How to Protect Your Website from Security Breaches [Free eBook]

Computer thieves have always tried to access the most inaccessible data located on a computer or a certain website. Mostly, they are eager to steal someone’s credit card information or some other kind of confidential data. Clearly, hacking attacks damage the reputation and SERP ranking of the resource, which not only affects the site traffic but also the owner’s income (provided the project is commercial).

With the development of technologies, hackers became more sophisticated and devious. If you own a website and want to protect it against one of these cyber attacks, you must be aware of the basic hacking methods.

Let’s find out together how exactly the information gets stolen from your website and how to protect your site from a security breach.

Why Do Websites Get Hacked?

Obviously, there are a million reasons why hackers might be interested in stealing your site data but the most common cases are:

  • Eliminating the competitor – let’s say, your competitor pays some trained people to make your website stop functioning.
  • Spreading a malicious code – an attacker places some code on your site code that later spreads a virus to your visitors’ computers with a certain purpose. Again, this leaves you with fewer visitors because once a person sees the virus on the site, they will not come back.
  • Placing ads/ links /frames – this is a dishonest way to make money or promote a resource using your website.

Should You Be Afraid of Attacks?

The reasons for hacking your resources are numerous but all of them carry the same goal – using your site visitors for specific purposes. Any website can become the target of attacks, especially if it’s popular and has a lot of visitor traffic. Typically, if your site users consist of your friends, relatives, and other small groups of people, there is usually nothing to worry about.

22 Ways to Protect Your Website from Security Breaches

It’s not always that you need to hire cybersecurity professionals in order to keep your WordPress website secure. As long as you follow some important steps on your own, your website security level can stay as high as it can. The only precondition is to stay aware of all possible ways the hackers try to get to you…

Security Breaches

For those who don’t want to continually search for information piece by piece from various resources, TemplateMonster has something to offer as an alternative. Our team prepared a quick guideline where we summarized 22 essential ways that you can keep your website secure from cyber attacks.

Each step of the process is organized in a way that explains the importance of the described actions. It includes all the other details about how following the actions will help you to avoid security breaches. The book content is written in a clear and understandable language so that even a non-professional can get an idea of how things like Web Application Firewalls, HTTPS, SQL injections, directory indexing, and browsing works in the real world. The book is a PDF file and is free to download by clicking the link.

The full table of contents looks like this:

Security Breaches

End of the Line…

There are definitely two factors to ensure website security: the developer’s professionalism and willingness to act correctly, and users who should stay away from suspicious website links. This guideline defines all known ways for protecting a website from the developer’s perspective.

Download the free eBook right now and learn 22 ways that you can protect your website and implement them in life. It’s that simple!

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