New Year Church Backgrounds – Make You Designs Look Spectacular

The background is a very important element of any design. Imagine a postcard without a background or a flyer. Will it look impressive? Will it catch your attention? Sometimes, the design with a simple white or black blank background looks stunning. In some cases, you need a complex image. Creating New Year church backgrounds can be tough, but this process can be facilitated and optimized to reduce the necessary time. Luckily, TemplateMonster is the source of premium-quality backgrounds. Our marketplace grows constantly, and we add new products, so please consider visiting it eventually.


Sometimes, it is impossible to find what you want. It is easy to understand – artists do not know what potential clients want to get. As a client, you have to find a product which is very close to what you need. If you have time and skills, you can customize the template to get the necessary look. You may also download several items and put them together to create the design you want. This approach helps to reduce the time needed to create a high-quality image. 

Hiring an artist is an option, but that will cost way too much. The price also depends on the project’s complexity.

New Year Church Backgrounds Features

Our products have the following advantages:

  • Multiple file formats – raster and vector formats are available;
  • Several designs – multiple templates are included;
  • High-resolution – it looks crisp and includes even the smallest details, 300 DPI;
  • Tiling – combine images without having any visual seams.

New Year Church Bulletin Covers for Everyone

TemplateMonster’s products are for everyone who needs high-quality assets. Our marketplace is a great option for individuals who want to create a unique flyer or a postcard. We can also help freelancers or companies that provide design services. All the available products are easy to use – you can easily modify them because of the file structure (layers or vector shapes). It allows you to alter the colors of separate objects or change shapes (it requires special software and skills). The available templates are great for various occasions – websites, magazines, flyers, postcards, applications, videos, etc. 

Getting New Year Church Backgrounds

TemplateMonster has two sources of assets for you – the marketplace and ONE (the subscription service). The major difference in terms of downloading is:

  • With the marketplace, you pay for each item separately;
  • With the ONE subscription service, you pay for a subscription and download as many files as needed.

The difference between the payment models helps you understand what is better for you. Here’s a general idea:

  • The marketplace is better when you need a few templates;
  • A subscription service is an ideal option when you need many products.

Here’s a simple example. You need two backgrounds for your project. They cost you $7 and $5 – $13 in total, and the subscription will cost you from $69/year. Please check this page to learn more about the plans and prices. Here’s another example. You are a freelancer who provides design services. You have multiple clients, and you need numerous assets. Creating everything from is not an option – it takes too much time. What if you need 15 files while each one costs $5? You spend $75 on them. In this case, it would be beneficial to use the subscription service.

The process of acquiring an item is almost the same for both services:

  • Find the item you like – set filters and tags via the left panel. Use the search bar if you need something specific;
  • Open the product page to learn more about it, like resolutions or the included file formats.

With the subscription service, you download the archive immediately. With the marketplace:

  • Add to cart;
  • Checkout;
  • Download.

Please consider that you can cancel your subscription within 14 days (if you didn’t download anything).

Free and Premium New Year Church Bulletin Covers

We also have freebies for you to use. 

  • ONE subscription – check the left panel and select free (under the license items submenu);
  • The marketplace – enter “free” in the search bar to add the new filter.

Freebies seem to be a great option because you don’t pay anything. Please consider the following drawbacks:

  • Not enough templates – it isn’t easy to find what you need exactly. Content creators do not want to share their hard work for free.
  • Availability – such files are available to anyone, and it is challenging to create a unique design. You may change colors or even replace elements. It is still possible to recognize the original template. An artist may continue changing it to get a unique look, but it takes much time. In this case, it is better to draw the necessary image from scratch.

Creating New Year Church Backgrounds

Everything starts with the idea. Carry a notepad with you and when you get an idea – write it down immediately. Even the idea seems weird or completely wrong. Try to decide:

  • How should the image look? 
  • What elements should it have? 
  • How detailed should it be? 
  • What colors to use?

Get a sketchpad to draw something. It is better to have a visual image of your idea on paper instead of keeping it in memory.

When you get enough ideas – start to analyze them. Cross out the thoughts you don’t like. Please read them carefully to make sure that there is no controversy. Now you have a general plan of the future design.

The process seems tiring and not interesting, but that’s how it is. When you get more experience – it will become faster and easier.

Software to Create New Year Church Backgrounds

You may use vector or raster graphics. There are many differences between them, but the general factors to consider are:

  • Vector graphics use lines and curves to form shapes. They are easy to modify. Such images aren’t very detailed (like a 2D cartoon). You may increase the size of a vector element without losing quality. It is great when your design doesn’t have too many details; 
  • Raster graphics use pixels. It can be very detailed (like photos), but it’s impossible to scale them up without losing quality. It is a better option if you want to combine various detailed images, like photos. For example, you may use several pictures. Remove the background and compose them together.

Some of the available applications are:

For raster graphics:

  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • Acorn (for macOS only);
  • Pixelmator Pro (for macOS only);
  • GIMP (free);
  • Krita (free);

Vector graphics:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • CorelDraw;
  • Inkscape (free).

Free applications are an impeccable way to save your money. Please keep in mind that such software may not have advanced tools. They are still great for people who want to get their feet wet. 

Finding Inspiration for Creating New Year Church Backgrounds

Finding the source of inspiration can be challenging. That’s the case when you need to learn to see the beauty in everyday things. Everything may become a source of inspiration for you – a movie, a song, a leaf lying on the ground, even a cup of coffee on your table. It is the skill that you need to develop.

A great way to find ideas for your designs is to check out other artists. Visit museums or art galleries. If you prefer staying home – there are plenty of websites to check out, like Pinterest, DeviantArt, or our marketplace.

It is important to keep your mind open and let your imagination run wild. Never be afraid to experiment – always try something new. You don’t make mistakes – those are happy little accidents. It is likely that your first artwork will be far from perfect but don’t be disappointed. Continue trying, and you will become a better artist. Even professionals keep learning.

Selling Your New Year Church Bulletin Covers

If you want to share your artwork, then TemplateMonster will help you. We are always ready to cooperate with talented artists. The first step is becoming an author. The whole process of selling a product includes the following steps:

  • Log in to your account as an author;
  • Set the name for your product;
  • Upload it and enter the necessary information;
  • We review the item;
  • It becomes available to everyone.

The commission rate is 65%, while the author-drive price feature allows you to set the price you think is fair. You may also boost your sales by using our ONE subscription service. You need to fill in the application and get feedback from our team. An author may also participate in our affiliate program, which is a good source of additional income.

Examples of New Year Church Bulletin Covers and Backgrounds

Here are some of the available products:

13 Blue Christmas Tree Textures Background

13 Blue Christmas Tree Textures Background

It is a pack that contains 13 high-quality images for your projects. All the included photos are detailed. They represent nature, elegance, and beauty.

Abstract Vibrant Liquid

Abstract Vibrant Liquid

It is for artists who prefer abstract images. The smooth curves form smooth shapes, while the vibrant colors make it look stunning. It’s an ideal option for websites, magazines, applications, etc.

Abstract 3D Flow

Abstract 3D Flow

Here’s another pack that includes ten modern abstract background images. The combination of smooth and harsh color transitions make it look amazing.

DIY Watercolor

DIY Watercolor

It is a set of assets to create a unique artwork. It includes 200 vector elements, 44 textures, seven papers, and 11 patterns.

Colorful Polygon

Colorful Polygon

Here’s a set of 10 high-resolution polygon space backgrounds. It is a great option if you prefer simple shapes with straight lines. They are great for websites, videos, magazines, etc.

Amazing New Year’s Collection PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Amazing New Year's Collection PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Christmas Collection PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Christmas Collection PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Christmas Watercolor PNG Set Illustration

Christmas Watercolor PNG Set Illustration

Collection of Festive Candles PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Collection of Festive Candles PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Christmas Winter Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Christmas Winter Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Gentle Christmas Illustration

Gentle Christmas Illustration

Merry Christmas Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Merry Christmas Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Christmas Greeting Card Vector

Christmas Greeting Card Vector

New Year Background Vector

New Year Background Vector

Magic Christmas Lights Vector

Magic Christmas Lights Vector

New Year Church Backgrounds FAQ

🎄 Why use pre-made New Year church backgrounds?

It is a way to make the process faster and easier. You don’t need to create anything from scratch. It is especially important if you have multiple clients. There is nothing wrong with using an asset as a basis for your project. You may buy background and customize it by adding various elements or changing colors.

🎄 How to find the best New Year Church backgrounds?

This process takes some time. Pay close attention to the left panel to set tags and filters. Open the product page to learn more about it. The search bar is great when you look for something specific.

🎄 May I use New Year church bulletin covers for commercial projects?

Our templates are for commercial and non-commercial projects. We also encourage you to read the page dedicated to licensing to avoid any legal troubles in the future.

🎄 Should I avoid free New Year church backgrounds?

It would be wrong to state that freebies are indisputably worse than premium products. There are stunning assets you can get without paying anything. They can be better for personal projects. Premium items are better when you provide design services. It helps to maintain a high level of quality and provide your customers with unique solutions.

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