What Men Want? Manly Website Design or Masculine Web Design

Hello dear readers. Today we are glad to offer you an enclosing part of the blog post series dedicated to gender differences in web design. Get yourself comfortably into the chair and enjoy reading about masculine web design.

Masculine Web Design

Below we are going to talk about manly web design. This is a very interesting theme for discussion as lots of women may think that guys don’t care about anything design at all. But that’s not true; we do care about it, why do you think there are so many technologies that allow creating outstanding visual presentation of the content.

Since we enjoy technology, and all kinds of “goodies” we do like websites that have a very complex structure. Originally we are hunters, and we enjoy “hunting” the information we need. We can spend numerous hours googling the silliest problem, because we are not used to give up, regardless of the problem.

As you know, nowadays minimalistic and high-tech masculine web design are very popular. If we dig into the statistics, these websites are most popular among men, and it has an ulterior motive. When you visit any kind of store selling various gadgets, what do you see?

Dozens of guys twirling gadgets in their hands, and what girls do at this moment? Mostly standing aside while the big “children” have played enough. Men, (some of them) are just the aged children looking for cool and costly toys:)

If we “vivisect” any man-oriented website what we’ve gonna find? Straight lines…everywhere, no rounded corners, because they are for chicks (still, lots of men like them, because they produce rather good-looking effect especially in smaller content blocks).

Men prefer websites that are not overloaded with colors, 3 top, and a reserved/formal typography either some insane font like Comic Sans. As for the language, a manly website will be filled with formal or expert language with few abbreviations and they are more likely to promote themselves and their abilities.

Now let’s have a closer look at the colors. We, guys do know which ones we like, that’s why this info is for girls.


Colors that are traditionally considered masculine or that appeal most strongly to or are more closely associated with men can be good choices for marketing messages, business logos, web sites, and interior designs targeting men.

There are no specific rules considering which colors are masculine and which ones are feminine or gender-neutral. Colors come in many tints and shades; someone may love a rich, royal blue but will strongly dislike pale one, so a preference for the blue doesn’t mean that every shade of blue is universally appropriate. However, some generalization is possible and is based on various color studies.

A Brief Outline of Masculine Web Design

  • Men tended to assign higher ratings to pages designed by men;
  • Men respond better to dark colors and straight, horizontal lines across a page;
  • Men are more attracted by 3D look and animations rather than stationary items;
  • Men prefer color with stronger hue and saturation (bright colors);
  • Men are generally more tolerant of black, white and gray (guess who designed Apple Store website);
  • One in ten men is color blind, but less than 1% of women are.

Well, we’ve discussed most important points in design that attract men, and now let’s have a look at masculine web design. Below you will find website examples of website templates produces by TemplateMonster.

Green Masculine Web Design

A second to blue favorite color of men is green a cool and restful that signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment as well as balance and stability.

While women favor cool, soft colors, men prefer brighter shades although they still show a preference for cool colors such as blue and green.

Skils – Business Services HTML Landing Page Template

Skils - Business Services HTML Landing Page Template

This is a very nice landing HTML5 template for a site for any sphere of providing business services. It’s a kind of business card site. Don’t you think that having everything most simply and is the key to success? Or rather the fact that your visitor will easily find the required service and will call you to order it. The given template of a site is made based on HTML5. There’s the main slider; below, you’ll find blocks with services that are displayed using a picture and a brief annotation. In the portfolio section, you can arrange a list of completed projects. Everything is very simple but same time very functional and practical.

Demo | Download | Hosting

JunkTruck – Garbage Removal Service WordPress Theme

JunkTruck - Garbage Removal Service WordPress Theme

Are you running a company that provides garbage removal services? In need to set up a great website for your business? We have a solution for you! With our wonderful template, you will be able to create the best website out there. Want to provide frequent updates for your clients? A handy newsletter subscription will always help you! We present you with an incredibly responsive, visually interesting, and highly customizable masculine web design that will always satisfy your customers. Your website will be available all over the world and on all known devices. A wide collection of Google fonts will allow you to choose the perfect text style for your website. Need to address a specific issue? Use our handy Personal Blog feature! Want to share a selection of statements from satisfied customers? Setting up testimonials has never been easier!

Demo | Download | Hosting

Startup Creative Pitch Deck Google Slides

Startup Creative Pitch Deck Google Slides

Modern, fresh, stylish – these are the words that can describe the Startup Creative business presentation template. A modern backdrop combined with stylish pictures and a new take on presentations. Suitable for portfolio, business proposal, pitch deck, commerce, or marketing purpose.

Download | Hosting

Demedic – Medical PowerPoint Template

Demedic - Medical PowerPoint Template

This is a Simple & Modern Theme for Powerpoint Presentation; I use it for Medical Industry on this preview. However, you can use it for any kind of Business Presentation such a Technology, Finance, etc. All elements are editable from a shape to colors no need for another software to edit it; just use a Powerpoint.

Download | Hosting

Gardener – Gardening and Landscaping Elementor WordPress Theme

Gardener - Gardening and Landscaping Elementor WordPress Theme

The Gardener WordPress theme is built for Landscaping, Lawn Services, Groundskeeping, Architects, Gardening, Florists, Agriculture, and related businesses. You can easily create a modern website and start promoting your services in less than minutes with the One Click Demo Importer. The Gardener is fully Responsive and Easy to Customize using Elementor Drag & Drop page builder and Theme Options panel in WordPress Customizer.

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Weefly | Medical Cannabis & Marijuana WordPress Theme

Weefly | Medical Cannabis & Marijuana WordPress Theme

Weefly medical cannabis and dispensary WordPress Theme can be used by the legal medical cannabis growers, processors, dispensaries, medical clinics, medical cannabis stores, Coffee shops, recreational medicine, pharmacy, cannabis concentrate shop, marijuana dispensary, coffee shop, and laboratories. This theme is built with the Redux framework and is WooCommerce compatible was built to showcase your cannabis products such as plants, edibles, hemp, drugs, bong, recreational cannabis, marijuana rolls, accessories, and other marijuana products in the best presentation possible.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Nutrimof – Nutritional & Health WordPress Theme

Nutrimof - Nutritional & Health WordPress Theme

Nutrimof is a responsive WordPress Theme/strong nutrition and health coaches, gym, trainers, fitness coaches, etc. The theme is based on Bootstrap and Redux frameworks, with an elegant and modern design, clean and simple, fully responsive and customizable. Nutrimof is the perfect solution for any type of business, especially smart companies, innovative startups; it is very colorful and suits your needs. Quick and easy setup to create a portfolio and show your skills or works.

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eCoaching – Coaching & Online Courses WordPress Theme

eCoaching - Coaching & Online Courses WordPress Theme

eCoaching is a beautiful, flexible, and versatile WordPress theme for speakers, coaches, therapists and trainers, health counselors, etc. It will help individuals and businesses with coaches promote their speeches, services, and advice. eCoaching will bring a great solution to create user satisfaction.

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Latify – Private Farm Responsive WordPress Theme

Latify - Private Farm Responsive WordPress Theme

Check out the new high-productive and beautiful WordPress farm theme, aimed to showcase your services most attractively and engagingly. Use all the technologies that the theme provides and explore the possibilities of the powerful Elementor plugin and extra add-ons. You will have a crush on the creative and charming visual design and parallax effects. What is more, the WordPress farm theme also inspires you to use demo icons and images both for branding and making your website handsome. The combination of high-quality images and green-colored design will help you in the promotion of your farm. All the blocks and sections are already SEO-optimized and very flexible so that customization will take a matter of clicks.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Blue Masculine Web Design

blue color Blue is considered to be favorite color of both men and women of all ages. However, men have a much stronger preference for blue than women.

It may be the calming effect of the color blue that makes it a popular color for both men and women, or it could be the association of some shades of blue with authority figures, intelligence, and stability.

ALLSTAR – Sport Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Website Template

ALLSTAR - Sport Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Website Template

A sports multipage website template is a powerful solution for any modern sports portal. With such a solution, you can build a website for a soccer team and a news resource. Nowadays, many website owners want their sites to look great and attractive. That’s why many modern HTML templates are built around stunning design. We believe that functionality shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you want to create a successful sports team website.

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Christopher J. Powell – Clean Resume Template

Christopher J. Powell - Clean Resume Template

This clean, professional resume template is your must-have choice for a successful career. It’s multipurpose and moderate design will serve as a perfect background for the showcase of your best professional qualities. Choose a preferred color from 3 options available and create the desired presentation of your personality. Thanks to Google material icons, your future CV will look twice more neat and eye-pleasing. Get the job of your dreams with an easy-editable Clean Resume Template!

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Stylish Digital Technology Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Stylish Digital Technology Flyer Corporate Identity Template

A beautiful multipurpose digital technology business flyer template. This layout is suitable for any project purpose. Very easy to use and customize. Easy to change colors, text, photos & every shape. Clean, modern, and fully customizable. Ideal for business purposes, advertising, launches, events, invites, and more.

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Cromos – Modern Keynote Template

Cromos - Modern Keynote Template

Cromos Presentation Template is a versatile template that can be used for presenting your business report, creative ideas, startups project, education learning, and many more. Get the attention of your audience with our professional and modern design for better results. Many possibilities on our template to match your presenting ideas and save a lot of time on making a presentation. This template is easy to use, and you can edit it without hassle.

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Digita – Electronics Store eCommerce Clear Shopify Theme

Digita - Electronics Store eCommerce Clear Shopify Theme

This Shopify theme is an excellent fit for stores selling Electronics apparel, Fashion, Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Beauty, Jewelry, Accessories, and Multi-Purpose. The theme is responsive and supports all devices & a user-friendly theme. It is rich with powerful, user-friendly features that would attract more clients to your online store and boost sales.

Demo | Download | Hosting

AppVim – App Landing Page Template

AppVim - App Landing Page Template

AppVim – App Landing Page HTML5 Template. It is the best way to present your App or Product to the online audience and convince visitors to download your App. You can easily change any design to your own. it’s easy to customize.

Demo | Download | Hosting

AutoClean – Car Wash & Car Repair WordPress Theme

AutoClean - Car Wash & Car Repair WordPress Theme

Car Wash WP Theme is a responsive template crafted exclusively for car maintenance, auto cleaning, and car repair services. Its neat design will give your site a unique look and will capture visitors’ attention from the first sight. The theme is equipped with a page builder with an advanced admin panel that will provide intuitive workflow and customization on the fly.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Black Masculine Web Design

Black Men favor the color black only slightly more than women. A strong preference for conservative colors such as blue and black may also reflect social and cultural norms where women wear the brighter, more varied colors while men’s attire is traditionally less colorful.

Webion – Minimal Elementor Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Webion - Minimal Elementor Multipurpose WordPress Theme

With such a large variety of pages and sections, huge numbers of photos and icons harmoniously combine. Fullscreen size carousel meets you when you enter the page, so your visitors can make a quick acquaintance with your profile. This template is made in modern design, which included everything for a great presentation. When you scroll the home page, you can see widgets like icon list, tab, images layout, etc.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Kanter – Creative Responsive Minimalistic HTML Website Template

Kanter - Creative Responsive Minimalistic HTML Website Template

Made for developers, designers, bloggers, and creative people. This template emphasizes content and different elements for multipurpose use. It is perfectly suited for companies, startups, creative agencies, personal portfolio, creative minds, blogging, and landing pages. Kanter is an amazing solution for portfolio websites that can fit freelancers, photographers, or agency showcase.

Demo | Download | Hosting

NYC Builders – Building Construction WordPress Theme

NYC Builders - Building Construction WordPress Theme

NYC Builders WordPress is a brand new and comprehensive WordPress theme perfectly suitable for architectural, construction, & building business websites. NYC Builders is the perfect solution, professionally designed and developed for the websites of architectural firms, engineering, construction and building companies, and freelance architects. It provides a design reflecting the nature of their business. This WP theme features 3 well-designed homepages with a different look & feel, making it great for various company profiles.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Interior Design – Stylish HTML Bootstrap4 Landing Page Template

Interior Design - Stylish HTML Bootstrap4 Landing Page Template

You need a well-developed and attractive website if you want to find new clients and boost profits. This is why we recommend you check this Interior Design HTML Template. It is professionally designed and looks very elegant. It also looks modern, and you can always boost it with included visual effects and elements. You can do it because Interior Design is fully editable. Moreover, Interior design is a landing page, and due to designers, hard work allows you to provide visitors with all necessary information in a compact way.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Under+Wear – Lingerie Store Shopify Theme

Under+Wear - Lingerie Store Shopify Theme

This Lingerie Shop Responsive Shopify Theme will be a great representation of your business. Under+Wear is a perfectly crafted Lingerie Store eCommerce theme specially made for lingerie, clothes, or fashion boutique webshops. A wide array of options enables you to create any section on your website with a click of a mouse. Yet, it is clean and highlights your products, preferably presenting them. Underwear store is an eCommerce website template and includes cart, currency options, and wishlist features. You can sell underwear, sportswear, and sleepwear.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Huge Hunting – Hunting Store Shopify Theme

Huge Hunting - Hunting Store Shopify Theme

This premium-class theme is designed specifically for eCommerce websites. With the designer with the drag-and-drop interface, which has already impressed many users with its simplicity, the site can be created in minutes. The theme supports convenient menus, SEO-friendly options for promotion, and the ability to integrate with social networks. Your site will work with any browser and device, which is ideal for a modern masculine web design solution.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Gun Shop HTML Template Website Template

Gun Shop HTML Template Website Template

Gun Shop Html Template is used for an online weapon store like shooting school, gun classes, or firearm training website. Weapon Store is compatible with the popular Events Calendar, which gives you a chance to create and show upcoming events in your shooting school with ease!

Demo | Download | Hosting

Weapon OpenCart Template

Weapon OpenCart Template

The trendy black and white layout of this weapons OpenCart theme perfectly suits various online stores. It can be a sport, electronics, computers, cars, music, book shops, etc. The layout is oriented on product presentation; each item goes with an image, short description, and price notification. Bestsellers are placed in a separate block, and featured products are shown in the hero area. The visitors will easily surf around the site thanks to its intuitive navigation and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Transmitter – Car Repair WordPress Theme

Transmitter - Car Repair WordPress Theme

This Car Repair WordPress Theme will help you create a noticeable car repair business website. Almost ready-to-use website theme with multiple layouts and pages will work equally fast on any type of device. With this theme, you’ll get a great response rate, intuitive interface, stunning artwork, and fully adjustable looks with blogging and social network support. It’ll allow you to start your new business with a fully-functional website. You’ll be able to get in touch with your customers easily. You’ll also offer your services and attract customers effectively by using your new website.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Colors Guys Don’t Like

Purple stands out as a feminine color because it is chosen almost exclusively by women as a favorite color and is strongly disliked by men (still some wear purple shits:). Men are less likely to respond favorably to others such as lavender and turquoise.

Most people still think of pink as a feminine, delicate color that is for little girls. Even though it is acceptable as a clothing color for men (not that bright as in the example), pink has such strong negative associations for men that some uses of the color may be considered insulting to men.

The Choice

We can’t bypass the theme of a man’s choice. Men tend to be more tenured online shoppers than women, so they feel more comfortable buying big ticket items online. Men may also buy more items all at once to minimize shopping trips. So that 4K entertainment system the guy next door just bought with a single click-complete with TV, game system, surround sound, and Blue-Ray player. When it comes to returning the purchase the guy or man will get it back immediately otherwise it will never be returned.

It’s hard to get all men under one gauge, and state that each and every of them likes all things mentioned above. All men differ, what you have read about is a generalized model of men’s design preferences. If you have something to say, don’t be silent, the comments section waits for your contribution.

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