Can we have custom media queries, please?

Stefan Judis notes that there is a spec for custom media queries, but seemingly no momentum on it at the moment. That lack of movement is unfortunate, as it’s almost guaranteed front-end developers all over would start using it as soon as it’s ready. I know I would, as I liberally use custom properties now, and the DRYness of custom properties is one of the exact same benefits we’d get with custom media queries.

The syntax is:

@custom-media --narrow-window (max-width: 30em); @media (--narrow-window) { /* narrow window styles */
@media (--narrow-window) and (script) { /* special styles for when script is allowed */

..which I lifted from the Chrome Bug (star it to signal interest).

I’ve come around on the idea of postcss-preset-env. It used to think it was too theoretical which made me nervous. — so much CSS isn’t particularly polyfill-able without JavaScript. Plus, if anything changed with the specs, you’ve basically locked yourself into a CSS processor rather than getting future features, as that processing eventually stops processing. But all the CSS transformations in here generally seem pretty chill, deliver a lot of value (like custom media queries!), and you can pick which stage you feel most comfortable with.

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