout and fast customization, the following product is 100% responsive. Moreover, it provides you with numeral placeholders: 33 for your visuals and 17 for the headlines. Colorful Intro is a perfect choice for different threads:

  • Traveling and outdoor activities;
  • Fashion, beauty, and health care;
  • Birthdays, family events;
  • Parties, vacations with friends, etc.


Sophisticated Treasure

after effects trailer templates

Immerse into the world of pirates, dangers, and adventures! Let your viewers and readers feel themselves in a pirate ship, looking for a treasure. They will surely appreciate your idea and want to learn more about your creative project. Besides, our template is fully responsive and offers you all the essential files needed for composing unique patterns. It includes no fonts, but you can use any you prefer. We also guarantee:

  • The premium quality of any effect;
  • Fast and easy installation;
  • Smooth operation without sudden interruptions;
  • Lifetime technical support.


Multipurpose Crime Investigation

after effects trailer templates

Crime Investigation is a modern web asset developed by professional motion designers. It is suitable for cinematic trailers or short promos, giving them an authentic and a bit moody look. All its elements are fully editable and come in full HD screen resolution. The following template supports CS6 and CC after effects software and possesses many advanced options: 

  • 30FPS frame rates;
  • 18 image holders;
  • 38 placeholders for textual samples;
  • PDF tutorial for users’ convenience;
  • No additional plug-ins required.


Trendy Future In Motion

after effects trailer templates

If you are searching for a top-quality asset for editing your footage, Future In Motion is a perfect choice for this purpose. You can apply it to any technology display project and focus on creating stylish montage openers and versatile intros. A set of 25 images and 20 textual sample holders is at your disposal so that you are free to select any of them to fit your platform best. We also offer you the following advantages:

  • Modernized layout;
  • Regular updates;
  • Reliable customer support service;
  • Expert assistance in any question.


Quick Newspaper Intro

after effects trailer templates

Find the best design solutions for your promos and short videos! With our asset, which comes in full HD 1920×1080 resolution, you can easily control any pixel and choose the most suitable animations. We offer you rich color schemes and support of the most outstanding software programs for after effects editing. Besides, numerous placeholders are also at your disposal. Newspaper Intro fits best for:

  • Crime stories;
  • Food shows;
  • Travel programs;
  • Sports news;
  • Any other kind of openers.


Super Dynamic

after effects trailer templates

Boost up your online platform and improve your production level with our particular template! With it, you can create both modern videos and classic promos or intros. Now editing your footage and changing text or colors is easier than ever. Just drag and drop your content, modify it the way you like, and get a stylish and refreshing product! We also offer you:

  • Straightforward installation in several clicks;
  • A collection of modern holders for your visuals;
  • Premium quality screen resolution;
  • Easy to understand guide;
  • 24/7 chat for general questions.


Enthralling Doomsday

after effects trailer templates

Enhance the production quality of your multiple videos and short films! With our creative product that is easy to render and use, you will compose the best title sequence designs and unique opening credits. Doomsday performed in impressive style, offers you six scene comps, and requires no plug-ins. A PDF guide for fast customization also comes in a set. So, you will study all the possibilities of our digital item. Choosing us, you get:

  • Top-notch services;
  • A great choice of the best products;
  • Budget-oriented offers;
  • Non-stop quality control.


Flexible Political After Effects Trailer Templates Promo

flexible after effects trailer template

Multi-purpose Political Promo is a professional template for displaying your political massages and upcoming news in this field. Its carefully developed design contributes to creating a perfect impression for your audience. This web asset supports 1920×1080 resolution and 30FPS frame rate so that you may enjoy high-quality visuals and animation. It also boasts the following characteristics:

  • 11 separate scenes;
  • 24 placeholders for images and videos;
  • 22 holders for your textual descriptions;
  • Smooth performance and reliable framework.


Our Final Thoughts

More than hundreds of years have passed since the first trailer premiered, but it still serves as a powerful tool. The trailer becomes an original piece of art. And we hope that the information provided in this post was useful for you. Now you know what a trailer is, its key features, and how to customize it. If you still have a question, drop us a message in our live chat, and we will gladly assist you.

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