Upcoming Live Workshops On Front-End & UX (Oct 2021–Jan 2022)

Quick summary ↬ Do you like a good interface design challenge? What about accessibility testing and design systems? Or maybe Next.js and advanced CSS? With our new online workshops on front-end & design, we cover all of it. Below you’ll find a schedule of what’s coming up next. Ah, and here’s what our workshops are like.

There are fantastic video courses out there, yet online workshops are just different. You can always ask a question live, you can share your screen and get immediate feedback, and you can work on group exercises with people around the world. In fact, that’s why we’ve fallen in love with online workshops — and have a full program scheduled for the months to come.

For many of us, personal workspace can feel quite comfortable and convenient, but nobody really wants to sign up for another full day of focused screen time. That’s why we break workshops down into 2.5h-sessions, with one session per day. So you always have enough time take it all in, try things out, rewatch a session or raise questions between sessions. That’s not something most in-person workshops can provide. Here’s what our workshops are like.

A friendly Smashing Cat enjoying a workshop remotely
Meet Smashing Online Workshops: live, interactive sessions on frontend & UX.

Live discussions and interactive exercises are at the very heart of every workshop, with group work, homework, reviews and live interaction with people around the world. Plus, you get all video recordings of all sessions, so you can re-watch at any time, in your comfy chair at your workspace.

Upcoming Live Workshops (Oct–Dec 2021)

Free Smashing Workshop

If you’d like to test the waters and join in a Smashing Workshop for free, we’ve got just a workshop for you to sign up for. Join a free 2×2.5h online workshop with Alba Silvente on how to migrate your system to a headless CMS, with practical tips, techniques and live coding!

What Are The Workshops Like?

Do you experience Zoom fatigue as well? We’ve designed the online workshop experience from scratch, accounting for the time needed to take in all the content, understand it and have enough time to ask just the right questions.

A panel of friendly cats, discussing frontend and UX online, of course.
In our workshops, everybody is just a slightly blurry rectangle on the screen; everybody is equal, and invited to participate.

Our online workshops take place live and span multiple days across weeks. They are split into 2.5h-sessions, and in every session there is always enough time to bring up your questions or just get a cup of tea. We don’t rush through the content, but instead try to create a welcoming, friendly and inclusive environment for everyone to have time to think, discuss and get feedback.

There are plenty of things to expect from a Smashing workshop, but the most important one is focus on practical examples and techniques. The workshops aren’t talks; they are interactive, with live conversations with attendees, sometimes with challenges, homework and team work.

Of course, you get all workshop materials and video recordings as well, so if you miss a session you can re-watch it the same day.

A happy workshop attendee
Meet our friendly frontend & UX workshops. Boost your skills online and learn from experts — live.


  • Workshops span multiple days, split in 2.5h-sessions.
  • Enough time for live Q&A every day.
  • Dozens of practical examples and techniques.
  • You’ll get all workshop materials & recordings.
  • All workshops are focused on frontend & UX.
  • Get a workshop bundle and save $250 off the price.

Thank You!

We hope that the insights from the workshops will help you improve your skills and the quality of your work. A sincere thank you for your kind, ongoing support and generosity — for being smashing, now and ever. We’d be honored to welcome you.

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