CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXXIX

I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on some podcasts and at some events, so I thought I’d do a quick little round-up here! These Chronicle posts are just that: an opportunity to share some off-site stiff that I’ve been up to. This time, it’s all different podcasts.

Web Rush

Episode 122: Modern Web with Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier talks with John, Ward, Dan, and Craig about the modern web. What technology should we be paying attention to? What tech has Chris used that was worth getting into? Flexbox or CSS Grid? Is there anything better than HTML coming? And what tools should developers be aware of?

Front-end Development South Africa

Live Q&A session with Chris Coyier


Evolving as podcasting grows with Chris Coyier of ShopTalk Show

Craig talks to Chris about what it’s like being an online creator (podcaster, blogger, software and web designer, etc.). Chris talks about the lessons he has learned and what it’s like to have a weekly podcast for ten years. They also talk about podcasting trends in terms of marketing, topics, and the future outlook of the industry.

Cloudinary Devjams

DevJams Episode #2: Fetching Local Production Images With Cloudinary for an Eleventy Site

Watch our hosts Sam Brace and Becky Peltz, as well as our special guest host Eric Portis, interview Chris Coyier about his recent development project. With Eleventy, Netlify, Puppeteer and Cloudinary’s fetch capabilities, he was able to create a microsite for his famous CSS-Tricks.com site that showcases various coding fonts you can use. Find how he did it by watching this episode!

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