12+ Free Logo Makers 2021: a Cool Logo in Few Seconds

The cut-throat nature of competition in the globalized economy demands innovative ways of gaining an advantage in the market. Top brands aim for fast recall, even when the name is not integrated into the logo design. In this sense, a logo can be understood as a graphic mark or emblem that is used to promote and aid public identification and recognition of a product or service. In this post, we’ve gathered the best free logo makers and free logo templates for you. You’ll also have an opportunity to choose and download ready-made items.

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  1. Reasons Why Logos Are So Important for Your Business
  2. 12+ Best Online Logo Makers and Logo Generators 2021
  3. Download Free & Premium Ready-to-Use Logos 2021
  4. Top 5 Logos Compared
logo maker

Reasons Why Logos Are So Important for Your Business

  • Reveal your brand identity
    In the same way that cowboys brand cattle to mark ownership, imprinting logos on your products and merchandise communicates identity. It informs your customers who you are, as well as your services and products.
  • Invite your customers to know you better
    Customers are naturally drawn to colorful and attractive things.
  • Pique interest and bring in potential customers
  • Set brands apart from their competition
    Professional looking logos are a simple way of separating competing products. Dare to be different.

All these reasons highlight the need for creativity when creating logos. Please note that good logos are uncomplicated, easily recalled, long-lasting, and flexible. To get the best out of the process, it is often a good idea to hire a graphic designer. However, financial constraints may limit your ability to hire a top designer. If that is the case, there is no need to worry. Free logo makers and free graphic design templates are there to help companies and individuals produce quality logos without the financial burden.

12+ Best Online Logo Makers and Logo Generators 2021

The goal of this guide is to introduce you to the best free logo making services that are available online. Enjoy 2020 designs and let’s start!

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is the world’s leading online logo maker. Using AI, it takes your design preferences into account and lets you create a unique logo in under 5 minutes! You don’t need any design expertise or a big budget to use Tailor Brands; simply enter some information about your business, customize it to your liking, and start using your logo everywhere!

In addition to receiving high-quality logo files, you’ll also get access to a full set of branding tools, including business card templates, domain registration, a website builder, and top-notch designs for social media – everything you need to build your brand identity from the ground up.

Zyro Logo Maker

Zyro Logo Maker.

This completely free online tool helps people with little to no design skills create an attractive and representative logo. This is made possible by the massive catalog of templates and icons that represent virtually every niche you can think of. Pair that with hundreds of fonts and in-depth customization tools that can be understood and mastered in minutes, and you have a powerful logo maker.

On top of that, once you’re done designing the logo, you’ll export it as a high-resolution file that is ready to use for online branding, printed media, and other types of merchandise.

If you happen to struggle with coming up with a business name or slogan for your logo, you can also use Zyro’s free AI tools that will help generate both while keeping your niche in mind.

Hatchful Shopify Logo Creator

Shopify Online Free Logo Generator

Shopify is one of the top free logo makers on this list. It enables users to generate logos within seconds, without the need for any technical expertise.

The tool is mostly preferred by online entrepreneurs and small businesses that are just starting out. Shopify comes with incredible stock imagery, as well as a vast library of alternatives.

The downside of the Shopify Logo Maker:

  • some users may not be able to make their ideas come to life fully. There is also the risk of the most popular icons being used by another business, eliminating the element of uniqueness.


Turbologo is both multipurpose and sterling logo creator, which helped to brand numerous companies. Thanks to enormous and quality image data base and highly compatible patterns as well, you can design the most trendy logo ever.

An advanced, adaptive AI, making no crude or poor designs, is why the site is cherished by our customers. You won’t have to discard one terrible design after the other as most of the offered variations look ready to apply. Should you browse through all the gallery of offered designs, it’s really hard to tell whether they were created by AI or some professional designer.

Yet another huge advantage is convenient and intuitive template editor. Even a total design newbie is sure to get it fully operational in no time and design its own, a plausible logo.

And a final trump here is an option to order a readily available design, receiving, as a result, nothing but a personal brand style, all along with card, folder and other branding items design.


Logaster is a free logo maker allowing you to create a logo in a matter of minutes. You do not need to have special graphics skills – just enter your company name and click on the create button. Logaster AI uses hundreds of design algorithms to create a personalized design. However, it goes without saying that it is not enough to make effective branding. That is why the designers’ team moderate and improve designs to make sure that the customer will get a high-quality product. Moreover, according to the personal vision, you can edit your logo changing text, color palette, logo layout, icons, etc. You are able to download your logo both in a raster (PNG, JPEG) and in vector (PDF, SVG) formats.

The strength of the service is the possibility to create an already branded business card both for you and your employees as well as to get a social media kit with your logo optimized for all popular social networks. Also, you can get your logo on 5 different backgrounds (white, transparent, corporate, black & white and negative version) with 6 possible layouts.

Logogenie logo maker

Logogenie is without a doubt one of the leading logo makers out there. With its next level design tools, an endless choice of logo templates and an easy-to-use user interface, it’s easy to say that you’ll find something you’ll love! The design process is arguably one of the simplest in the game.


What sets apart Logogenie from the rest is the advanced tools and design features that allow you to design unique logos. Logogenie has helped thousands of companies create awesome logos across the world.

LogoMyWay Logo Maker

Logo My Way

LogoMyWay has been around since 2008 and has created over 5 million logos.  With the logoMyWay logo maker, you can easily enter your company name and see thousands of examples for you to select from. Every design was created by a professional logo designer. LogoMyWay currently has over 30,000 logo designers from all over the world that create logos for you to customize. You can try it free and don’t have to sign-up to use the online logo editor.

When it comes to designing a logo it’s important to make your logo memorable, unique and stand out from your competition. There are lots of places online to purchase a logo and sometimes it can be overwhelming and difficult to select a service. You need to consider price, customer service, the quality of the logos, and how long it will take to design your logo. LogoMyWay has taken a lot of the guess work out. With their logo maker, you can see the exact design you are going to purchase. You can edit the logo for free but will need to pay a fee to download and use the logo.

When it comes to branding your business a logo is a very important part of that process. If you think of big brands and how recognizable they are at a glance, that’s an example of some powerful branding. When you can see the shape of a logo without words and know what company that design represents. that’s great branding. Before you design your own logo browse around at some top brands and your competition and brainstorm what you think your logo should represent and portray. When designing your logo you will want to make sure the fonts, colors, and shapes make an impression and speak about your business. You want your logo to be simple and memorable at a glance.

The process of making your own logo with LogoMyWay is a simple one.

  1. Enter your company name in the box and click “Start Now”. Hundreds of logos will instantly be generated for you to select from.
  2. Browse hundreds of logos and click the one that best fits your brand and vision for your company
  3. Edit the logo using the online logo maker. You can change the fonts, colors, shapes and much more.
  4. Once you are finished editing the logo you download your new logo and begin using it. The entire process only takes about 5 minutes.

The difference with LogoMyWay and other services is the quality of the logos. Once you see the selection of logos you will notice the detail and uniqueness in the designs. Another great feature with this logo maker is you can come back at a later time and edit your logo at no charge. Inside your account, you will see the original logo you created along with a download link and another link that says “Edit” To edit your logo just click that link and begin to make changes. After you make changes you can download the logo. All logos you have created will remain inside your account so you can come back and download them at any time.

Give LogoMyWay a try!

Hipster Logo Maker

Hipster Online Generator

As the name suggests, this free logo maker was developed due to the rampant hipster movement some years back. The logos generated, therefore, reflect the hipster style, and may not be for everyone. However, for companies targeting younger audiences, this may just be the right tool for creating a free logo. It is incredibly simple, and you are merely required to run through the various alternatives before starting to put the logo together. No skills or special design experience are needed. While the free version is relatively low quality, you can export a high-resolution version of the product for a small fee.

Free Logo Maker by UcraftUcraft Free Logo Design and Download

Ucraft is another useful website for business logos. The tool (logo options) comes as a free application, with various prompts that can be used to develop unique logos. However, some have an issue with the cartoonish logo nature. Make sure that the product appeals to your audience.

The main strength of Ucraft:

  • the possibility of downloading the logo as a free PNG file. The outcome is a transparent, high-resolution image that can be used anywhere. In fact, after creating a logo here, you could pass it on to a professional designer for more refining.

GraphicSprings Business Logo CreatorGraphicSprings Business Free LogoMaker

GraphicSprings Business is an amazingly efficient free online logo maker. The sheer number of customization fuels the tool’s attractiveness for business logos. The features provided are comparable to those afforded by professional image editing programs. It is possible to divide the various types of logos into letter and abstract-based. Even better, you can hire a professional from the website to help create a logo.

Canva Free Logo MakerCanva Logo Generator Free

While Canva is certainly not a dedicated website for logos, it can be an invaluable tool in logo creation. The goal of the application is to mimic any features that accompany professional design programs.

In fact, users are likely to notice many similarities to such programs as Adobe Photoshop. However, such mimicry does not mean that Canva is hard to use. The app is actually quite straightforward. For instance, it is possible to drag and drop various elements. Canva logo generator also comes with live orientation guides, allowing you to match things as you prefer. There is even a massive catalog of free images that you can adapt for your logos. You also have the option of creating flyers, business cards, and social media images. On top of that, there are many free logo templates to guide you.

Begin with the free ones, tweaking the colors, fonts, and text to suit your company brand. You can download designs as PDF, JPG and PNG. However, a significant drawback of using Canva is the lack of uniqueness as people use the same templates.

Zillion Designs Free Logo MakerZillion Designs Free Logo Design Software

Zillion Designs is an astoundingly comprehensive tool compared to other free design applications. It offers a host of services, one of which is logo design support. The process is as simple as picking a preferred design, entering the company name and choosing colors along with fonts. You can also add your own designs and shapes to the template to achieve a look that is truly unique.

SquareSpace Logo CreatorSquareSpace Free Logo Creator

Of all the tools listed here, SquareSpace logo builder is arguably the most controversial. For a long time, the company has been known for its easy-to-use tools for website design, targeting small businesses. However, the recent launch of what has been touted as the best free logo creator has caused jitters among the digital community. There are those who posit that the company is taking away business from brand marketers and designers. Nonetheless, the designs of the logos produced by SquareSpace are simply astonishing. The tool combines the functionality of a simple drag-and-drop system with a slick interface. The products can rival any top design work.

DesignHill Logo MakerDesignHill Free Logo Makers

Unlike most other websites that only offer a generator, DesignHill also comes with the benefit of a community of designers. The tool has received a number of positive reviews as the best free logo maker. It uses a quick three-step process where you pick a template and tweak it to suit your brand. Alternatively, you could seek assistance from the design marketplace. The design tool prompts you to add as much information as possible. The more accurate the information you enter, the more refined your logo will be. DesignHill also offers design contests, as well as options for locating professional designers.

FreeLogoServicesFree Logo Services

This option has thousands of logo design templates, which you can save for free in the cloud. The design process begins when you pick your industry and enter the text. There are multiple options between text-based, badge, icon, and initial logos. Once you come across a design you prefer, you can save it and make adjustments as you see fit. The customized design can then be used to create documents and business cards.

DesignEvo Free Logo Makerdesignevo

Wish 6000+ professionally designed templates, DesignEvo enables everyone to becomes logo designer in a few minutes. It is an easy-to-use and versatile logo maker for creating a logo with a pro look online. Even if you are the first time to use it, you can fully control it with its straightforward interface. Besides, it offers millions of professionally designed icons, 100+ stylish fonts, and many shapes. And all the elements in the logo can be fully customized to get a unique look. You can get high-quality SVG and PDF logo files that can be scaled to any size without pixelating. Perfect for using in print, online and anywhere else.

DesignMantic Logo MakerDesignMantic Logo Maker

DesignMantic Logo Maker is an all-in-one logo design platform that not only equips expertise but also integrates AI technology for comprehensive user experience. It provides you with unlimited logo designs suitable for any industry. Within seconds, you can generate your own logo design. And since the driving force is the AI, you get a professional design at a highly affordable price in a few simple steps.

Fotor Logo Creator


Fotor is one of the professional logo makers on this list. It provides so many well-designed logo templates, allows people to create a logo with a few simple steps, without any Photoshop skill required.

This tool is popular in so many different people such as bloggers, students, teachers, graphic designers, normal people. You just need to drag and drop the logo design template, change the text, background, and add the stickers as you like. You will finish one stunning logo in minutes. Try Fotor’s logo maker now!


logomakr logo creator

LogoMakr is the next means that you can utilize to devise a logo for your project. This software is elementary in exploitation – simply pull and drop the desired shapes and text how you wish them to be located. You can select from a variety of icons and shapes, and then update their color, size, and so on. It’s also possible to arrange the writing using the selected fonts, sizes, and colors. The crop button will conclude your preparations. In the end, you’ll get the ready-to-use logo. However, there are certain drawbacks to this medium. Free download is possible only with a low quality of the image or with giving a credit to the site.


placeit logo creator

Free opportunities are also available in Placeit. It offers a wide assortment of logo templates that look expert and catchy. The service provides the units for a number of cases starting from sports team emblems to restaurant’s logos. The tool is extremely simple, and you’ll not necessitate some special talents to construct the logo. Use the provided samples, edit the texts, select shapes and icons, and prepare the individual logo for your brand. At the same time, the limitations appear when you want to download the result of your editing. The free version will be with a watermark or low resolution.

Online Logo Maker

online logo maker

The next service for logo making with a creative name is Online Logo Maker. It has a user-friendly interface and plenty of templates for your selection. It will be easy to generate your logo using this service. View the available variants, and you’ll get some brilliant ideas for your project. The next step will be customizing the chosen template. You can also upload your own picture and incorporate into the logo design. What’s more, you can save the created project and return to it later when you’ll be ready to finalize your efforts. This service has free and premium offerings. The latter will allow you getting your logo as transparent or vector.

Free Logo Design

free design logo

Free Logo Design is another instrument you can use for realizing the logo design. It will fit numerous companies due to a great number of templates and simple usage. The editor is user-friendly, and even the one with no design skills will be qualified to devise the good piece. Thus, you’ll need to have a name for the business, pick a template from thousands of site’s offerings, edit the shades, shapes, and so on, and in the end, download the results. The same as in most of the free services, a high-resolution logo will be accessible only in the paid package.

Logotype Maker

logotype maker

More than a thousand samples and hundred of fonts are proposed in Logotype Maker. Notably, more than 600 thousands of shapes are available for making a custom logo design. You’ll need to follow simple steps to create your project, such as paste the name of your organization, select the suitable category, template, the background color, moderate all pieces. You can add shadow effects, clipart, or your own pictures. In this service, you’ll be able to get your final product in 300DPI as PNG or JPG file. There are premium versions of this tool, which offer unlimited editions of your logo project and vector-based SVG downloads.

Download Free & Premium Ready-to-Use Logos 2021

Free Freelance Business Logo template

Free Dentist Logo template

Free SEO Agency Logo template

Free Photography Logo template

Free Fitness and Sport Logo template

Car Service Logo TemplateCar Service Logo Template

It may be a challenge to create a good car repair logo. And you can save money and time with this Car Service Logo Template. Yet, you can use it not only for auto services. It will fit various technical niches. All you need is to use your imagination.

Designers used bright colors to make it eye-catchy, yet it is minimalistic at the same time. You can put it into your website, print it on a t-shirt or use this logo as a sign. It comes in .ai format and can be edited with Adobe Illustrator 8.

Acselerat A Letter Logo TemplateAcselerat A Letter Logo Template

Acselerat is a multipurpose logo and suits various types of websites. It suits especially well IT companies, construction companies, media portals, and technological companies.

Due to developers work Acselerat is:

  • Bright
  • Minimalistic
  • Easy to edit
  • Print ready
  • Made in high resolution.

It has an attractive design and you can edit it with Adobe Illustrator. You can also get ticket support from a vendor.

Cube Star Logo Template

Cube Star Logo Template

If you need something clean and attractive then you have to check this Cube Star Logo. As the name implies this logo consists of two shapes: cube and star. Yet, designers made this combination very stylish and you can impress website visitors, customers and business partners with a tasteful simplicity of your brand logo.

You can make a business card, sign or t-shirt print for:

  • Construction company
  • Financial advisory
  • IT company
  • Architecture studies

Cube star is easy to edit and comes in high resolution.

Evolget E Letter Logo TemplateEvolget E Letter Logo Template

Designers used a few shades of green color to highlight Evolget Logo. Due to this feature, Evolget is bright and eye-catchy. And if you need something strict you can use the black version. Moreover, if it is not enough for you then you can use Adobe Illustrator to change color or shape of Evolget. It may be useful to play with the design in order to make it original and suitable especially for your brand logo, printer product or business card. This logo comes in .ai format and can be easily edited.

Centerium C Letter Logo TemplateCenterium C Letter Logo Template

Centrium is a letter logo and allows you to highlight any brand name or title with letter C. It is dynamic and due to the contrast of red and black or white colors creates a sporty and modern look.

You can use Centrium to advertise or present various types of business. For example, you can use it for a financial agency, auto dealers service, hardware company or a software company.

It is also suitable for printing and you can use it for various products.

  • T-shirts
  • Cups
  • Cards
  • Signs
  • Posters

NEWYOU N Letter Logo TemplateNEWYOU N Letter Logo Template

If you need something special for a Logo and if you want to highlight the N letter then you should check this NEWYOU Logo Template. This product was developed by creative designers and can impress your customers or website visitors with stylish shapes. The design is eye-catchy and print-ready. But if you want to bring more details or change the color then you can do it with an Adobe Illustrator. It is simple and you can create your own and unique logo design.

Fox Logo Template

Fox Logo Template

Everyone loves foxes. This is why any printed product or a brand will be perfect with the Fox Logo Template. It is minimalistic, yet stylish and able to attract people due to eye-catchy design. It is multipurpose and fits various types of companies, agencies, and even media portals. It is perfect for brand presentation.

And if you want to decorate it or change the color scheme, then you can edit it using one of four file formats.

It includes .ai (Adobe Illustrator CC version), .eps (Adobe Illustrator CC version), .eps (Adobe Illustrator CS version) and .eps (Adobe Illustrator 10 version) formats.

Magical Fairy Logo TemplateMagical Fairy Logo Template

Sometimes you need something feminine and soft. This is why we developed a Magical Fairy Logo. It is a perfect choice for many types of business. It will suit cosmetics companies, beauty salons, beauty shops, and many other businesses.
It is fully customizable and includes a resizable resolution. Magic Fairy has pre-developed versions for white background, colored version for a black background and black/grayscale version.

Moreover, it has it includes few graphic files.

  • AI Illustrator vector
  • EPS vector
  • PSD Photoshop

Butterfly Logo Template

Butterfly Logo Template

Butterfly Logo is another soft and stylish product from our developers. Yet, it is unique due to the top-notch image of a butterfly and attractive color theme. It is a calm and minimalistic logo template that will be perfect for various businesses and organizations. If you like the design then Butterfly is a good choice for you. Moreover, you can play with design and create a unique logo for any purpose.

Main features:

  • Vector design
  • Fully editable
  • Customizable colors and font
  • CMYK colors
  • Print ready

Energy Logo Template

Energy Logo Template

This astonishingly good logo is eye-catchy and bright. It consists of a hexagon with lightning. The lightning divides hexagon into two parts. It has a green and blue color in it, yet you can customize the color scheme or even the shape of this logo template. Just use your imagination and use Adobe Illustrator to create the best logo for your brand, card, poster or a t-shirt. This logo template is multipurpose and you can use it for unlimited purposes.

Dog Logo Template

Dog Logo Template

Sometimes you need something eye-catchy, yet minimalistic. This is when you may like a Dog Logo Template. It reminds of old good brand traditions and you can compare this logo with Puma, for example. At the same time, this logo template is cheerful and due to these features can be used for multiple occasions.

You can create a brand, print a t-shirt or use this logo for website decoration. It is easy to customize, includes fully vector file and if you have any questions you can address them to the vendors’ support team.

Bull Logo Template

Bull Logo Template

This Bull Logo is modern, dynamic and sporty. It literally looks like an American football team logo. Yet, sport is not the only sphere where you can use this logo. It is multipurpose and you can use it for a ranch, construction company, restaurant, delivery, and many other business companies.

Vendors care about their products and provide you with 24/7 support. Moreover, you can customize it with Adobe Illustrator and change any part of this template.

Logo Creator 380+ Elements & Mock-Ups Logo TemplateLogo Creator 380+ Elements & Mock-Ups Logo Template

If you need an easy tool for developing your own logo then you need this Logo Creator. It allows you to create more than 15000 logos! Just check the product page and you will see how many combinations and various logos you can make with Logo Creator Logo Template.

This product includes more than 380 elements.

  • 70 round frames
  • 70 round filled frames
  • 50 different frames
  • 50 different filled frames
  • 55 text combinations
  • 60 premade colorful logos
  • 15 watercolor backgrounds
  • 18 glitter backgrounds
  • 3 Mock-Ups`s

Tournament Knight Logo TemplateTournament Knight Logo Template

The tournament knight is another stylish and clean logo template. It has a neutral design, yet the image of a horseman is well-developed. It is a state-of-art product and you can make it better due to full customization. A knight is a symbol of strength and valor, yet it is also a gallant symbol too. It is multipurpose and you can use it for any business niche. It fits the financial company, education courses, delivery service, and entertainment facilities.

It is a high-quality product with a resizable resolution, .ai Illustrator vector, EPS vector, PSD Photoshop files, and pre-built logo versions.

Infinity Logo Template

Infinity Logo Template

It may look as a loading circle at a first look. Yet it is the feature that makes Infinity Logo Template really eye-catchy. Yet, this logo is much more than the loading circle. It is a logo with concept design. It has a bright and high-quality design. Yet, you can edit the color scheme and even shapes of this logo template. You can use it for multiple purposes. You can create a brand, print a t-shirt or make an advertising poster.


It is very important for any travel company or travel club to have an eye-catchy brand logo. With a good logo, you can attract more people and create an atmosphere of trust. And this is why we present you with this PUZZLE logo template. It includes a pre-built bright version and a pre-built dark version. You can use one of them for your blog. Or you can customize this logo in Adobe Illustrator to create your own logo.

Developed especially for tourist business this logo can be printed or used for a website.

Yakitori – Sushi Restaurant Logo TemplateYakitori - Sushi Restaurant Logo Template

A restaurant with a nice logo will always be a preferable choice for clients. A logo can be a symbol of your status. Or simply an eye-catchy part of the design. Yet, if you want to purchase a logo you need a logo developed especially for your restaurant type. And when it comes to sushi restaurants Yakitori is a perfect choice. It is stylish, modern and highlights the sushi meals in your restaurant.

Due to MotoCMS, you can create your own logo fast and easy. Just check the product page and you will see how simple it is.

Free Fitness and Sport Logo TemplateFree Fitness and Sport Logo Template Logo Template

This free template is a good choice for the gym, fitness club or a sports club. Moreover, you can edit any part of it with Photoshop. And if you want you can create a poster, a t-shirt or even a brand logo. It is free and you can download it to check how it works in your business without paying any money.

This logo is attractive and advertises your gym. Use it to boost your business.

Beta Pharm Medical Logo TemplateBeta Pharm Medical Logo Template

For any medical company, it is important to create an atmosphere of trust and reliability. This is why, if you want to create a logo for your drug store, healthcare company or pharmaceutical company you need a specially developed logo template. And this is why we present you Beta Pharm Logo Template. It is bright, well-designed and creates a strong association with a healthcare sphere.

In addition, this logo was developed with MotoCMS and provides you with many options in customizing and various file formats.

Navigator – N Letter Logo TemplateNavigator - N Letter Logo Template

Navigator Logo Template is a perfect choice for many occasions. It is colorful, highly detailed and you can use it for a software company or mobile application logo. It will also fit construction companies, homemade stores, maintenance service company and many other businesses.

This logo template is also fully editable and you can change it as you wish. Moreover, It has Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw versions. You can print it on a cup, make a sign or decorate documents with this logo. It will be eye-catchy and recognizable.

Top 5 Logos Compared


Navigator – N Letter Logo Template

Cube Star Logo Template

NEWYOU N Letter Logo Template

Magical Fairy Logo Template

Butterfly Logo Template













Editable (text and fonts, colors, size, etc.)






Compatible with Adobe Illustrator






Compatible with Corel Draw


Compatible with Adobe Photoshop


Free Logo Design Makers FAQ

💠 How can I create my logo for free?

To create a logo for free is quite real even if you’re not a designer on your own. For this, look for online services, so-called online logo makers/creators. Lots of them are available for free and easy-to-use. Using them anyone can design, save, and download their own logo.

🌐 What are the best free online logo makers?

When you need a logo to be made quickly and payless, try the next logo makers!
10 best online free logo makers:
1) Hatchful Shopify Logo Creator
2) Logaster
3) Hipster Logo Maker
4) Free Logo Maker by Ucraft
5) Graphicsprings Business Logo Creator
6) Canva Free Logo Maker
7) Zillion Designs Free Logo Maker
8) SquareSpace Logo Creator
9) Designhill Logo Maker
10) FreeLogoServices

🌀 Which is the best logo maker app?

Hatchful Shopify Logo Creator is one of the top free logo makers on this list. It enables users to generate logos within seconds, without the need for any technical expertise.
The tool is mostly preferred by online entrepreneurs and small businesses that are just starting. Shopify comes with incredible stock imagery, as well as a vast library of alternatives.

✳ Why are logos so important for business?

A good memorable logo is a core part of any business, it:
1) reveals your brand identity;
2) invites your customers to know you better;
3) piques the interest and bring in potential customers;
4) sets brads apart from their competition.

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