20 Amazing Logo Templates for Photographers

Capture their interest before you even capture a photo! Berenice Abbott once said that photography helps people to see. However, if you’re a photographer (or if you’re working with a photographer), then you know that it’s your logo that convinces new customers to come and take a look at their portfolio.

Competition in photography can be tough. And unfortunately, clients often won’t look farther from a photographer’s logo to pick the right person for the job. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a gorgeous logo for photographers so that new clients come to take a look at their portfolio. How? With these amazing logo templates for photographers.

These logo templates for photographers are tried and true. There’s something for all kinds of photographers; from wedding and portrait photographers to artistic photographers who want to secure their next exhibit. We’re going to give you plenty of ideas to work with on your next project, no matter the photographer you’re working with. You’ll be able to streamline your brainstorming and design process, give clients more options, and ultimately help them create a personal (and professional) brand.


Illustrated Logo Templates for Photographers (AI & EPS)

Fun and creative, these illustrated logo templates for photographers are the real deal! You’ll get 24 photographer logos you can customize in the Adobe suite; from logos with camera icons, to minimalist and monogram logos. Pick the elements you like, or customize the templates to fit your clients!

Illustrated Logo Templates photographer camera photography

Photography Camera Logo Kit Templates (AI & EPS)

If you often work with photographers, you’ve got to have a great design kit by your side. This photography camera logo template kit is the perfect option! The kit features over 50 possible logo designs with diverse camera illustrations, so it’s definitely one for the books!

Logo Kit Templates photographer camera photography

Emblem, Badge, Label & Logo Photography Templates (AI & EPS)

Showcase your tradition and quality with these photography logo templates. Perfect for photographers that want to show off their old-school vibe and charm, this logo templates for photographers offer 15 diverse logo versions. The best part? You can easily customize them and make sure they fit your clients’ styles.

Emblem Badge Label Logo photographer camera photography

Minimal Photography Logo Template (AI & EPS)

Minimalism is all the rage, so if that’s something your clients are looking for, you’ll love this logo template for photographers. It’s a simple yet intriguing template that features a monogram-style element for extra emphasis. It also works like a charm for creative agencies!

photographer camera Minimal Photography Logo Template

Vintage Personal Branding Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Showcase your clients’ personal brands with these vintage logo templates, made specifically for artistic photographers and other creatives. Featuring a variety of elements and stunning font options, this vintage logo template collection for photographers (and studios) is an exquisite choice! Are you ready to make some (camera shutter) noise?

Vintage Personal Branding Logo Templates photographer camera photography

Illustrated Vintage Camera Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Photographers with a vintage aesthetic will love these logo templates! This vintage camera logo template collection features 12 interesting logos that feature diverse camera illustrations; from old-school cameras that the Lumieres have used, to modern cameras, and more. Your clients will love these engaging logos (and so will their customers)!

Illustrated Vintage Logo Templates photographer camera photography

25 Photography Logo Design Templates (AI, EPS, PSD & SVG)

Photographers often go for the vintage aesthetic, but this is something completely different! These 25 logo templates for photographers offer a dash of retro, but they also incorporate vivid color palettes and interesting elements. Featuring badges, cameras, crowns, and more, these logos are the perfect choice for your extravagant clients.

Photography Logo Design Templates photographer camera

Modern Photography Logo Templates (AI, EPS & PSD)

Unique and minimalist, this modern logo template for photographers is perfect for already established photographers that want to drive brand awareness. Featuring a bold and intricate sans-serif font combination, as well as an outlined camera icon, this logo template is a great choice for clients that want to become timeless.

Modern Photography Logo Templates photographer camera

Two-Tone Photography Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Featuring a bold color choice (orange and black) with vintage illustrations and interesting combinations of fonts, these two-tone photography logo templates are one of a kind. These logos are perfect for photographers who want a more vintage brand aesthetic, but you’ll find a few cool modern options, too.

Two-Tone Photography Logo Templates photographer camera photography

Retro Photography Logo & Badges Set (AI, EPS, PNG, PSD & SVG)

A combination of beautiful retro insignia and minimalist labels, these photography logo templates are a perfect choice for photographers that want to stand out from the crowd. You’ll get 12 premade logos, as well as extra elements (ribbons, camera icons, and more) customizable in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator!

Retro Logo Badges Set photographer camera photography

Outdoor Pics Logo Template (AI & EPS)

This logo template is perfect for modern and dynamic photographers who want to attract more adventurous clients. Featuring a minimalist sans-serif font combination and a camera icon showcasing mountain illustrations, it’s definitely a memorable choice perfect for photographers’ business cards and other important branding (and marketing) materials.

Outdoor Pics Logo Template photographer camera photography

Photography Studio Logo & Label Templates (AI & EPS)

Simple and versatile, these logo templates for photographers are perfect for established studios that need subtle branding. The black outline camera and shutter icons are minimalist, and their combination with logo fonts doesn’t leave a lot of room for confusion. These 9 logos simply work for diverse clients!

Studio Logo Label Templates photographer camera photography

Minimal Camera & Photography Logo Template (AI & EPS)

If you’re looking for a modern and elegant logo for your next photography logo project, you’ve just found it! This minimalist photography logo template features a simple white outline camera icon with a combination of serif and sans-serif fonts that emphasize the photographer’s information.

Minimal Logo Template photographer camera photography

10 Brush Photography Logo Templates (AI)

Create a unique and professional logo for a photography business with these 10 brush logo templates. Featuring handcrafted logo templates with fonts that suit a variety of brands, as well as unique icons (from cameras and shutters, to drones and frames), this photography logo template pack is a great choice!

Brush Logo Templates photographer camera photography

Photography Studio Logos, Labels & Icons (AI & EPS)

Showcase your professionalism with these elegant photography studio logo templates. They also work great for labels, icons, and other branding materials! You’ll get 9 logo templates featuring shutters and cameras in diverse styles, as well as different typography; from vintage, to modern. Customize them and wow your clients!

Studio Logos Labels Icons photographer camera photography

Camera Silhouette Logo Template (AI & EPS)

Looking for the perfect icon for your next photography logo? You’ve just found it! This camera silhouette template pack is the perfect addition to the logo you’ve been working on. You’ll get camera, flash, aperture, lighting, and other symbols that will elevate your logos.

Silhouette Logo Template photographer camera photography

Minimalist Photography Logo Template (PSD)

If you often work with photographers, you’ll need a steady stream of photography logo inspiration. Enter: this photography logo template pack! With 50 minimalist logo templates for photographers, you’ll be set! You’ll get plenty of options, and every logo is customizable in Adobe Photoshop.

Minimalist Logo Template photographer camera photography

Collection of Photography Logo Templates (AI & EPS)

Paint a vivid picture with these stunning logo templates for photographers. These 18 logo templates offer plenty of options; from minimalist photography logos, to ornate logos featuring ribbons and intricate elements. There’s really something for everyone! These templates also work great as labels and badges for other materials.

Logo Templates photographer camera photography

Vintage Photography Badges & Logos (PSD, AI & EPS)

If your clients want to showcase both their personal and professional brands, these photography logo templates work like a charm! You’ll get 20 vintage badge and logo templates for photographers, and you can customize them in Photoshop or Illustrator. You’ll love the authentic and vibrant designs!

Vintage Photography Badges Logos photographer camera photography

Vector Camera & Photography Elements (AI & EPS)

Give your clients’ brands some dazzling vintage charm with these stunning camera and photography elements and logo templates. These logos are truly unique, featuring both standard icons like vintage cameras, as well as vibrant typography and golden outlines. If your clients want to charm their customers, pick this pack!

Vector Elements photographer camera photography

Say Cheese Illustrated Logo Template (AI)

If your clients want to come across as friendly and approachable (best for wedding and children’s photographers), this illustrated logo template is perfect. Featuring a cute camera illustration and a handwritten font combination, this logo template for photographers is a charmer! It looks beautiful both online and printed.

Say Cheese Illustrated Logo Template photographer camera photography

Vector Photography Logo Template Collection (AI & EPS)

Spice up your logo designs with these fun photography icons and logo templates for photographers! From cartoonish and colorful camera icons, to vintage logo templates, there’s plenty to pick from. You’ll also get a choice of icons: film cameras, standard cameras, flashes, polaroids, printers, and more!

Vector Photography Logo Template Collection photographer camera

A photographer’s logo is the first step to an amazing experience. Your logo is the first line of a thrilling story, and it’s especially important for creatives like photographers.

The logo can say so much; from the artistic direction a photographer specializes in, to the way they behave. It’s your story (or your client’s story) in a nutshell. We hope our collection of amazing logo templates for photographers inspired you to create a fantastic logo.

Even if you’re feeling a little stuck, these templates are highly customizable, so you can easily adjust them to your client’s liking. It’s all a matter of finding and creating the right logo for your client. After that, it’s up to your clients to convince their prospects with their amazing portfolios, and an even better photoshoot experience.

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