Make Your Gift Impressive with Women’s Day Clipart

Spring is a wonderful season that inspires new feats. Fresh breeze, revived nature, and holidays make you fall in love with this time of miracles. The very first in this series of events is International Women’s Day. It’s a great occasion to remind our lovely ladies that we love, appreciate, respect, and sincerely care for them. To make your gift special, take care of good decorations and unusual concepts. And with our Women’s Day clipart templates, it is straightforward to add a sparkle to any idea!

Women's Day Clipart Templates

What Is Clipart and Why Is It Popular?

The clipart takes its origins from the early 80s. It all started with its physical carriers – ordinary fashion magazines and newspapers. When color printing appeared, people had the opportunity to use beautiful colored clippings for their cards, covers, personal diaries, advertisements, and posters. Typographic printing has spawned a new fashion era of stickers, pins, and decals over time, carried over to the digital world.

Nowadays, clipart is a small pre-made image that you may edit with computer or tablet software. It is totally unlike the stock photos, as such graphics serve well only as a part of the composition. Usually, they come in a bitmap or vector format, so you just edit it according to your needs and apply. 

It saves a lot of time, as you take a ready-made detail to customize it and add to the overall picture. It is easy, cost-effective, and helps to diversify your art quickly. That is why millions of designers worldwide became a part of the clipart fans community. Today you can find them in every ad, poster, gift card, wrappers, holiday announcement, flyer, etc. 

Ideas for Women’s Day Clipart Usage

This holiday is special because it is associated with affection, tenderness, the beginning of a warm spring. Both small and adult girls are looking forward to this holiday because they know that the nearest ones have prepared some special gifts. That is why they prepare very carefully for the 8th of March, choosing only the best presents because it is very important to express your care and bring positive emotions.

Traditionally, the holiday’s main attributes are flowers, candies, sweets, balloons, warm colors, and other popular girly symbols, like dolls, unicorns, cartoonish animations, etc. With our clipart collection, you have an opportunity to create any type of both cute and some extraordinary options. But with any of them, you can be sure that you fulfill the gift’s main purpose – make the person happy.

The sketches serve nicely as a complementary element to the overall composition and as an independent figure. You can use them to decorate photo frames or do great gift wrapping by building a pattern. You may also do a beautiful holiday printout by placing them on a poster, calendar, or T-shirt. Women’s day clipart is an excellent tool for:

  • wraps and cards,
  • posters,
  • prints on T-shirts,
  • interior and exterior design;
  • patterns;
  • business special offers decor;
  • website elements;
  • social network posts frames.

Who Can Use Women’s Day Clipart

Since working with such templates is very simple, absolutely any beginner or advanced user can use them. There is no issue combining two or more clipart sketches into one, so you realize all your bold ideas. Of course, primarily, such designs are suitable for those who like arts-and-crafts. Hand-made decorations are always in demand, and you may use the clipart asset both in print and online. 

International Women’s day clipart templates are a perfect match for:

  • bloggers;
  • designers;
  • marketing specialists;
  • web developers;
  • do-it-yourself masters;
  • lovers of arts and crafts;
  • fashion industry workers.

If you want to make an impression or just love to create something new, it is an excellent solution that saves you a lot of time drawing your design. Besides, such sketches are quite budgetary. Use them to diversify your creative portfolio and create beautiful prints, patterns, covers, and wrapping papers.

The Hottest 20 Women’s Day Clipart Templates 

8 March Composition Greeting Card

8 March Composition Greeting Card

Of course, the most canonical symbol of this holiday is the beautiful solemn number eight. It is the first association that comes to mind when thinking about a holiday. With such an illustration, you can easily and quickly make an original postcard or paint a gift paper with it. Its bright colors and stylish shapes make an impression at first sight, and small cute flowers only emphasize the composition’s tenderness.

84 Sparkle and Star Illustration

84 Sparkle and Stars Illustration

Black and white sketches are always in trend because they look neat, without unnecessary details, and fit any design. Such sparkles, stars, and hearts are a great addition to any composition. A bit childish, they look cute and attractive. You can customize them for the desired color scheme or use them in the same minimalistic layouts. And their fancy and soft outline attracts attention and adds zest to the image.

Magical Unicorns Collection Pattern

Magical Unicorns Collection Pattern

What girl doesn’t dream of a unicorn? These mythical creatures have merged into the culture so long ago that it is impossible to imagine a world without them. We often see these animals on prints, notebooks, pens, diaries, clothing, and more. With this sketch, you make an unforgettable gift that delights any child and helps an adult plunge into childhood dreams. They have delicate colors, and you receive several ready-to-use patterns in the package.

Bubble Tea Watercolor Graphics 58 Clip Art Images

Bubble Tea Watercolor Graphics

Watercolor sets are very popular today. They look stylish and attract the attention of many decorators, fashion designers, and designers. This design is associated with the onset of warmth, spring, creates a cozy atmosphere, and might be combined with any color scheme. It looks great on greeting cards, notebooks, and sketchbooks and will delight any woman on this beautiful day.

Daisy Flower Clipart Bundle

Daisy Flower Women's Day Clipart

Daisies are delicate, fragile flowers. They have long occupied an important place in culture, medicine, and creativity. If you want to surprise a loved one, present a beautiful postcard or print of such a wonderful flower. And especially, they are a great addition to a charming bouquet of wildflowers. Feel free to experiment with this asset, as there are more options in the pack. Change the colors, shapes, place them in any form – there are no limits to your bold ideas! 

Think Spring Clipart & Patterns

Think Spring Clipart and Patterns

With this pack, you get a lot of different assets. All of them are the embodiment of spring associations, made in feminine shapes, colors, and outlines. Various bouquets, flowers, spring flowers, and small details associated with this wonderful time will diversify your composition. The archive includes 43 PNG files, 14 patterns, which you can fully adapt to your tastes and needs.

Jasmine Flowers and Leaves

Jasmine Flowers And Leaves Women's Day Clipart

Are you looking for a delicate and elegant element to present a special gift? Then congratulations – you’ve found the optimal option! A jasmine composition performed in pastel watercolor tones is perfect for any design whim. They fit perfectly to postcards, posters, T-shirt prints, sketchbooks, and any clean layout. The package includes 25+ sketches, three geometric trend frames, nine patterns, and a ready-to-print file.

35 Blue and Purple Butterflies Illustration

35 Blue Butterflies Women's Day Clipart

With the arrival of spring, nature comes to life. With the first warm days, these charming creatures – butterflies wake up. They perfectly complement any design thanks to their delicate color scheme, outlines, and hand drawing adds charm. In the archive, you find 35 thematics rendered clipart that are easy to edit and apply. Decorate postcards, wrappers. You can also order a bed shield print with such a fancy watercolor option.

Floral Season Clipart

Floral Season Women's Day Clipart

Another great set with floral prints. In the package, you receive 77 PNG files with different compositions and shapes, all with girly things associations, so it is easy for you to choose the application for them. It’s a good idea to use them for postcards, T-shirt prints, packaging designs, and various diary sketches.

Graphic Giant Bundle 4000 in 1

Graphic Giant Bundle 4000 in 1

This set is useful for all occasions. In it, 4000 copies are raised on various topics and various forms. Numbers, figurines, animals, seasonal holiday-themed sets, winter figurines, and more – all for just $ 9! This template will be especially useful for those who often work with this type of graphics or make custom designs because it is a high-quality multipurpose material to work with.

36 Pretty Blue Leaves

36 Pretty Blue Leaves Women's Day Clipart

Another delicate watercolor asset. With such clip art, you can create a beautiful, unique composition that will not leave anyone indifferent. In the package, you get many design assets like delicate twigs, beautiful leaves, and berries.

13 Beta Fish Elements

13 Beta Fish Elements Women's Day Clipart

Of course, we cannot ignore the astrological signs, according to which those born in early March are Pisces according to the zodiac sign. Fighting fish are one of the most mesmerizing breeds. Their lush, beautiful tails attract attention. With this watercolor clip art, you create a wonderful gift not only for International Women’s Day but also for the birthday of your loved one.

Hello Spring Composition

Hello Spring Women's Day Clipart

Meet the spring with bright colors! This clipart is very merry, and it breathes with spring comfort and warmth. Details such as tulips, singing birds, green leaves create an atmosphere of living creatures and imminent thaw. Therefore it looks great on any postcard or cover. You can change colors to adapt them to your needs, add or remove the desired elements.

Love Objects & Symbols Set

Love Objects And Symbols Set

If you are looking for multi-tasking sketches, then this template is a perfect choice. Here you find romantic illustrations that you can apply to any important holiday, including International Women’s Day. Elements in the style of old school all look cute and solemn, combining fashion and childish frivolity. Therefore, anyone who receives a gift with such a sketch will receive a lot of positive emotions.

Spring Is In The Air Collection

Spring Is in The Air Collection

With this option, you get 54 sketches in the archive. All of them are fully editable, made in pastel colors for a spring theme – you find roses, daisies, tulips, and various things with catchy prints. Also, this option is good for decorating your blog or social media page – small details complement your look and inspire your followers.

77 Spring Party Pink Lemonade

77 Spring Party Pink Lemonade Clipart

With the onset of warm weather, we want to go out into the fresh air more often and enjoy the sun. This clipart is colorful, conveys the mood of the first spring picnics and outings into nature – in a word, ideal for inspiring the desired atmosphere. You can use it for prints, make a unique pattern from small details, and place it on covers, bookmarks, and postcards.

Mental Self Care Clipart & Pattern

Mental Self Care Women's Day Clipart

Our life is stressful – we face difficulties every day, and we need support to cope with adversity. This illustrative set showcases miniatures that motivate you to take time, relax, collect your thoughts and move on. We need to devote more time to our inner mood, look for motivation in ourselves and sort out our desires because this is the key to a long and happy life. You may use this clipart for posters and motivational advertisements, postcards, and patterns.

Baby Girl Illustration Pack

Baby Girl Illustration Pack Women's Day Clipart

This Women’s Day clipart is made in a very soft and cute style. These figurines look great on gift wraps for little princesses, postcards, and stickers. They have a pleasant color scheme with a set of tiny cute details; they easily impress women of any age.

Hand Drawn Flowers & Butterflies 

Hand-drawn Flowers and Butterflies Illustrations

Hand-painted flowers are now a trend in the art world. This clipart looks very gentle, and many people use it to complement the composition, tattoo designs, and various thematic drawings. With the pack, you get a set of ready-to-use images in good quality to adapt to your needs.

Watercolor Tropical Flowers Seamless Pattern

Watercolor Tropical Flowers Women's Day Clipart

A tropical print always looks fresh and possible. It combines bright, aggressive colors with calm greens, and this contrast attracts attention. With this template, you receive eight different high-resolution patterns so that you can use them for various prints, bookmarks, cards.

Final Thoughts

Spring is a wonderful time of the year when everything blooms and breathes with vitality. Also, it is full of holidays that give us a precious chance to show our feelings, care, and love to our loved ones. With our Women’s Day clipart collection, it is easy for you to create a worthy gift for your beloved women. They are all bright, beautiful, and eye-catching, so all you have to do is use them to make your idea come true. 

Moreover, with each design, you receive documentation with recommended tips, tools, and ways of usage. You can always rely on our stable support for premium products – just join the chat, and we provide the solution in a few minutes. Inspire, create, and enjoy a smooth art process with TemplateMonster!

International Women’s Day Clipart FAQ

How can I edit the Women’s Day clipart?

Depending on the file type, you need the following editing tools – Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Fireworks. This software has a very user-friendly interface, and they are easy to use so that you can experiment with any shape and color. To find out which editor you need, take a look at the template’s documentation – the author mentions the relevant program and its optimal version.

Can I sell my Women’s Day clipart with TemplateMonster?

Yes, we are always glad to meet new authors in our vast family! If you want to sell your graphics on our Marketplace, read how to become an author here. We offer high commissions, a transparent withdrawal system, easy product submission, and community help.

Who can help me if I get stuck with Women’s Day clipart editing?

With each premium template, you get our support service. It means that in case you need any help – you can join our chat and ask for it. Also, if you would like to save your time and effort, you can hire a designer. Our professional team will deliver the project in a few business days, fully accommodated to your needs. 

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