When You Have Clients From Hell [Freelancers’ Life Comics]

Have you ever tried to work as a freelancer?

There’s plenty of services you can offer to a client distantly. Nowadays it’s not necessary to go to the office five times a week and spend eight hours every day there. Freelancing is widespread among photographers, designers, writers, and coders.

There’s a lot of offers for freelancers on the web. Just choose your area and start!


Although freelancing has lots of advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

We won’t be talking about all of them now. We will talk about just one. And I bet it drives every freelancer crazy. I’m talking about clients from hell.

Have you ever been waiting a long time for somebody to hire you and there appears a client who wants to give you a job and offers a nice price? And it seems they are your salvation! But once you’ve finished the order, it turns out that your client is not a salvation at all; he has horns and now seems to be more like a curse!

I think we’ve all been there. So, you know what I am talking about.

Of course, when some time passes, we can make fun of hellish clients; today we’ve prepared some comics for you.


And good luck with your clients! 😉

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clients from hell

clients from hell

clients from hell

Hellish clients

clients from hell

Hellish clients

Hellish clients


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