Top-Notch Explainer Video Templates To Promote Your Business

Advertising on the Internet today is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. To quickly and efficiently promote your business, marketers have developed many useful tools. One of the most popular ways is various video integrations in popular social networks and unique landing pages with special offers. That’s why our designers have developed a particular format – explainer video templates.

These videos are notable for being short and very informative at the same time. You can focus the client’s attention on the essential facts and services that your company provides. Today we will check the best options to use in your commercials and determine why to choose this format. 

Why Choose Explainer Video Templates?

This format is suitable for both small service owners and large companies. Such videos have the opportunity to reveal all the advantages of your proposal, show the benefits of cooperation and show the viewer exactly why he needs your services. They are bright, with compelling transition effects and catch the eye from the first seconds of viewing. They will be a perfect match for any business or social project: education, medical services, digital production, beauty studios, travel agencies, consulting, and law firms. 

Moreover, with these Premiere Pro templates, you will get detailed documentation and a bunch of benefits, such as:

  • high resolution – excellent quality on any device;
  • reliable support – get assistance online whenever you need it;
  • fully editable source files – edit the video according to your needs quickly and effortlessly;
  • amazing visual effects – grab the customer’s attention at first glance.

20 Explainer Video Templates to Use in Your Ads Campaign

Stunning Family Travel Stock Video

This template is filled with family warmth and tenderness. On it, we can see how a mother and son travel by train and look at the distant cityscapes. This template is perfect for creating innovative videos for social projects or creating advertisements for travel or insurance agencies. With it, you will receive a high-resolution video that can be used as a standalone material or implemented in a more extensive promo.


Eye-Catching Hand Explainer Pack

With this set of hand explainer videos, you will make any of your projects exciting. All effects are made in a cute cartoon format. It will awaken a sense of nostalgia in the adult part of the audience and interest the very young. That’s why you can use such elements as part of educational videos or promotional ads of your educational services. Clients will feel your professional approach, and this will push them to further cooperation. And the funny hands themselves will draw the viewer’s attention to important information.


Dynamic Black and White Presentation

Do you want to present your new project in all its glory? This template harmoniously combines classic black and white style and modern futuristic touches. This option will be optimal for those who are engaged in web design or development. He will demonstrate your professionalism and reliability. Since the template is easily editable, you can quickly replace the demo content with yours. It will emphasize your development’s strengths and make the customer fall in love with even the most fastidious customer.


Multipurpose Transition Zone

A beautiful and harmonious translation effect is significant for creating high-quality advertising. It is the very detail that is difficult to ignore. So tiny, it radically changes the perception of the entire video as a whole. To help you create your videos, you can save your development time and purchase this useful transition pack. You can find many different options here – from classic slide to sophisticated vintage options. You can easily insert them into any video, and thanks to our support and documentation, the creation process will be even faster.


Geometric Corporate Promo

The geometric design is now a leader in popularity among users. He pays tribute to the classics while adopting modern trends. This great explainer video template consists of the essential blocks that will reveal your company’s features and show it to its best. It has all the necessary elements for presenting a startup or a new corporate project: goals, statistics, team members, roadmap. All you need to do is replace the pictures and texts. Feel free to bring new ideas to life with this beautiful and detailed video sample.


Beauty Spa Intro

The beauty industry has made great strides in recent years. There is very high competition in this niche, and to take a leading position, you need terrific advertising. With this tutorial, you can create an exciting intro. Also, it will look great as mini inserts throughout the main video. From the first seconds, the viewer will understand that your salon’s service is at a high level, friendly and helpful staff, and a stylish interior.


Influential Homeschooling Video

The pandemic forced us to close in our cozy homes and put all processes online. In particular, this affected such areas of life as study and work. With this video’s help, you can do a social project and show the viewer why it is essential to worry about your health and relatives’ condition. It will also help show how to properly equip your place and create the most comfortable home conditions.


Exciting Sports Promo

To maintain a good and healthy body, you need to engage in physical activity. Fortunately, now there is a general trend in the world that encourages people to take care of their health. If you own a gym or a sports clothing brand, this video will help you gain popularity and audience appeal. With beautiful effects, a general atmosphere, and emphasis on interesting information, this template will serve as the best tool for creating a good advertising campaign.


Classy Business Explainer Template

This template can rightfully be called one of the best explainer video templates in this niche. It looks stylish and modern, arouses interest in the viewer from the first seconds of viewing. You can be sure that your client will pay attention to all the critical information about your company. Combined with helpful blocks and an excellent overall vibe, this beauty will be a perfect match for boosting your ad conversions. You can place it both on the thematic landing page and as a self-important promo on social networks.


Gorgeous Titles Set

The first seconds of an ad are the most crucial, as they influence whether the client watches it further or just skips. Do you want your client to capture your company name from the first glance? Then this fabulous pack is for you! With dozens of pre-designed assets, you can create awesome videos for absolutely any niche. Each design is filled with energy, breathes youth, and creates a warm summer evening atmosphere. Pass these unforgettable emotions to your clients, and they will choose you!


Futuristic Digital Product Presentation

Futurism has always been in the spotlight. It just so happened that a person is a curious creature, and all futuristic designs are closely related to the unknown. That is why you should pay attention to this template – it looks stylish and exciting. You want to consider it to the smallest detail and immerse yourself in its atmosphere. This option is suitable for advertising or presentation of new software developments or innovative technologies. Conquer your customers with this design; it only takes one shot!


Cafe And Restaurant Explainer Template

What catches the viewer when viewing public catering advertisements? Of course, the beauty of culinary products, delicious and juiciness, which the screen should fully convey. With this explainer video template, you can be sure that the customer will fall in love with your food. It is made in a restrained style, while the thematic color scheme competently emphasizes the dishes themselves. Such a video is suitable for the main background video on your website and advertising on social networks.


Stunning Software Promo Intro

To interest the viewer in the product from the first seconds, you need to make a promo immediately apparent what is at stake. It will allow you to select your client and thereby increase the conversion from ads. This beautiful intro clarifies that it will be about something related to technology from the very beginning. Therefore, if you are a developer and provide software development services, an Internet provider, or a professional designer, this snippet will be a great way to attract the right audience.


Inspiring Corporate Video Template

It is vital for any company that its leading principles inspire its clients. To convey your business’s central message and find like-minded people, you need to recreate the full atmosphere and mood. This template will help you achieve your goal – it is very stylish and will not take your eyes off it. It is suitable for both novice startups and owners of medium and large businesses. Attract new investors, contract new clients easily with this explainer video template.


Minimalistic Explainer Video For Business

This template is quite versatile to use. You can implement it to advertise any niche: real estate, business, law, and insurance companies, and much more! It is possible due to the subtle minimalist design – it will show your professionalism and keep up with the trends. Although it looks quite simple, it uses color points to focus on special offers. You can be sure the customer won’t miss a thing! 


Striking Portfolio Template

Building a portfolio is a necessary step for everyone working in the fashion and design industry. It allows you to show all your work and makes it possible for the client to decide whether to contact you for a service or not. With this template, each frame will acquire the desired atmosphere and will not lose its brightness. Thanks to the easy-to-use files, you can quickly and effortlessly upload your pictures and texts.


Attractive Company Vision Design

Such a template would be a perfect match for life and business coaches. In it, you can fit all the information you need about your services and achievements: show the program, motivate people to join your team, and strive to acquire new skills. It has an eye-catching design that will make the viewer watch the video to the end. Also, you can use it to create reports or project announcement clips.


Vintage Multipurpose Explainer Video

Vintage style has always been in vogue. It has been successfully applied in beauty and design for many years, and now in the digital age, it continues to be popular. Using this option, you can be sure that your promo will look modern and elegant. With the help of cool transition effects, you will not leave any viewer indifferent and thus push them to choose your company among competitors.


3D Gallery Effect Promo

This template creates a cool 3D gallery effect. You can use it to build your work portfolio. Each design will receive due attention, and the viewer will see each exhibit in detail. And with an exciting transition effect, the atmosphere of virtual reality is created. What is essential in this design is that the author has worked out every detail to the smallest detail – you can see how painstakingly drawn shadows, reflections, lighting. Thanks to this, the client will understand that you are responsible for your work and entrust you with the project’s work.


Cozy Herbal and Tea Template

Tea is a drink that has won the hearts of millions of people around the world. We always subconsciously associate it with coziness, warm atmosphere, relaxation, and sincere company. If you are a tea business owner and want to present the product in all its glory, you should pay attention to this option among all the explainer video templates. It breathes with home comfort, a magical cooking process. With its help, you will immerse the client in the right atmosphere.


Let’s Sum Up!

With the development of the market, there is an urgent need to promote your product. Good advertising will help you succeed in your niche and get more profit. To create it, you will need a lot of time and effort – find marketers, hire designers, work out a concept. Or you can purchase a ready-made solution and modify it to fit your needs in a few clicks!

We have put together a great collection of the best explainer video templates for you. With them, you can be sure that you will show your company’s best aspects and interest the client in cooperation. All of them have high resolution, will look great on any screen size, will load quickly, and working with them will leave you only positive emotions – it has never been so easy! Grow your business and attract more new clients with TemplateMonster!

Explainer Video Templates FAQ

Where can I use explainer video templates?

You can use this type of template to create ads, social videos on various social networks and platforms. This option is also suitable for publishing new posts on your page or the main background for a website. Bring your bold ideas to life!

Who can help me with editing my explainer video templates?

With each template, you will receive documentation with a detailed description of the features and detailed instructions for use. You can also always rely on our technical support – we are there to help you implement your projects. If you need help with customization or add a few other effects, you can also hire a designer. We will deliver the work in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time, thereby saving your precious time.

Can I broadcast the explainer video templates?

Yes, you can broadcast your work based on explainer video templates. Also, licenses allow you to make unlimited copies and publicly share your work, opening up all the possibilities for a successful marketing campaign.

Why is it right to use explainer video templates?

Using this type of templates allows you to save money and time on personal development. All you need to do is replace the demo content with yours. Such a format can also give you an idea for structuring your advertising, and you will know what you need to build a campaign properly.


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