25+ Best Webinar PowerPoint Templates (Remote Presentation PPT Slides)

With more people switching to remote work and office meetings taking place online, you now have to do presentations remotely. These remote presentations also require special slideshow designs as well.

When designing a presentation for an online audience, whether it’s a remote office meeting or a webinar, it needs to be accompanied by slides that feature more details and a clear design. So that you can educate your audience with more information that you don’t have the time to explain in your speech.

Designing a remote presentation is not that difficult. It can be simple, especially when using a webinar PowerPoint template. We’ve rounded up some great remote presentation templates to help you get a quick start.

These templates are great for doing all kinds of webinars, online meetings, and online class presentations. Have a look.

Conference – PowerPoint Presentation Template

Conference PowerPoint Presentation Template

Webinars are just like hosting a conference (or seminar) online. So this PowerPoint template will fit in perfectly with all your online conferencing and presentation needs. It features a very professional design that’s most suitable for business presentations. The template comes with 50 unique slide designs that you can also customize to change colors, text, and images however you like.

Education & Training – PowerPoint PPT Template

Education & Training PowerPoint Template

If you’re hosting an educational webinar or a presentation, this template will come in handy. Whether you’re making a presentation to teach a class or educating your team on a project or product, the PowerPoint template has all the slides you need to deliver an effective presentation. It includes a total of 130 slide designs featuring 7 different pre-made color schemes.

Weekly Meetings – PowerPoint Template

Weekly Meeting PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is designed just for hosting weekly meetings of your company, agency, and project teams. It features a very colorful design that will help engage with your team more efficiently. And has lots of space to include details about your projects and plans. The template also has 20 master slides for you to duplicate more slides when need them.

Archer – Webinar PowerPoint Template

webinar powerpoint template

This webinar PowerPoint template has a modern, and trendy design that will suit a wide range of corporate applications. Each slide is crafted with attention to detail, and can be fully customized to suit your requirements.

Metropolis – Business PowerPoint Template

Metropolis - Business Powerpoint Template

Metropolis is a multipurpose PowerPoint template made for business presentations. And it has lots of fully customizable slide designs you can use to make all kinds of presentations for webinars and online meetings. The template includes 50 unique slides in both animated and static versions. As well as in dark and light color themes.

Bomero – Webinar Event PowerPoint Template

Bomero - Webinar Event Powerpoint

Featuring a total of 60 slide layouts, Bomero is a minimal PowerPoint template that comes with a set of slides made just for webinars and online event presentations. It also includes each slide in light and dark color themes. The shapes, text, and colors can be customized to your preference. And you can replace the images quite easily using the image placeholders as well.

Free Office Remote Meeting PowerPoint Template

Free Office Meeting PowerPoint Template

Take your office meetings online using this beautiful and free PowerPoint template. It features a creative design filled with lovely illustrations and it’s perfect for delivering remote meeting presentations. The template includes 23 slides.

Creative Webinar PowerPoint Template

webinar powerpoint template

This PowerPoint template will create sensation in a webinar for professionals looking to expand their skill set in the creative field. Featuring 30 custom slides, and 500 plus vector icons, this template can be used for any ingenious projects.

Weekly Meeting – Free PowerPoint Template

Weekly Meeting - Free PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template comes with a very professional design that’s perfect for creating slideshows for your weekly team meetings and webinars. The template lets you choose from 14 unique slides to create all kinds of business presentations.

Discussions Meetings – PowerPoint Template

Discussions Meeting - Powerpoint Template

Sometimes, webinars can be about discussions about ideas and concepts. And mainly share your approach with the team to get their feedback. This PowerPoint template is made just for those presentations. It features a very creative design with a multipurpose layout. There are 30 unique slides you can customize using 5 premade color schemes as well.

Online Education – PowerPoint Presentation Template

Online Education Presentation Template

Many entrepreneurs and speakers are now also hosting webinars to introduce different concepts and training programs to their audiences. Bloggers are doing this quite often to generate leads. This template is made for those folks who are looking to gather an audience and generate leads. It includes 30 unique slides with 15 different color schemes to choose from.

Serenity – Webinar PowerPoint Template

webinar powerpoint template

Here we have a contemporary, multipurpose PowerPoint template that you can make your own in an instant. It’s super easy to edit, saving you ample amount of time, and effort. Try it out for your next webinar presentation, and blow your audience away.

Free Online Conference Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

webinar powerpoint template

If you are wanting to get you hands on a great looking PowerPoint template that provides you endless customization possibilities, look no further than this presentation format. The best part is that it’s free, and up for grabs!

MEETIX – Monthly Meeting PowerPoint Template

MEETIX - Monthly Meeting Powerpoint Template

Even though it’s titled monthly meetings, you can use this PowerPoint template to host weekly or even daily meetings as well. The template is designed with a modern and creative way to make each slide more interesting than the other. The template includes 30 unique slides with editable shapes, colors, and image placeholders.

Business Meeting – PowerPoint Template

Business Meeting - Powerpoint Template

Looking for the perfect PowerPoint template to host an official and professional business meeting? Then look no further. This template has all the elements you need to craft the perfect online presentation for a business meeting. It includes 36 unique slide designs in HD resolution. And there are lots of editable charts and graphics for you to showcase statistics as well.

Maravile – Multipurpose Business PowerPoint Template

Maravile - Multipurpose Business Powerpoint

Another multipurpose PowerPoint template for hosting webinars and meetings for various business teams. This template includes 30 beautifully designed slides. Each slide features a professional design, which you can edit to change colors, fonts, and place images. It also includes master slide layouts for adding more slides to your presentation with ease.

Online Webinar PowerPoint Template

Online Webinar PowerPoint Template

This is a simple PowerPoint template made just for hosting webinars. This template is different from others as it features elements that are useful for hosting online presentations. For example, it has a small placeholder for you to include your video stream within the slideshow. In addition, it includes 30 unique slides in 5 pre-made color schemes.

Camille – Free Webinar PowerPoint Template

webinar powerpoint template

Camille is a minimal, professional PowerPoint template featuring a colorful design that gives it a fresh look. For the number of customization options available at your fingertips, it being a freebie is the greatest thing that could ever happen to someone looking to ace an important presentation.

Company Meeting – Free PowerPoint Template

Company Meeting Free PowerPoint Template

Another free PowerPoint template you can use to create slideshows for your online company meetings and presentations. This template comes with 10 unique slides featuring very professional designs. Each slide is easily customizable as well.

Monthly Meeting – Free PowerPoint Template

Monthly Meeting Free PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template is most suitable for your monthly project and team meetings and conferences. It also includes 10 unique slides with editable colors, fonts, and image placeholders to let you easily customize the design.

Conference – Clean PowerPoint Template

Conference - Clean Powerpoint Template

This modern and stylish PowerPoint template is also great for hosting online conferences and webinars. The template features a very clean and simple design that allows you to give more attention to your content. It includes 30 unique slides in 5 different color schemes. You can also customize them to your preference.

Ogiro – Webinar & Seminar PowerPoint Template

Ogiro - Webinar & Seminar PowerPoint Template

Ogiro is a PowerPoint template designed for creating presentations for webinars and seminars. The template comes with a total of 100 slides featuring 50 unique slides in 2 different color themes. It also includes image placeholders and device mockup templates as well. You can create an engaging webinar presentation using this template.

Speech – Minimal PowerPoint Template

Speech - Minimal Powerpoint Template

This is a simple and minimal PowerPoint template you can use to create slideshows for different types of presentations. It includes a total of 150 slides with 5 pre-made color schemes to choose from. There’s also an editable infographic template and lots of pretty illustrations in the slides as well. They will help you create many different types of presentations.

Project Presentation – PowerPoint Template

The Project Presentation - Powerpoint Template

Hosting team meetings online to talk about your projects doesn’t have to be one-sided. With this template, you can design an effective slideshow to talk about your projects with the team without any confusion. The template comes with 100 unique slides featuring 15 different color schemes. It has a total of 3000 slides. You’ll be able to create a lot of slideshows with this template.

Yellowbiz – Business PowerPoint Template

Yellowbiz - Business Powerpoint Template

A simple and multipurpose PowerPoint template you can use to create slideshows for various business-related online presentations. The template includes a total of 150 different slides in 5 different color themes. Each template includes 30 unique slide layouts that can be customized to your preference.

Honeycomb – Free Online Meeting Presentation

Honeycomb - Free Online Meeting Presentation

This free PowerPoint template features a very unique design that will surely attract the attention of your team. It’s designed for hosting meetings online as well as discussing ideas. The template is available in both PowerPoint and Google Slides versions.

Free Business Meeting PowerPoint Template

Free Business Meeting PowerPoint Template

Another free PowerPoint template featuring a visual design. This template uses lots of images to create more attractive slide designs. It includes 14 unique slide layouts. And you can customize them to your preference quite easily as well.

Looking for more templates? Check out our best PowerPoint templates collection for more inspiration.