Resume for Data Scientists: Some Magic Tricks and Spells

  1. How to make the common structure
  2. Writing tips for data science resume
  3. How to choose a perfect template for a data scientist resume

Data scientist resume. There has always been some trouble with making data science CVs or resumes, especially for those who have never done it before. Moreover, for the data scientists it is a bigger pain than any other.

You are probably wondering:

“How do you create not only the standard of a data scientist resume, but how do you make something special that will raise your chances of getting a preferred job offer?”

How to make the common structure of data scientist resume

There are a lot of different tricks on how to improve the attractiveness of documents like this, but first of all you have to know how to build a standard resume. Let’s create a data scientist resume sample together.

These steps are most helpful in the creation of a CV for a master’s degree in data science applicant:

1. Content for data scientist resume

Your junior data scientist resume should have only important information, such as experience of previous work, degrees and education information, your contact data, and of course a personal photo of yourself (your employer would be very interested to see what kind of person you are, so take care to choose your best photo). Plus, it would be a great idea to add some language and skills paragraphs.

In these steps you should mention all languages that you know and also write down the level of your knowledge. As a rule, foreign language can be a bigger plus for you and it will definitely give you some advantage against your rivals. In the skills point, show all skills and abilities that you have. It can be both professional and personal ones.

2. Structure of data scientist resume

Your resume must have a strict base. It’s not an essay, so the less you write down the easier it will be for your employer or interviewer to read. You shouldn’t start with the information about your skills and knowledge of languages; you have to start from the most important details for this job info — experience and education. 

Moreover, try to find an appropriate place for a photo. As a rule it is usually situated in the right top corner. Finish it with your contact information, usually at the end, in the left bottom corner. But, who knows, maybe you will find a better place for it!

3. Information

Like mentioned before, IT IS NOT AN ESSAY. Remember, you don’t need to write long and difficult sentences. Try to give only short and informative lines of information. Otherwise, it will be very boring and not interesting for the reader. That would not the best start for your new job. Furthermore, the interviewer might decide that you are a very boring person and he or she will probably move past your resume.

Printable Resume Templates

Writing tips for data scientist resume

So that’s how a standard data science CV or resume should be made. But you were wondering how to make something special, so let’s check some tips to it:

1. Create a professional email address.

Yes, exactly. It is definitely worth it. Create one for your job purposes, and make sure that notification is always on for this e-mail. You never know when an answer about the job will come. You are probably wondering:

“Why just not to use your common email address?”

You see, there are a lot of different messages from different websites that you use. Because of this you can simply lose it or it can be trapped in SPAM messages, because it can come from the personal e-mail server of the company (if it’s a big one). Your mailing service might not know its IP and its name, and can simply transfer it to the SPAM box.

2. Update your contact information.

Your information must stay fresh. You might ask:


First of all it would be easier for you to tell the interviewer your previous experience and places of work. It is not so difficult to tell what happened 2 weeks ago, rather than telling the story of your life that happened a few years ago, you might forget some important facts. Moreover, the interviewer would be interested first of all in presenting recent information about you.

3. Set your font size to 10-12 points.

Keep your resume font size between 10-12 points so that an interviewer can easily read it without squinting.

4. Use reverse-chronological order.

This means you should start from your last job and expand the list until you reach the first position. For your experience list, put your current job first. For your education section, put your highest degree first.

5. Decide about strategic use of bold, caps, and italics.

Be consistent with your choices. If you’ve made one of your subheadings bold — make them all bold. Try not to overuse anything. The point is to make important information easier to find.

6. Choose an attractive and readable font.

It’s very important to find interesting fonts, which are easy to read. The right font is going to do a lot for your resume. Try something like Times New Roman or Georgia. Anyway, the best way is testing. So take some time to check a few of them.

7. Name your files correctly.

This is a “pro” piece of resume advice: it is important to name your data science CV files properly. Your document could end up in an inbox with hundreds of others. And if they’re all named “resume,” then the chance of yours standing out is slim to none. But, not so with these data scientists templates.

How to choose a perfect template for a data scientist resume

So, as you see, it’s not so simple to create an appropriate and exciting data science resume CV. It demands a lot of time. If you don’t have any time, you can use a template. The guys from TemplateMonster have made some fancy templates for you. You definitely will find something for yourself. The biggest advantage is that it was made by professionals who have been working in the HR department for many years. Moreover, you will be able to use it for different jobs and purposes. Furthermore, you will have support. It means that you can ask their specialists a question any time or you might ask for help with consultation, if you won’t be able to decide which template appeals to you.

James Brown – Data Scientist Resume Template

James Brown - Data Scientist Resume Template

Kavin Creative Resume Template

Kavin Creative Resume Template

This project is easy to configure in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Microsoft Word, and even contains simple line diagrams, which can easily visually demonstrate your skills. It also can serve as a resume for your first job, because it lists an exercising example on the top of it.

Even if your data scientist CV is simple, you can add some good explosion of colors to make it really special. Such pages in the format of Adobe Photoshop will help you to stand out from the crowd thanks to its simple, but colorful design.

Don’t forget to attach your photo in full size and write down your personal and contact information, which are provided inside of a bright orange section.

Kelly Miller – Software Engineer Resume Template

Kelly Miller - Software Engineer Resume Template

Thanks to the Photoshop and MS Word files, this clean and modern template is ready to become filled with your information. You will like the simple, but effective usage of colored backlight in this junior data scientist resume, if you need to underline the contrast in your content.

This choice of resume will contain your photo in the top right corner by editing in this part a yellow triangle to make your page look more modern. I like this way of symbolizing the nature of science workers.

The sections called “Experience”, “Education”, and “Skills” are practically all that you need to add your personal information. Don’t forget to fill in the cover letter and sign it.

Yellow for Pierre Delatree Resume Template

Yellow for Pierre Delatree Resume Template

If you want to start by searching for the content, this data scientist resume sample is the perfect choice. The double column style has all the space you need, which is necessary for demonstration of your best career and experience of developing.

The stripe on the top is created in black-white style, where the personal information is underlined in yellow color. On the right side, a photo that goes in a round invisible frame might be placed. The wide stripe, which is situated a little bit lower, contains a profile statement.

One of my favorite things on this bright yellow template is an empty area and painted rounds of visualization, which you can use for presentation of your level of qualification. Don’t forget to adapt this resume for the work history with appropriate skills. And of course, all the fonts are included, and the color of the background and letters you always can change according to your tastes.

Evans Blick Resume Template

Evans Blick Resume Template

With all its lines and full filings for all the important details, this data science CV is a great choice for your first application. I like it because this sample has placeholders, which you can fill with your own data. Don’t forget to attach the photo in the top right corner.

Don’t miss the fact that this file also contains a template for a cover letter for the addition of a more personalized message at the time of applying. The A4 and Letter-size format perfectly suits printing on several types of paper with prepared configures of CMYK color. Versions for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word make it compatible with different apps. 

Leo Resume Template

Leo Resume Template

Resumes with single pages are the most effective, because they give a balance between “Just simple details” and the very burdensome for those looking. 

That’s why this simple resume is one of my favorite choices in this review. Several designs let you easily see all the key details in the one place. Try this one in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to quickly create professional CV data. You can also use Microsoft Word for convenience.

The whole page is completely divided into goal parts. Here even the heading is separated into three parts: 

  • personal info about applicant
  • vertical photo
  • greetings (you can copy one of these paragraphs from your CV)

Fonts and colors can be edited. The template includes styles of paragraphs and objects. It’s ready for printing and provides detailed instructions in PDF. Just imagine your creative experience and personal brand by using this creative style. 

Pedro Resume Template

Pedro Resume Template

If you apply for the position of study worker or you would like to stand out from the rest of the applicants, then this modern data scientist resume sample is a great choice. It has minimalistic design, with clear frames and confident lines. It puts attention on your working experience and professional skills.

Moreover, you can create not only a resume and cover letter, but you can also make a portfolio where you can show some of your work. It is prepared for A4 size paper. It’s equipped with organized layers, font styles, and elements, which are easy to edit. By using this kit, you can quickly prepare a resume and send it to your future employers. Furthermore, the files are provided for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages.

The page has a heading with the personal and contact information of the applicant, and also a profile. Then it is divided on two vertical lines, separating the main space into two unequal parts. In such case, on the left side you can show expertise and data about your education. On the right side — describe previous experience in detail. Quick access buttons are situated at the bottom of the page.

Job Resume Template Resume Template

Job Resume Template Resume Template

You have only one chance to make your first impression and attract some attention to yourself, and that’s why you need an amazing design for your CV data. This simple double column style has to be convenient for the recruiter, to show those key details, which might help you to get the preferred position. Use the left side of this template for individual acquaintance with your skills of filling the table. The bright orange stripes look confident on the dark background.

The right column contains information about the applicant if this is a resume, and the story about you if it’s a cover letter. The template is ready for printing. Its structure and marked headings will look nice even if you don’t have a color printer.

Minimal Word CV Resume Template

Minimal Word CV Resume Template

This template for data scientist CV is different. It has clear structured design, which will underline all necessary information about experience; plus it is easy to read. The presentation of your work will have an attractive view and intuitive design. All info about your career can be seen in an organized order, with elegant elements of it and the addition of infographics.

The template is made from files such as: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Office Word. It involves two different pages: the resume and a cover letter. Thanks to this single brand style they look the same, but their message is different. Only the part with the photo, name, and the story about the applicant are repeated, but you can always change it.

Aliya Resume Template

Aliya Resume Template

This simple data science resume sample contains a comfortable combination of personalized details and perfect visualization of your skills. This multilevel PSD file is easy to configure. Vectoring figures help to scale it to any printing size.

The page is divided into two unequal halves: the left is bigger than the right. This fully layered template will let you attach photos and edit all the data. The heading contains turquoise stripes, and “like” buttons for social networks for following communication with applicant. The color can always be changed. 

The cover letter has to be signed, so be sure to make a digitalization of this element by simply drawing your signature on a sheet of paper, take a photo of it, and download the image to the template.

Smith Jkdonal Modern Resume Template

Smith Jkdonal Modern Resume Template

This data science resume template differs by its strong net that allows you to effectively use fonts and white fields. Just imagine your resume and cover letter with added professionalism, using small visual details and creative infographics. 

This pack includes innumerous different functions, which grants perfect renewal every time. For example, the configuration of CMYK color, several sizes of pages, and free fonts.

The design of them is made in such way that all you need to do is just put in your data and you are ready to apply your documents for the preferred position. You can add your photos to professionally show yourself, and to add images of your work on the portfolio page. This elegant pack of resumes is prepared to make a professional impression.

Like always, nothing is easy and simple. Everything demands its time and effort. You need to decide what you have plenty of: time or effort, and sacrifice one of them. Just remember one thing: No pain No gain.

Now you know how to present your contact information, to customize a resume to match a job description, and a particular company. You can choose the appropriate template right now.

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