Easter Invitation Template – a Way to Express Your Ideas

Making anything from scratch is challenging, especially if it is a piece of art. You create a new file and see a blank white canvas. What images to add? How to place them? Should I use a pattern background? There are many questions to answer. Having spent some time working on the design, you need to add some shapes. This stage is difficult if drawing is not your thing. Luckily, with the available software and an Easter invitation template, you can get something impressive. It is always pleasant to create something on your own. It may be a postcard, a flyer, an invitation, etc.

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It is common to reuse assets whenever it is possible. It makes the whole process easier and faster. You do not need to draw the same images repeatedly. Again, having multiple resources, adding and placing them is less challenging than creating everything from scratch. In this case, you should check out TemplateMonster’s graphics page.

Finding Inspiration for an Easter Invitation Template 

Even the biggest projects start with an idea. If nothing comes to your mind, then consider using the internet. You can find both vintage and modern cards. This process takes some time. You should download the images you like to create a mood board. It should help you come up with an idea. Combine various elements, patterns, and colors. It would be helpful to have several paint strokes or squares of different tints on a separate layer.

Easter Invitation Template Tips

Apart from having the idea, assets, and the necessary software, you should know some technical aspects. When you work on something like an invitation card, you should consider using vector graphics. Consider using one of these applications:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Corel Draw;
  • Inkscape (free);
  • Sketch and more.

The advantage of vector graphics elements is that shape modification is easy. You may also scale them up and down without losing quality, which is impossible with raster graphics. The downside of vector graphics is that it is impossible to get very fine details. Here is a simple example. Imagine having a high-resolution picture of a rabbit, so you see individual hairs. Recreating the same features via vector would be close to impossible. Adding separate curves as hairs would take too much time.

It is smart to combine vector and raster graphic elements – draw complex vector shapes and then rasterize them.

Keep your document clean and well-organized. Use multiple layers and separate objects. It helps to access the required element and edit it without affecting other components.

Easter Invitation Template Designs from TemplateMonster

Egg Hunt – Corporate Identity Template

It is a clean, vivid product with multiple visual elements – eggs, balloons, flowers, and a rabbit. It also features a very simple sky pattern. It has several placeholders where you add important information, like the event date and place. It is possible to change everything about it – modify shapes and change the fonts. It is well organized – it has several layers, and accessing individual components is easy. The resolution is 300 DPI, and the color model is CMYK, so it is print-ready. It also has the bleeding area set. 

Egg Hunt – Corporate Identity Template

Egg Hunt vol. 1

Here is a product that does not include any complex patterns or shapes. The simple two-color background combines well with small additional shapes (circles, crosses, triangles, and sawtooth waves). The focus point is three eggs. It has several places to add information and is customization-friendly. With several layers, you may access and edit the necessary components. It is 100% print-ready. 

Easter Card 2 Illustration

It is a great asset for your Easter invitation template. The illustration is clean and detailed with several patterns (dots, stripes, circles, flowers, and stars). The bottom line is the place for text. This item comes with four different color-schemes. It is available in several formats – CDR, AI, EPS, JPEG, and SVG.

Egg Hunt For Kids

It is a good option to create an invitation to a party for kids. It has multiple elements, both small and large ones, but it looks balanced. It has several additional visual components, like butterflies, flowers, and trees. It has several spots to add information, like when the party takes place and the age restrictions. The layered structure makes it easy to modify. It is completely ready to print. 

Egg Hunt For Kids Easter invitation template

Egg Hunt Flyer

Here is an item that does not have any patterns or very fine details (except for the grass). It has small additional elements, like flowers, but they complete the whole picture. The bottom section is a perfect spot to add information. The file is layered, so it is easy to customize. It is 100% print-ready. The high resolution (300 DPI) and the CMYK color model ensure that it will look flawless.

Egg Product Mockup

It is a great asset to use as a background for your Easter invitation template. It is a stack of painted eggs. Please consider that you need to have Adobe Photoshop CS4 or a later version. It has multiple layers and smart objects, which will help you create a custom design. Modify colors, patterns, glossiness, shadows, and the background. This product comes with detailed help files.

Egg Hunt Party Invitation/Flyer

This product is for people who look for a cute design. The background is a combination of light tints – yellow, orange, cyan, and violet. The centerpiece is the adorable bunny behind three eggs with patterns on them. The bottom part is perfect for adding information. It is available in two formats – DOCX (MS Word) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop). Using the DOCX format, you can change text only. The PSD file allows you to modify everything.

Egg Hunt Party Invitation/Flyer

35 Flat Multicolor Icons

These icons are useful when working on various projects – from a flyer to a website or applications. This set includes multiple images related to Easter – eggs, a rabbit, a church, presents, etc. You may also turn vector icons into primary elements. Scale them up (you will not get any quality issues) and place them in the center. This product is available in various formats –AI, CDR, EPS, SVG, PNG (20 sizes – from 16×16 up to 1024×1024), JPG.

Happy Easter

It is a great addition to your Easter invitation template. It includes a vector image of a bunny headband and colorful flowers. They have some small details, but they look flawless even if you scale them down. You can combine them to get something unique. It comes as EPS, JPG, and PNG (transparent background) files. The high resolution (300 DPI) makes it perfect for printing.

Easter Bunny

It is a very cute bunny vector picture. This product also includes cupcakes, flowers, and eggs. They are perfect to combine and come up with something unique. The images are customizable. Some of them have fine details, but you can scale them down without any quality issues. The default color scheme uses light tints – yellow, pink, cyan, and violet. This product is available in EPS, JPG, and PNG (with a transparent background) formats.

Easter Mega Bundle 500 in 1

If you offer design services, then a bundle is an option for you. It encompasses multiple high-quality resources – cute animals, icons, objects, and more. All the pictures are clean – they look smooth no matter how big or small you make them. Suchlike items are great when you create something. Combine different images to get what you want.

Easter Mega Bundle

Cute Animals

This pack includes 65 PNG images of animals. It has a set of Easter-related items, like baskets and eggs. All the pictures are hand-drawn using watercolor paints. They make your design look authentic and original. Please consider that you will get quality issues when you scale them down and up. 

Bunny and Egg

Here is a set of assets for your Easter invitation template. It includes watercolor illustrations and vector pictures. The style of this pack excludes clean and smooth lines. You get such objects as eggs, flowers, bunnies, baskets, stripes, bows, etc. The available formats are PNG, EPS, and AI. It contains hand-drawn scans saved as PNGs, but there are also slightly smoothed vector graphics elements. 

Egg Hunt Flyer

The layout is clean – it does not have too many small details. The background is complex – it has some sharp angles. Eggs are the centerpiece. Vivid colors and fine details make people pay attention to them. The top and bottom sections are great for adding important data, like when and where the event occurs. Several layers make the editing process easier. It is completely print-ready. It uses the CMYK color model, and the resolution (300 DPI) is high enough to preserve the fine details. It also includes 3 EPS files.

Egg Hunt for Kids

Here is a detailed Easter invitation template. It has fine details, but it does not look cluttered. It also has some simple flower and line patterns. It has several placeholders for text. It has several layers, so it is customization-friendly. The high resolution (300 DPI) and CMYK guarantee that it will look flawless when printed.

Happy Easter Egg Hunt for Kids

This theme does not have many small visual elements, but the vivid colors make this design stand out. The centerpiece is three eggs that have different patterns. It is easy to edit because of the well-organized layered structure. This item is completely print-ready.

Easter Invitation Template FAQ

How to choose an Easter invitation template?

The graphics category of the TemplateMonster marketplace is the place to start. Pay attention to the left panel and set tags, item type, price, etc. Consider clicking on the Details button to learn more about every product.

What formats should I use working on an Easter invitation template?

Products are available in different formats, like EPS, AI, JPEG, PNG, etc. Please consider that there are also application-specific formats. For example:
PSD – for Adobe Photoshop;
AI – for Adobe Illustrator;
CDR – for CorelDraw.
There are cases when you may open application-specific format via other software. It is possible to open a PSD via Gimp. In such cases, you may lose some data or get unexpected results.
PNGs ensure high quality and support transparency. You will not waste your time removing the background, but the file size can be quite large. JPEGs are small, but their quality is far from perfect, and they do not support transparency. EPS is a widely-used vector format. The application-specific file format for saving your project is the best option. It helps to avoid losing any data.

May I sell an Easter invitation template I have made?

We would be glad to cooperate with talented people! Please consider becoming our author.

What elements should I use for an Easter invitation template?

People usually associate eggs, a bunny, and a basket with this holiday. Do not ignore secondary components, like flowers or stripes. You should also find the balance between too few and too many visual elements. Do not neglect the chosen style. In some cases, you need to add smooth and clean shapes. Sometimes hand-drawn pictures with slightly jagged edges fit perfectly.

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